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If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Seascale, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked two people living in Seascale what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:


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Seascale is an old Victorian village taken over by the UK nuclear power initiative in the 1950’s. Like a lot of coastal towns it is lovely in summer, bleak in winter. Main issue, hardly any shops and only pub type food to be had. There is a delightful but slow train around the coast. Overall, nice place to live if you need to be near hills.

Seascale is a seaside village in west Cumbria on the edge of the Lake District National Park. The beach at Seascale is world-famous but, unfortunately, for the wrong reasons. In October 1957, the Windscale nuclear reactor caught fire. This was the biggest nuclear incident in the UK. Over 50 years later, there is no trace of the incident and the issues have long since been cleaned up. However, the reputation remains. Today, there is a lovely beach several miles long, from which you can watch the sunset across the Isle of Man.

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