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Cape Town

Safety and Crime in Cape Town

74 local experts

From petty theft to violent crime, here's what 74 local experts had to say about safety and crime in Cape Town.

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You’ll struggle to find a more beautiful, dramatic setting. A city of extremes. Beauty, food, wealth, wine, weather, but also inequality, poverty and violence. It’s easy to stay safe, though, if you stick to the right areas.

If you’re moving to Cape Town. You’ll need to know your way around the city beforehand cause the easiest targets are the lost ones. Don’t flaunt your riches and make sure someone knows where u are at all times, you might need to lie a couple of times to strangers to ensure your safety and though the crime rate here is high that doesn’t mean everyone gets robbed and raped at every second of the day. You can still take a stroll down the streets and enjoy the views the city has to offer and more, you just have to keep stranger danger in mind. And make sure you google the prices of things like transport beforehand so you don’t get charged extra. And also be nice, have fun and enjoy yourself. I grew up here and I’d like to say with the right company this place is amazing. You won’t regret your stay or visit here as long as you are careful.

Siphosethu, says: 2023

Cape Town posses within it a tale of many cities. It presents the coastal paradise marketed by the tourism city as well as a melting pot of diverse cultures, religions, classes and a dark history of Apartheid spatial planning which plays itself out in the gang and violence on the Cape flats area and surrounds. However, it is also a place where your weekends will always be filled with something to do and a laid back culture which gains the envy of Johannesburg residents.

Kgakgamatso, says: 2020

When considering moving to my city it is important to note that Cape Town has a high crime rate. Going outside, late at night, may result in bodily harm to a human being. So always be vigilant and do not go outside by yourself at night. If we put that aside, Cape Town is a very beautiful city.

Lelodwa, says: 2020

Someone considering moving to my city must know that there are many tourist attractions such as the Table Mountain and Robben Island that they can visit. They can also have a township experience and enjoy new food. There is also crime so people must be careful of their belongings.

It is a lovely city, but there are quite a few areas that are dangerous. The scenery is beautiful and it has various beaches that tourists would love to go to. The people here are also very friendly and even treats strangers like family. Overall any tourist would love it here, as everything here is beautiful and they will immediately be welcomed.

Deirdre, says: 2020

They have to be alert for everything and everyone they encounter with and it’s dangerous, but a beautiful city with so much opportunities and they will enjoy each and every little thing about the beautiful city. They will also will also be expected to have a lot of money with, living in this city is quite expensive.

Cape Town has been consistently voted as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is a diverse city comprising of all races, religions and nationalities. The major consideration for anyone desirous of moving to Cape Town is security. Although our city is beautiful, it is nonetheless a hotbed for gang-related violence. Considerations should be taken regarding where to live in the city. Other than that, our city will provide the best possible food and some of the most stunning sceneries in the world.

In the event that someone considered moving to Cape Town, they should consider purchasing a car. The city is spread out as a result of urban sprawl and thus require the use of vehicular travel. Furthermore, the public transport system is unreliable and unsafe which may make local travel difficult.

My city is a beautiful place. It has a number of tourism sites and is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in South Africa. Cars are driven on the left of the road. Sadly, crime is at its peak.

Mbidzo, says: 2020

Cape Town is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. For years now, it is one of the seven wonders of the world. If you love nature and the sea, then Cape Town will be a perfect place for you to settle down. Despite having a high crime rate just like many other cities in the world, Cape Town still is one of the best places in South Africa to live in.

Mankunyana, says: 2020

Someone considering moving to Cape Town should know that although Cape Town is an exceptionally beautiful city, the crime rates are exceptionally high as well. In Cape Town, one has to be very vigilant when moving around the city. One needs to be very careful not to be mugged, hijacked or even kidnapped.

Someone moving to my city should know that we have a lot of beautiful mountains, beaches and cliffs that can be visited. There are a lot of hotels that would cater for people with different budgets and they are clean and secure, if security if a priority to you. You can make a lot of friends, as everyone is friendly and welcoming.

If you are interested in relocating to my city, you would have to be vigilant because there is a high rise in the number of kidnappings and murders in Cape Town. You should also be able to support yourself financially, because job opportunities are extremely scarce. Cape Town is known for the night life, be cautious and do not allow the party life to consume you – otherwise you might end up an alcoholic or drug addict.

Keamogetswe, says: 2020

The most important thing one must consider before moving to Cape Town is the high crime rate. Due to the close proximity to vast slums, Cape Town’s crime rates have been steadily increasing over the past few years. It does not make Cape Town an unbearable place to live, however; it simply means that locals must be constantly wary of going out at night, going out anywhere alone, leaving cars parked in public areas, or any other daily tasks that require an extra sense of vigilance.

