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If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit San Antonio, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 58 people living in San Antonio what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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It’s hot and there’s nowhere to swim. The city is void of culture and there’s only lots and lots of Mexican food to go around. Also take Wurzbach Parkway to get through town or you’ll just be stuck on the highway all day. But go to the north river walk area, that’s the best and no one cares if you smoke cannabis even though technically it’s not legal here.

Alison, says: 2023

While summers are hot in San Antonio, autumn and winter seasons bring mild temperatures. You won’t get bored in San Antonio. It has lots of parks, museums, the Riverwalk, concert venues, pro basketball team the Spurs, malls, restaurants and more.

When moving to San Antonio, you should know how hot it can get. One hundred degrees is not rare for a summer day, so you should have light clothes to survive the heat. It’s best to stay inside. If you need to go outside, don’t forget to wear sunscreen to avoid getting burned.

Someone that decided to move to San Antonio should know that this is a very busy and quick moving place to be. If you are used to a quiet environment this city is not for you. You have to be willing to adjust to the modern and busy lifestyle that this community entails.

Fiesta is the most unique aspect of San Antonio. Every year during April for 10 days, the city hosts many events where the people go and celebrate by watching parades, eating lots of food, and enjoying the company of others. During these 10 days there are nonstop events where many people sell foods from many different cultures, and everyone participates. People also collect medals known as fiesta medals that are sold and distributed during the week, and at parades.

Lester, says: 2020

The first mission established in San Antonio was the Mission San Antonio de Valero, where the famous Battle of the Alamo took place. Located in the center of San Antonio, the River Walk is one of the city’s most prominent destinations. One of the attractions at the River Walk is the River Taxi Tours. In these tours, riders receive the river experience, including passing by the numerous restaurants and hotels found in the areas surrounding the River Walk, while also learning more about San Antonio’s history. The River Walk also hosts parades, music festivals, and many more celebrations throughout the year.

There are numerous historical sites across the city of San Antonio that date back to its foundation in the early 1700s. For instance, the San Antonio Missions are one of the oldest landmarks in the city. The San Antonio Missions served as a refuge for the people of South Texas who were under attack by the Apache tribe, suffering deadly diseases, and undergoing a drought. These missions were established by the Spanish to convert the natives to Christianity and make them Spanish citizens. Each of these missions contributed to the foundation and advancement of the city.

Barbara, says: 2020

San Antonio, while relatively small, is under constant development. Construction has increased tenfold. A common issue is the lack of quality cellular reception in the central downtown area. the population of homeless people is steadily increasing. Aside from that, the Pearl has turned into a thriving tourist attraction.

Vanessa, says: 2020

Someone moving to San Antonio should know that the housing market is affordable here because more than half of homes listed in San Antonio were priced under $200,000. It should also be known that the neighborhoods in San Antonio are picturesque since majority of the neighborhoods are historical; therefore, there are several older buildings to explore. Another important thing to know is that it’s easier to get around in the city of San Antonio versus in Dallas or Houston since there is less congested traffic.

We have long, hot summers here. Therefore your home and car must have working air conditioners. Most senior citizens opt to stay indoors during summer. The extreme heat impacts social activities as well. When possible, errands or activities outside should be done early in the day to avoid the hottest times of the day.

Rebecca, says: 2020

People looking for an adrenaline rush can find it in The San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. The participants show off their incredible skills, plus there are concerts at the end of each show. Also, there are multiple exhibits where people can interact with farm animals and learn more about them. The rodeo is one of the best events that San Antonio offers for families.

The city is filled with many people and is quite large. There’s exquisite, one of a kind history to be found here as well. You have an opportunity to be immersed in many cultures. It’s quite humid due to the large amounts of rain and the elevation being closer to sea level.

Sherman, says: 2020

The attractions within San Antonio range from a day at the botanical gardens to visiting the historic Spanish missions within the city. There are always new restaurants that open around San Antonio that have different varieties of food or beverages. From bakeries to the Culinary Institute at the Pearl Brewery there is no shortage of options for foodies young and old.

Haylee, says: 2020

San Antonio is a great city. It’s one of the biggest cities in the United states. This city has a lot of promise and it’s up and coming. The city has grown drastically the past years and is continuing to expand. San Antonio has a lot of beautiful sights to see and visit. Overall it’s a great city and I recommend it to anyone looking to move.

