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Living in Sargodha, Pakistan:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

13 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Sargodha, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 13 people living in Sargodha what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Sargodha is small wonderful city. Shopping is very easy. Education and health facilities are excellent. Peaceful and beautiful city, with health environment. Citrus gardens prevail in the surroundings. Sargodha is famous as “City of Eagles”. Market is well organized. Local Government is working in a nice manner. Agriculture is the major business of the people of Sargodha city.

Sargodha is famous for agriculture because the land of my city is fertile. My city is also well known for citrus production all around the world. It’s the tenth largest city of Pakistan. It is full of greenery. It is a peaceful city having a nice environment.

Sargodha is very warm during summer so if you hate summer then you better take this into consideration. Other than that, my city has a lot of amazing monuments and public places. The people here are amazing and all facilities are available easily. My city is renowned throughout the world for its oranges.

Waleed, says: 2020

Sargodha is the city of eagles. There is airbase in Sargodha. Due to this people of other cities often visit Sargodha. There are many facilities in Sargodha. There are many schools, colleges and hospitals in Sargodha. The education system in my city is very good in comparison with other cities of Pakistan. The hospitals in Sargodha are also very good. people of other cities often come to Sargodha due to these facilities of education and hospitality.

The city is called the “the city of eagles”. It has may facilities of daily life, for students employees and for job searchers. markets are available to get things. The city is very safe for living. transport facilities are available here. Living area are very comfortable and peaceful.

Mubaraka, says: 2020

Sargodha is famous as city of eagles. It’s citrus fruits are well known all overall the world. It is very close to nature. People in this city are loving and caring. Pakistan’s largest Airbase is also present in this city. There were a lot of poets, players, writers in this city.

Alisha, says: 2020

Sargodha has many historical places. My city called “The City of Eagles” because we have an air base and world best pilots. And many beautiful places like parks, stadium, and most famous sargodha food street.

Sargodha is famous for its citrus fruits. There is an army cantt here as well as sub-campuses of famous universities. There are also many hospitals and schools. Sargodha University is also here.

Sameer, says: 2020

The first thing which is important to mention about my city is, its underground water is great. traffic level is low, and have all the facilities requires for good living. The major example is low rent rate of houses, easy to travel and pollution level is very low compared to the other cities.

Sargodha is a district of Punjab. It is called the ‘City of Eagles’, as there is an airbase in the outskirts of it and for its brave pilots. It is also famous for producing the finest kinnows, which are exported worldwide. The main livelihood of its inhabitant depends upon agriculture.

Hammad, says: 2020

Sargodha is a district in Punjab, the most densely populated province of Pakistan. It is headquarter of Sargodha region. Its population is in the millions. It is famous for its lush gardens of Kino. The people here are sociable and loving. People of Sargodha are associated with agriculture because it is an agricultural area.

We have the most famous airbase and our city is City of Eagles. We have largest amount of colleges all over Pakistan. Oranges and mangoes are our cash crops. Our environment is calm. Anyone can find a reasonable job in any field.

Sargodha is small city in central Punjab province. It is known as city of eagles. It has many plain and mountainous region. Sargodha is famous for oranges. It is a very beautiful city. Many lakes, gardens and beautiful landscapes are present in villages near it. It also has a public sector university a medical college and many private universities and colleges.

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