The people in my city are relatively friendly and help, however, you should try your utmost best to not make it obvious that you are unfamiliar with the city because unfortunately my city is crime-ridden and you could fall victim very quickly. Before you ask for help or directions greet first and show politeness, people will be more willing to help you with this approach.

Dinique, says: 2020

There are a lot of thing to do here. However, it’s a dangerous city. Always be vigilant when walking in the streets at night. Do not walk alone as that makes you a target for criminals.

Siphiwo, says: 2020

It is a vibrant city and it has so much to offer. It has great beaches and world class tourist attractions like the Table Mountain, V&A Waterfront and Long Street. But I do warn you over the crime rate that plagues Cape Town so therefore you should know where not to go.

Daniel, says: 2020

Cape Town is a beautiful multicultural city. Our beaches are pristine an we have amazing hiking trails on Table Mountain. Our popular wine routes are close to the city and a must to visit. Crime, however is a major problem in the city especially in low income communities such as the Cape Flats. Cape Town is considered one of the most unequal cities in South Africa, this is due to the large wealth gap.

Keletso, says: 2020

Cape Town is a beautiful city that is rich in history and culture. Living in the city gives you the opportunity to get to know people of all walks of life. One of its downfalls, however, is that it has a very high crime rate. Its magic and beautiful scenery almost makes up for that one downfall.

Gerald, says: 2020

The City of Cape Town is most popularly known for being the Mother City of South Africa, praised for its beauty and historical site such as Robben Island and the beautiful Table Mountain as the center of tourists attraction. However, it is also known for the prevalence presence of gangsterism. As a result, when one wants to move here, they must consider their choice of location because of the crime activities that takes place in the inner city and most importantly, the weather because it is a “nama-karoo” biome which means it’s usually very windy.

Cape Town is a dangerous city. It is a beautiful city with beaches and mountains and a wild nightlife. It has four universities and many colleges. There are a lot of townships and vineyards stretching from Stellenbosch to Paarl.

Schanzal, says: 2020

The weather in Cape Town can be pretty unpredictable, be it summer or winter. Therefore it is advised to always be prepared for either season on a daily basis. Another thing about Cape Town is that the crime rate is unbelievably very high, be cautious and alert at all times. Never let your guard down.

Terence, says: 2020

A person considering moving to my city should know that the city has a very high crime rate and that they should be careful and vigilant when moving here. The city is also very beautiful and has one of the 7 wonders of the world. The weather in Cape Town is very cold compared to the rest of South Africa so when moving here, they should come prepared.

Shirley, says: 2020

The city of Cape Town is very lively and filled with many exciting tourist destinations. One can always find a new place to explore and locals are always welcoming. However, despite all these positive aspects, tourists should be on high alert due to the extreme crime rates in the country.

Laurinda, says: 2020

Cape Town is a beautiful city with vast beaches, winelands and boasts many outdoor activities. Rainfall in Cape Town is predominantly during the winter months and lovely warm weather during the summer months. Do watch out for our south east winds though in summer. Cape Town is one of the safer areas in South Africa.

Valerie, says: 2020

Someone considering moving to my city should know that it is a very beautiful city, however, it is also very dangerous if you are not careful. Things are quite expensive but that should not deter them as the numerous things activities more than make up for the expensive living requirements.

Zanoxolo, says: 2020

Cape Town is a vastly sprawling city that has many different types of areas in which to live. Some parts of the city feel urban Eurocentric, while other areas are suburban, or like a small coastal town. There are dangerous areas in Cape Town that one should avoid, especially at night, but the majority of the region is filled with natural beauty, history, and vibrance. There are always adventures to be had in Cape Town.

Nelisiwe, says: 2020

My city is a very busy city with cold beaches and an ever changing weather. The city is reach in diverse culture. It can be dangerous at times, so caution should always be taken when walking or driving at night. My city also is home to a very beautiful mountain called the table mountain.

Mashudu, says: 2020

Anyone considering moving to Cape Town should pack clothes for different weather, as the weather in Cape Town changes abruptly. Make sure that your budget caters for the fact that Cape Town is relatively expensive compared to other South African cities. There is also a very high crime rate in the city, which means tourists need to take extreme caution when travelling, especially in residential areas.

Tshepiso, says: 2020

Know about the relatively cold weather and the sometimes the prolonged rainy season. They should also be aware about the very high crime rate. The nice beaches are however too conspicuous to ignore. The people are also generally welcoming.