Alicia, says: 2020

During the 1800s, San Antonio was a key city within the Texan Republic, and the main military base was a Spanish mission known as the Alamo. The Texans defended the Alamo against the Mexican army, but were ultimately defeated. The Alamo has been rebuilt and restored to its former glory, and is a piece of living history that reminds Texans of their past and inspires pride among those native to San Antonio.

When you visit San Antonio, know the downtown is very busy. Texas drivers drive very fast as well so stay away from the far right lane. The food is a Tex mix kind of culture but it is very tasteful. Unfortunately, there is a lot of construction but looking past that, San Antonio is a very beautiful city with lots to offer.

Sharon, says: 2020

San Antonio, Texas, is a sprawling city with a diverse culture. Because it is the home to many military bases, people from all over the world call San Antonio home. There are tons of things to do in San Antonio, and many cultures and ethnicities to experience. What makes San Antonio unique is that even in the midst of a bustling city, you can still have the feel of being in a small town.

San Antonio is the home of the Alamo and many other historical places. It is known as “military city” because of the air force bases surrounding it. However, nights can be very noisy because airplanes are being used for military training. In certain areas of San Antonio, there are 100s of taco trucks with great Tex Mex cuisine.

San Antonio is a very lively city filled with good people, good food, and most importantly, good sights. If you’re moving here I recommend the outskirts of the city, as the bustling inner city can be quite troublesome to navigate Traffic here is quite hectic during the day hours but at night it’s quite peaceful, so feel free to go out and enjoy a night drive.

While there are good opportunities to find fulfilling venues in work and recreation, there is not a lot of variety in choice. Prices of living are not too excessive, and the people are nice and well-mannered. Like all of Texas, however, the weather is very unpredictable and can change from one moment to another.

Kathleen, says: 2020

San Antonio is a big city but in many ways still feels like a small town. Whatever your area of interest, there is a lot to enjoy in San Antonio. From historic sites like the Alamo and Missions, to catching a Spurs basketball game at the AT&T Center. There are many venues to enjoy food, wine, music, and both visual and performance art. You can get most places in the city within 30 minutes, but during rush hour it will take an hour or more.

If you are interested in moving to San Antonio, I’d like to inform you of a few things. The most important thing to understand, is that this is a very culturally rich city, with a deep Latino heritage. Every part of the city is a bit different, but what never falters, is the crime. The Alamo city is begrudged with violence and gang activity. You will meet many nice and considerate folk, but never forget to be mindful of who you speak to, and how you speak to them.

Najeeba, says: 2020

Someone moving to San Antonio Texas should know it is a huge city. One of the most touristy places to visit would be the Riverwalk. It is absolutely beautiful! If you enjoy amusement parks I’d say Six Flags is right on your list of places. Roller coasters, water rides, food and fun who can say no to that.

Alexis, says: 2020

San Antonio is a city with a strong cultural and historical background. Although the city is diverse, San Antonio has a proud Hispanic culture. Taking a stroll along the Riverwalk, you will hear mariachis singing, smell savory aromas from traditional Mexican food cooking, and see colorful decorations to welcoming visitors. The city is most proud of the Alamo. The Alamo is a mission which was instrumental for Texas in the fight for independence.

Ismael, says: 2020

The San Antonio River flows throughout the city, and alongside it is the Riverwalk. The Riverwalk is made up of many different walkways throughout the city that are along the river and they connect all around downtown. Along the Riverwalk there are restaurants, architecture, and river boats that show the river to tourists.

In my city there is a lot to do. Such as go to the Alamo. It’s a very beautiful historical site that represents how we fought for our state. There are more places to go but it would be most enjoyable with people presumably because they’re are a lot of family-friendly places.

San Antonio is a friendly city. There is a small-town demeanor here despite having grown exponentially in the past decade. Native San Antonians are proud of their city’s heritage, and inclusive of new ideas that may lead to change. We are a military city with several bases, including Lackland Air Force Base, a major training center for the military.

Elreacy, says: 2020

If you are moving to San Antonio, I would consider taking a walk down the beautiful Riverwalk. This will allow you to gain a better understanding of the culture and history of this city. It is a very diverse area with an abundance of activities to partake in. You can’t go wrong with this wonderful area.

