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What are the shopping options like in Cape Town, Western Cape?

13 local experts

From buying a car to purchasing groceries to following the latest fashion trends, here's what 13 local experts had to say about shopping in Cape Town, Western Cape.

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If you’re moving to Cape Town you need to know that it’s a great place to live, there are no potholes and there is safe public transport. Some of the people are a bit snobby but it’s fine if you find your crowd. The malls and nightlife are great and the scenery is worth moving here.

Morgan, says: 2023

If you’re moving to Cape Town. You’ll need to know your way around the city beforehand cause the easiest targets are the lost ones. Don’t flaunt your riches and make sure someone knows where u are at all times, you might need to lie a couple of times to strangers to ensure your safety and though the crime rate here is high that doesn’t mean everyone gets robbed and raped at every second of the day. You can still take a stroll down the streets and enjoy the views the city has to offer and more, you just have to keep stranger danger in mind. And make sure you google the prices of things like transport beforehand so you don’t get charged extra. And also be nice, have fun and enjoy yourself. I grew up here and I’d like to say with the right company this place is amazing. You won’t regret your stay or visit here as long as you are careful.

Siphosethu, says: 2023

On must be ready to experience four different types of seasons in a day, especially during the so called summer season as the weather tends to be very unpredictable. Visits to the beach are absolutely necessary for one to have a full experience of living in what is known to be the “Mother City” of the republic of South Africa. Lastly, I would say one needs to have a full culinary experience of this beautiful city, so I would hop on over to Oranjezicht Market which is a one stop shop for all forms of South African and Western cuisine.

Pauline, says: 2020

Someone would expect to see amazing views from hiking trails all over the city. The V&A mall boasts amazing views of the harbor and the large Ferris in it’s courtyard. The University of Cape Town sitting below Table Mountain is one of the key viewings when visiting Cape Town and light beverages can be enjoyed by anyone who visits the restaurants at the mountain’s foot.

Hlengiwe, says: 2020

Cape Town was established in 1652 as a victualling station for the ships and crews of the Dutch East India Company sailing between Europe and the Dutch colonies in the East. They found a steady supply of sweet water flowing into the bay from the slopes of the iconic Table Mountain, fertile soil for growing vegetables and other fresh produce, and a local population willing to barter cattle for copper and other trinkets. It swiftly became a compulsory resupply stop for ships of all the seafaring nations on the arduous journey, earning itself the name of the “Tavern of the Seas”.

Zozuko, says: 2020

Cape Town is a beautiful city with stunning mountain views and white sandy beaches. The property market has something to offer for everyone at affordable prices. The city has a lot to offer with regards to entertainment, from the open-air movie nights at Kirstenbosch Gardens to clubbing in the famous Long Street. You’ll never have a dull moment.

Joline, says: 2020

If you love beaches and mountains, Cape Town is the place for you. This city isone of the most beautiful places in the world. Cape Town also houses Table Mountain; one of the seven Wonders of Nature. Looks aside, there are many areas that could suit your budget. (Cape Town does have a high crime rate, and some suburbs are a lot more dangerous than others.) There are a variety of shopping malls and entertainment places, and you’ll never have to go far for something you’ll need. If you are looking for a forever home, Cape Town could very well be just that.

Godisa, says: 2020

You can live in beautiful houses, apartments and cottages on the sea shore or on mountains. Lovely weather with hot summers and mild winters. Variety of outdoor activities like surfing and playing soccer, cricket and rugby. The best shopping malls, like Canal Walk. But it has limited public transport; like the MyCiTi Bus does not go to all places. You earn less as a worker and there is a lot of crime.

Kgomotso, says: 2020

You have to ask the Transport attendant at the main train station, where you should buy tickets on your day of travel. You must always ask for a receipt from any retailer when making a purchase. Always check for the authenticated taxi disc, on the vehicle, when catching a taxi.

Rahima, says: 2020

Anyone moving to Cape Town should know just how expensive it is to live near the city bowl. The price of housing is much more reasonable in the suburban sprawl far from the city. Unfortunately Cape Town has a fairly old road network so traffic is an issue. This problem can be remedied by finding work in the villages surrounding Cape Town.

Clementine, says: 2020

In Cape Town the property prices are the highest in the country (South Africa). anyone moving to reside in Cape Town should know purchasing a residential property, or renting accommodation, will be a very costly undertaking. Prospective “immigrants” should also know that the local, born and bred, Capetonians are not always the friendliest people on the planet and this can be very disheartening when trying to build new friendships. Another thing to know is that, in general, traffic is heavy and commuting times can be very long. On the positive side, Cape Town is one of the most scenically beautiful countries in the world, with the rugged mountains and the cold sea rubbing shoulders with each other. Summers are sunny, but often windy, and the days are long. Winters are wet, but not very cold; they are also short, which is a blessing. For those who enjoy the outdoors, there is a plethora of activities to match any taste and to suit any pocket.

Andrea, says: 2020

There is a mountain with a resembles the flat surface of a table. The city contains many cultures which influence each other making us unique. If you like to outdoor activities then this is the city for you. Cape Town is considered by many to be the fashion capital of Africa.

The price of accommodation varies widely depending on location, but almost all suburbs are beautiful because Table Mountain is visible from anywhere. If you love outdoor sports, you will be delighted by the clean ocean, the hiking trails and the dedicated bridleways which criss-cross the mountains. this city offers outstanding theatres, music venues and restaurants.

Sposethu, says: 2020
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