Webster, says: 2020

I’m a born and bred Capetonian and am very happy living here. The cost of living is pretty affordable and life is generally quite good if you have some money as our currency the Rand is quite weak. If you can afford to live in a middle-class suburb, any crime you may experience is the risk of burglary, on occasion you may hear of a home robbery. Almost everyone is linked to a private armed response company. You will see private security vehicles on most street corners, police not so often. Homicides seldom occur in the suburbs. The folks living in the Cape flats have it quite tough as gangsters rule those streets and that is where most killings occur. If you remain alert and act responsibly, Cape Town has a lot to offer.

Cape Town is a breathtaking city on a beautiful peninsula. Most of the information you need you will find from all the great guide books and websites. Try and live near where you work and if you must commute, try to drive against the traffic. The seawater is freezing since we live near the Atlantic Ocean. The peninsula also means that Cape Town is not one monolithic city, but more a series of interwoven urban villages, each with their characters. Try and go on city free walking tours, take the red bus rides and explore the city. Cape Town is the most beautiful place on earth.

Then one major thing that I suggest anyone knows before moving to Cape Town would be, to protect yourself as Cape Town can be surprisingly beautiful, but also shockingly dangerous. Make sure to never leave any windows or doors open wherever you are staying in Cape Town and always make sure the bags that you are carrying is zipped closed and that the zip is in front of you.

Leanne, says: 2020

Cape Town is a beautiful city with the wondrous Table Mountain listing as one of the wonders of the world. The crime rate is high in certain areas, however, if you know where these areas are, you can easily avoid them. Overall Cape Town is worth it to visit due to the multicultural environment and the generous people.

Siyamthanda, says: 2020

Something to anyone moving to Cape Town is that living in Cape Town is risky business. Crime is at an all time high and residents may feel like they are always looking over their shoulders. However, no matter which direction you are facing, when looking over your shoulder you will see awe inspiring views of ocean or mountain that make you forget all dangers.

Sindile, says: 2020

It is windy, the closer you get to town, or the beach; even in the Summers. If you are going to be out late at night, have your friends accompany you for safety purposes. If you are here for the sites, do check out Table Mountain, or even try hiking Lion’s Head.

Christel, says: 2020

While Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and is a hot spot for fancy restaurants, gorgeous oceans and a vibrant nightlife, there is also a very high level of crime in some parts of the city. As long as you are vigilant and know which areas to steer clear from, you’ll love the Californian-like city of Cape Town and the bubbly, friendly residents that proudly call this city full of character “home”.

Bullet, says: 2020

Cape Town is an amazing city. I live in the neighborhood close to Table Mountain, which is one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World. There is a lot to do and see. Cape Town has spectacular mountains, beautiful beaches and interesting culture and a rich history. There is something to do for the adventurer and the culture-vulture. The only downside is the crime rate. Your quality of life is affected by the crime, because you have to be vigilant all the time and take proper security measures at home. This is a factor I would take into consideration before moving here. Despite that, I would recommend moving here.

Skhonza, says: 2020

Cape Town is an amazing city. I live close to Table Mountain, which is one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World. Cape Town has mountains, beaches, wineries as well culture and history. It is a great place for the adventurer and the culture-vulture. The only thing to consider before moving here, is the crime rate. You have to get used to being vigilant all the time and have proper security systems installed at home. Despite that, I would recommend living in Cape Town.

My city is well known for its beauty in nature. Cape Town is also a very traditional city. My city is famous for its braai, boerewors, Table Mountain and so much more. Tourists from all over the world visit my city for leisure and to explore the city. Many people would say Cape Town has high crime statistics, but despite the negativity it is a good place to go to.

Shirley, says: 2020

If you love beaches and mountains, Cape Town is the place for you. This city isone of the most beautiful places in the world. Cape Town also houses Table Mountain; one of the seven Wonders of Nature. Looks aside, there are many areas that could suit your budget. (Cape Town does have a high crime rate, and some suburbs are a lot more dangerous than others.) There are a variety of shopping malls and entertainment places, and you’ll never have to go far for something you’ll need. If you are looking for a forever home, Cape Town could very well be just that.

Godisa, says: 2020

The crime rate is relatively high so extra precaution needs to be taken in settling in high crime areas. summer can become extremely hot, therefore short clothing and sunscreen must be utilized frequently to avoid having sunburn or become overheated. winter is cold and rainy so warm clothing needs to be stocked up.

Jenilee, says: 2020

You can live in beautiful houses, apartments and cottages on the sea shore or on mountains. Lovely weather with hot summers and mild winters. Variety of outdoor activities like surfing and playing soccer, cricket and rugby. The best shopping malls, like Canal Walk. But it has limited public transport; like the MyCiTi Bus does not go to all places. You earn less as a worker and there is a lot of crime.