San Antonio is a city full of culture and the rich history of the establishment of Texas in the United States. Due to its history with Mexico, descendants of those with Latinx origins dominate the cultural landscape but there is still lots of diversity here. Artists of all genres are nurtured here due to the deep mixture of indigenous roots and American culture. A beautiful river pulls the heart of the city together right in downtown San Antonio, near the Alamo; a famous historic mission which millions of tourists come see. San Antonio also continues to grow as a hotspot for new businesses and corporations looking to expand. San Antonio is an amazing city that is vastly growing but also continues to stay grounded to its people’s roots.

San Antonio has wide range of activities to suit the whole family. There is the zoo and botanical gardens for the kiddos, night clubs for the adults, theaters, restaurants and amusement parks for the whole family. San Antonio also has a rich history on display with old forts and multiple museums.

Heather, says: 2020

San Antonio is well known for its culture and hospitality. I’d let anyone who was interested in moving here know that they should be ready to eat some excellent food and meet interesting people! The surrounding areas are nice too, there are plenty of places to explore nearby.

Mahala, says: 2020

Although San Antonio is a beautiful city, there is not much that can prepare someone for the heat that envelopes the city for almost half of the year. From May to October temperatures very rarely fall below 75 degrees after sunrise. To me, the heat of an August afternoon manages to feel so stifling that you cannot expect me to willingly venture outside unless absolutely necessary.

Steven, says: 2020

If moving to San Antonio, Texas, there is a lot to look forward to. Most importantly is the city’s unique culture. There are many events throughout the year that showcase the diverse cultures within the city, most notable is Fiesta. Fiesta is celebrated in April and benefits many local non-profits and other organizations.

Downtown San Antonio has a lot to offer if you’re looking for unique entertainment. There’s the famous river walk, with its many restaurants, the Tower of Americas, and the Alamo. You can even take a horse and carriage ride on any given day, and see all that San Antonio has to offer while relaxing and being shown around town by your horse-guiding host/hostess.

San Antonio is a small town wrapped up in a big city. Even though it’s size rivals other major Texa cities, the culture often feels like life in a small town. Because everything is so spread out, you don’t feel cramped the way you would if you lived in a typical big city.

San Antonio, Texas, has restaurants, hotels, beaches, resorts, and is also home to the San Antonio Spurs. San Antonio is unique because the tradition and culture there is really exciting to see, and there is always something to do and enjoy. Not only does San Antonio represent many Texas traditions but it also represents Hispanic cultures for example the Alamo. San Antonio has a plethora of food that you can try from the Tex-Mex involving both Texas and Mexican food, Texas qual, puffy tacos, and pozole.

Krishnan, says: 2020

San Antonio, our city, is best known for our basketball team, the Spurs. We are also know for our tex-mex food like tacos. We also have a Riverwalk that is filled with shops, restaurants and bars. At the Riverwalk, you ride a boat down the river and enjoy the views. On Christmas we have the whole river lit with lights. It’s amazing.

San Antonio is a terrific city. people should consider moving here because if it’s rich history and diversity. On top of those things, it is the perfect mix of upbeat city life and the beauty of nature. Good food, good people, and good times are plentiful. San Antonio is one of the best cities I have ever had the pleasure of living in.

When moving to San Antonio, be aware that the heat is very intense. Visiting the River Walk is a must, as one can see The Alamo and various historic landmarks. San Antonio is the seventh largest city in the United States and offers many wonderful features for people from varied backgrounds.

Shaleena, says: 2020

Deep in the heart of Texas, San Antonio is a city known for its history and beauty. San Antonio is home to the Alamo, the Riverwalk, and Fiesta. Trailing behind cities like New York and Houston, San Antonio is the 7th most populous city in the US Between natural sights and wild nights, San Antonio is the perfect city for everyone.

Michelle, says: 2020

One of the most important annual festivities in San Antonio is Fiesta. San Antonians prepare all year round for this celebration. Fiesta has colorful parades, joyful music, and exquisite food. People even collect special medals for this occasion. Fiesta serves as a perfect example of San Antonio’s cultural diversity. Attendees acquire a taste from different cuisines, including delicious dishes from New Orleans and Mexico. The celebration lasts for an entire week.

Someone moving to San Antonio should be made aware that the city has much to offer. Whether you like the simple life of the Texas Hill Country, or the hustle and bustle of downtown. San Antonio has something to offer everyone, of every age group and gender. You will never get bored here.

