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Quezon City

Safety and Crime in Quezon City

16 local experts

From petty theft to violent crime, here's what 16 local experts had to say about safety and crime in Quezon City.

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He/She should take note of the traffic. Always go out of the house earlier than usual to be on time if ever he/she is meeting someone. In addition, he/she should be careful if he/she has no personal vehicle as it is very dangerous outside with snatchers and hold uppers.

Novelyn, says: 2020

If someone moves to my city, they should be ready to face the heavy traffic that they will experience in their daily life because it will not only affect their lifestyle but also their performance at work or school. Aside from that, houses or apartments in my city are expensive and they should be financially stable to afford that. Nonetheless, it is great to live here because hospitals, malls, schools, and police stations are reachable.

Housing cost here are much higher than other city, but if you are considering quality of life, I can guarantee your safety here, people in neighborhood are friendly and very accessible in school, hospitals, markets and malls. Cost of Living is a little bit high compare to other cities. Consider also the transportation very accessible.

Julianne, says: 2020

Quezon City is one of the most populated city in the Philippines. It also has high crime rate. However, it is also the center of productions and industries therefore it is still a good idea to consider living in here. most people in Quezon City are approachable and easy to go along with.

Janine, says: 2020

Prior to moving to Quezon City, you need to be aware of traffic jams. These traffic jams become especially problematic especially during rush hour. you may need to budget your time accordingly. Another thing you have to note is that the city is a bustling metropolis. It is vibrant and interesting. However, move to the more affluent parts of the city for your own safety.

Kimberly, says: 2020

Someone moving to Quezon City should know city’s rules and regulation first since it is the most important thing for a resident to be aware of. Awareness regarding these things will avoid doing something that is against the law of the city. One should as well know directions and necessary places such as schools or universities, supermarkets, hospitals, police stations and others. Being well-aware of these necessary information will be a great help to live at ease.

Djamela, says: 2020

If someone would be moving here, I would advise him/her to be careful and observant at all times because there are a lot of crimes happening in my city and it is known for having a high crime rate. Nevertheless, my city provides different entertainment facilities that most people would look for.

Margrethe, says: 2020

* Road laws are adhered to and strictly applied. By not wearing helmets and standing past the pedestrian like these, traffic police are swift to fine violators.
* Cost of living in Quezon City is very expensive for this city are very crowded and one of the locations to find a better job.

Someone moving to Quezon City should know it is the most crowded city in Metro Manila. Additionally, they should expect heavy traffic especially during Friday afternoons. Our mayor is quite incompetent when it comes to making decisions for suspending classes for the safety of the students and overall projects of the city.

Cathryn, says: 2020

If someone will move good people, neighbors are waiting for a brand new people here to meet good neighbors, clean and fresh airs, and a good atmosphere. We maintain the cleanliness in every streets and maintain the safety of every neighbors. We are honoring elders and the highest.

Our city is very quiet and have lesser crime above all other cities. The people are very helpful and private. Most of all, the streets are clear from any garbage and any garbage seen will be voluntarily pick up by any private citizen. Our city has many parks and beautiful scenery you can admire and relax.

Florence, says: 2020

Living in Quezon City is quite an average experience. As with any city, you should be cautious about people who you think could be threatening to your safety. Being a resident of Quezon City for the last 18 years, it is reasonably safe and will not be an expensive endeavour. Quezon City is a great place for families, having many schools and public facilities available within the city limits.

The city has barely any trees around and the pollution coming from the many cars passing by may be harmful to someone who have breathing difficulties, diseases. Additionally, the amount of people in the city have multiplying due to numerous jobs that are absent in the provinces thus making the streets and public places crowded. With places being crowded, crimes such as pickpocketing are rampant and the victim of crimes like these are usually foreigners or the ones who look like they have money with them in their travels.

Quezon City is a sprawling land area with about four million residents. It is a modern city with modern conveniences but also a lot of the modern problems that go along with being a metropolis. Poverty, homelessness, and crime is a major concern. Thankfully, employment from across the globe is now available to residents because of the internet.

Jannavi, says: 2020

This city has a wide scale of land mass area and tons of town. In order to choose a good area, you must consider the nearness of the location to your workplace, then the safety of the area during the day and night and lastly, on how accessible it is to different stores or shops where you can easily buy important goods.

Sheila, says: 2020

Quezon City is one of the most accessible and largest cities in Metro Manila. You can access Social Security System, Philhealth, Land Transportation Office, and other main offices in one place. In Quezon City also lies the two of the biggest TV networks in the Philippines, namely ABS-CBN and GMA. In Quezon City you can visit the Quezon City Memorial Circle where you can jog, exercise, or visit for leisure.

Virginia, says: 2020

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