Kgomotso, says: 2020

There is a very big socio-economic imbalance in Cape Town and as a result the crime rate is very high. When a person comes to Cape Town they need to be on a high alert and keep their belongings safe. They also have to be aware of scammers who pose as tour guides that ask for advance payments before showing you around. After paying you may never see them again.

Margriet, says: 2020

When moving to the mountainous city of Cape Town, be aware of the rising crime rates resulting from a large population of people surrounding the city, living in poverty. Although the city is well known for its tourist destinations and magnificent landscapes, the constant reminder of people who aren’t fortunate enough to experience the beauty of the simple things surrounding them, hangs heavily in the air.

Denise, says: 2020

There are two main bus services that run in Cape Town; MyCiti and Golden Arrow. MyCiti is by far much easier to use, however Golden Arrow goes to some places that MyCiti does not. Other public transport options include a train service and taxis. The train service does not reach too many places, while taxis are notorious for having dangerous drivers.

Sandisiwe, says: 2020

Cape Town has the best views and the best people. Our restaurants is the best hang out places.our crime rate is big but we have more good than bad. They will definitely miss out if they decide not to move to my city.

This is a beautiful city, full of very good and friendly people. There are a lot of interesting things to do like hiking the famous Table Mountain, paragliding and seeing animals in the wild. However the weather can be harsh sometimes, winter is very cold, wet and windy. Avoid the high density suburbs because there is too much crime. In overall this is a very good place to visit and the experience will be great.

Melissa, says: 2020

One difficulty about residing in Cape Town is the scarcity of jobs. In addition to this, it is also worth knowing that salaries paid in Cape Town, is considerably lower than other parts of the country. The cost of property is exceedingly higher than elsewhere in South Africa and the crime rate ranks among the highest in the world.

Shazia, says: 2020

Cape Town is a highly segregated city. This segregation impacts many aspects of life. For instance, when travelling one should always be aware of the demographics of the neighborhood to which one is travelling because this may impact your safety when you get there. Colored neighborhoods like Mitchell’s Plain are especially dangerous for a black man while black ones like Gugulethu are somewhat safer.

Khomotso, says: 2020

The city is a seaside city. It’s got some beautiful natural settings to explore, the people are interesting and Friendly. The crime rate is high, the poverty levels are extensive and the potential is immense. Our historical background in Cape Town is deeply entrenched. We have a diverse population due to these historical occurrences.

Ntombizodwa, says: 2020

Cape Town is the mother city of South Africa. We can proudly lay claim to Table Mountain, one of the seven wonders of the world, and our city is often considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There are, however, a few pros and cons to consider:

– Cape Town offers a thriving culture for nature enthusiasts, with sprawling beaches, forests and mountain trails, it appeals to a broad audience.
– The gastronomy is one of the best in the world with varying local cuisines and locally-sourced produce to cater to all tastes.
– The locals are very vibrant, diverse and friendly and all cultures are welcomed and accepted.

– Living in Cape Town can be quite expensive compared to the rest of the country’s major cities. This is mainly due to the high cost of accommodation and entertainment.
– Due to the current road infrastructure, congestion often takes place on the main freeways and commuting to work can be quite time-consuming depending on where you reside.
– Crime is a concern in many areas, and gated communities should be considered.

There is more to Cape Town than just the beautiful Table Mountain. Cape Town has stunning wine lands, safaris, and beautiful beaches that rival those of the world. It is, however, quite an expensive city. Food and cars are quite pricey. And unfortunately, it can be very dangerous if you are not always vigilant.

There are certain things that you need to know before moving to Cape Town. You should make as friends with as many locals as you can, so that they can show you where all of the hidden gems in the city are because we have many. The other thing that know is that the crime rate in the city is very high, so you need to be careful.

To always be aware of your surroundings. Never leave your things unattended. We have a high crime rate. But we are one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Tourists love visiting table mountain and there are lots of things to do in our beautiful city. Always be diligent and make the most out of your stay.

Sibusiso, says: 2020

When moving to the city of Cape Town, one should be mindful of the crime statistics of living in suburbia or within the city center. Also, with its moderate climate, Cape Town makes for superb outdoor living as there are many outdoor activities one is able to participate in.

Ashlea, says: 2020

It is a beautiful city. Table mountain on the one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. The crime rates are a bit of a problem, but some suburbs are charming and peaceful. Our public transport is unreliable, so it’s best to have your own car. However, you must be careful of the hostile taxi drivers that might cut you off.

Cape Town is said to have very beautiful architecture and attractions. On the other hand, the locals are not very friendly. Add the high rates of muggings and crime, you need to be vigilant at all times if you plan on living there. The city also has an issue with traffic, which is attested to the bad drivers. Litter is abundant as well.