Marilyn, says: 2020

San Antonio, Texas, is a city known for its small-town feel despite its large size. Many people move here to enjoy the weather. Although summers can get quite hot, residents enjoy the warmer weather for the majority of the year compared to other cities. San Antonio, known by many as “Military City USA” is a melting pot of many cultures and people from all over the world.

For sports fans, the city is home to the five-time NBA champions, the San Antonio Spurs. During the NBA season, in San Antonio, people celebrate all things Spurs basketball. Almost everywhere in the city people can watch their games and scream with every victory. When playoffs come around, there are banners with the phrase “Go Spurs Go” all around the city. Anytime they win a playoff game people go outside and press their car horns in celebration. The Spurs make San Antonians as united as ever whenever the NBA playoffs are in sight.

The River Walk is worth the hype, The food in San Antonio is amazing – and we don’t just mean tacos, You can hit up one of the country’s biggest rodeos, The city is actually in the middle of redesigning the entire Alamo plaza, and the project has its fair share of controversy and don’t buy a winter coat. You won’t need more than one because it hardly ever snows here.

Few places in the entire world compete with the amount of diversity that exists in San Antonio. San Antonio represents when the Old World meets the New World. The city is rich in history, while at the same time it offers the features of modern cities. The historical landmarks, the culture, and the endless places to visit make the city of San Antonio stand out from the rest.

Despite San Antonio being a big city, it has the a small town feel with many people knowing each other and frequently seeing each other at many different locations. Many people from all over the city will go to locations around the city and will always see someone they know, and San Antonio as a whole feels like a very tight knit community. In San Antonio, you can always find a good taco place.

San Antonio is very hot in summer, with the hottest month being August. When walking or riding a bike, it is important to always have water with you. AC is also a necessity during these warmer months. The people within the city are very friendly.

Shyanne, says: 2020

San Antonio is a vibrant cosmopolitan city that is bustling with life at every corner of the city. San Antonio is home to a diverse array of people who mainly speak English as a secondary language. San Antonio is one of the largest cities within the United States, home to many unique attractions, and events. San Antonio has a rich history of Mexican colonial architecture, and is a gem within Southern Texas.

Victoria, says: 2020

San Antonio is a gorgeous city full of many wonders. There are many historical sites here which tell the epic tale of Texas. An additional name for San Antonio would be the nickname “military city”. This is because we have one of the largest air force bases in the world. San Antonio is a sprawling city, with many subdivisions and neighborhoods. The quality of life here is relatively high compared to rural Texas. If you want to move here, have no fear of finding work, as the economy is always booming.

San Antonio, Texas, is known the for The Alamo. This city has a lot of historical sites. Whoever visits this city will not be disappointed. However, the economic gap is rising just in this city alone. Hopefully, something will be done soon to close this major gap upon us.

Samantha, says: 2020

San Antonio has an array of different activities in ones free time. For example, the Riverwalk provides great restaurants and history for newcomers. The Alamo is also a great way to learn about how the city was founded. San Antonio has been working hard in providing excellent museums, and community theatre’s for its community.

Kimberly, says: 2020

San Antonio is a big city with many places to go see. The amount of things you can do in San Antonio is huge. Anyone can go to see the Alamo or the Riverwalk. It can get very hot in San Antonio so wearing the appropriate clothes is necessary.

Consider avoiding the frustrating amount of traffic that clogs the city’s highways. In addition to proper preparations for traffic, always make sure to arrange your favorite music playlist. Finally, never overlook street tacos; while they often do not look incredibly appetizing, they are nearly always delicious and worth the wait.

Ashley, says: 2020

there are crime problems late at night in certain areas, but that several areas of the city are quite safe. The north of the city, while more expensive, offers better schools for children and a lovely hilly environment. The police are not always responsive to crime that is not immediately life threatening, so it is important to maintain situational awareness.

San Antonio is a tourist destination; however, it equally makes for a good home town, particularly for many military families who are stationed at various bases in the city. While San Antonio is a large city area, it feels like a small town. It is home to the famous Riverwalk.

San Antonio is very diverse in cultures and ethnicities. It is very dry and hot in spring/summer. It has the San Antonio Riverwalk which is unique. And San Antonio is home to the “Alamo” in downtown square. The city is home to the NBA Spurs and the WNBA team the “Silver Stars.”

Jennifer, says: 2020

traffic is absolutely horrendous during rush hour. When everyone is coming home from work, it’s safe to assume traffic will be standstill. You should expect to be home at least a hour or two later than you had anticipated.

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