Safety and Crime in Taguig City, Metro Manila

five local experts

Here's what 5 local experts had to say about safety and crime in Taguig City.

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Taguig City includes BGC known as Bonifacio Global City, the second most important business district of Metro Manila, and a major destination for shopping, tourism, entertainment and dining. The Manila American Cemetery and the wealthy McKinley Hill neighborhood are other attractions. This is a planned community that was built on a portion of an old military base. It was founded on modern principles of urbanism, including pedestrian-friendliness and mixed-use buildings that together with the cleanliness, safety and exceptionally strict regulation of traffic, render it like “Singapore City” within Manila.

Chenita, says: 2020

moving here would be an amazing experience because people will enjoy staying in Taguig city due to the lots of places to enjoy with their family and relatives it has parks, mall, and best restaurants in the city and most importantly it’s affordable to everyone. And your are secured here because of the many police patrolling.

Living in the BGC area, particularly McKinley Hill, is quite expensive. One needs to consider these things: budget, distance to the workplace, convenience, and safety. I feel content living in this community because all of these considerations are addressed, giving me more time for myself because I don’t need to commute daily just to get to work on time.

Taguig is set to be the next central business district in Metro Manila. Although it is a big city with a lot of hustle and bustle, you would still find it as a great place and work with. The city itself was designed to ensure living in comfort and security. The city’s design also do not compromise the environmental element. You can still see a lot of trees and idea open spaces despite a lot of towering buildings.

Michaela, says: 2020

Taguig City is one the most well-known cities in the region, being continually refreshed with innovations such as, High Street, One Bonifacio, SM Aura and more. This city, known for its sleek designs and well maintained streets also offers a luxurious lifestyle throughout a wide range of residencies that provide not only comfort, but safety and convenience.

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