Leonard, says: 2020

There are many factors that need to be considered when moving to Cape Town. Although, it is a gorgeous city with breathtaking views, the crime and corruption within Cape Town has risen dramatically over the years. You need to be very careful when venturing out into the city, as danger can strike at any moment.

Kutlwano, says: 2020

The city is beautiful, it is however dangerous. Whilst most people enjoy visiting the city and all it has to offer, due to the friendly nature of the people. Crime and violence is rife. It is important to never travel alone or always tell someone where you are going. The beaches and the food are amazing and our culture is rich. The trip here is also relatively inexpensive for foreigners. You will always be welcomed warmly.

Lerato, says: 2020

Cape Town has breathtaking views and tourist attractions. It blends nature and architecture beautifully. Traffic is heavy at peak times, but relaxed. We have rainy winters that are not that that cold. There is a high crime rate, but the good things in this city outweigh the bad.

Ndumiso, says: 2020

Crime is a widespread issue in Cape Town, therefore it is of most importance to monitor your possessions at all times. You would also need to take special precautions for your home, such as installing electric fencing. The food in Cape Town is locally produced and of the highest quality, therefore meals at a restaurant may put a large dent in your wallet.

Robert, says: 2020

Cape Town is a beautiful city with world class facilities, a stunning coastline and a unique Flora Kingdom called Fynbos. Crime rate is quite high, but the natural beauty of the city and the rest of the province makes it all worthwhile.

Khwezi, says: 2020

There is no city more beautiful than Cape Town- the rich natural wonders of nature are populated with a people of a rich and varied ethnicity. Be vigilant, however, for this Eden has a serpent and his name is Crime. Cape Town has become the murder capital of South Africa and you would do well not to ignore this title.

Doanise, says: 2020

It is dangerous for a woman to jog alone in the streets of Cape Town as there is a high rate of crime, especially at night. Generally, one should always carry pepper spray to be prepared for trouble. Make sure to always exercise with a friend or two, as that is the safest option.

Kgakgamatso, says: 2020

Cape Town is well known as one of the most beautiful cities to visit as a tourist, the stunning Table Mountain sets a constant backdrop to all activities being it surfing, mountain biking, hiking or simply walking through the vibrant waterfront. Even though crime is high, it is still safe to live, work and travel throughout the Western Cape, you simply need to be vigilant. The culture, food, wine and especially people makes this a wonderful place and makes one proud to be a South African.

Babalwa, says: 2020

Cape Town is a beautiful and vibrant city, but it has its problem. The crime rate is fairly high, and new residents will need to exercise caution. Anyone moving to Cape Town from a foreign country should carefully assess the exchange rate between the Rand and their local currency. The natural splendor and thriving energy of the city make Cape Town a worthy place in a new life.

People who would like to move to Cape Town should know it is a beautiful city with endless opportunities to make great memories. Imperatively, immigrants must be aware of the dangers that are present in some areas of the Cape. According to the law of probability, the chances of something bad happening to an individual are very slim, but it would be wise to remain cautious.

Sibongile, says: 2020

Any person moving here should consider that Cape Town is expensive in various ways. You should not be afraid of competition. Every necessary opportunity that presents itself should be taken with courage. Like other cities in the world, there are different incidents of crime present here.

Zanele, says: 2020

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it is called the mother city by many South Africans. Cape Town is known as the most dangerous city in South Africa and the world because of the most notorious gangsters who rule the streets of the mother city.

Cape Town is a beautiful city with many attractions. The crime in Cape Town is relatively high, for this reason I recommend doing activities in groups. Table Mountain is a wonderful hike to do, there are multiple routes that one can do and if you are not big on hiking – there is a cable car that can take you up the mountain.

– That there is a high crime rate, so they should consider that before they come here.
– The cost of living is high – compared to the rest of South Africa, so they should prepare for that.
– The weather in Cape Town is mostly cold and windy.
– We have some of the best tourist attractions and a great culture.
– The city has received bad coverage over the years but they should not be scared and have fun.

Noluthando, says: 2020

Cape Town is known for its breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, including Table Mountain. Despite its beauty, Cape Town is also one of South Africa’s most dangerous cities. Cape Town is also known for its extremely traumatic past filled with slavery. Winter in Cape Town can be extremely wet, with a scorching hot summer.

Nomonde, says: 2020

Although Cape Town is a very beautiful city, it is also known for its high crime rate. There are many poor communities and there are a lot of gangs in this area. It is very important to always keep this in mind, and to always be aware of your whereabouts.

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