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If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Rodriguez, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 17 people living in Rodriguez what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Many mountaineers go to Montalban to visit the “trilogy”. It is an itinerary of three mountains to which they consider “minor hike”. Teens would usually line up as early as 3:00 AM just to be the first to reach the summit for each peak. Time is important. It is because you cannot view the sea of clouds if it’s too late, or too early. Most people would travel for hours to get a glimpse of this so-called “sea of clouds” for a couple of minutes. Why should I? We have it here and it’s just one tricycle away!

Kristine, says: 2020

The place where I reside has many beautiful places that you will enjoy like the Wawa Dam, Mt Parawagan, and many other mountains that you will be thrilled to hike.

My city has all the great experiences to offer. We have the tourist spots that make you wanna stay forever. as Filipinos, we offer great hospitality that makes the tourist don’t want to go home. W also has the best delicacies that will let your taste buds feel a spark. Altogether, it’s all good.

Nicole, says: 2020

People are hospitable and accommodating. We have different scenery that will surely amazed you we also have food that will satisfy your tummy. You can also visit wawa dam that has historical story. Our place is also historical and has a lot of stories behind every place that you will visit.

In my city there are famous tourist spots, including the Wawa Dam (Bernardo Carpio story) and more. People here are well-mannered especially to the tourist. They can also help you to some things. There such a issues surrounds here but our Mayor is doing his best to solve the issues in our city.

Rachel, says: 2020

The city is lovable as its people. There are lots of reasons why it’s worth it to live in our city. Aside from the naturally hospitable locals, it also offered the best scenic spots rich with history and culture that would make anyone fall in love with the place right away. And since our city is a bit far from the hustle and bustle capital, living here is more peaceful and stress-free.

Chloé, says: 2020

People are hospitable and very kind. The place is far from perfect but it holds lots of history which could be embedded to one’s memory upon visiting. There are quite majestic places to offer that will make visitors love coming back. If ever I had to visit some dream destinations, I would also suggest my place visit by the people I would meet in the future.

Djamela, says: 2020

Rodríguez is a very popular city in Rizal in which it had the greatest population. If you are looking for a peaceful, near mountain city experience then you should consider here. This city is a great place to experience that mid city, mid province feeling with such fresh air and less noise in the area.

Our city is well known for different things, but most especially for a place. It is called Wawa; a freshwater flowing dam between two mountains. It’s home to the legend of Bernardo Carpio. A legend that led to believe the two mountains were separated by Bernardo whose strength was unmatched.

Moving to this city is a great decision if you want a safe place with a wonderful view of nature. Everyone moving to Rodriguez must explore the breathtaking mountains and waterfalls. It is not just a beautiful city but the people living there are very hospitable and welcoming.

If you were moving to Montalban, Rizal, know that our city has a lot of cars even though it is just a small town; traffic is terrible. We have a beautiful water dam that’s called Wawa Dam, on the side note our mountain is starting to get ugly because of mining for gravel.

My city is in the middle of mountains. The roads are kind of dangerous but the view is really great. The city is conveniently near the main road that connects to major business cities in the Metro.

Melody, says: 2020

This city is best described for its simplicity. You won’t find big shopping malls, amusement parks or concert stages. If you’d like to wind down and go to a quiet place, then my city is recommended. Our city has a couple of mountains which can be hiked. It will be a good time to return to mother nature and reflect. We also have a dam where you can feel the rush of the flowing water.

We have a lot of mountains and everywhere there is a farm. It also floods in this city because of the location and it always rains. visit the preserved old Hispanic houses. In Rodriguez, Rizal everything is cheap especially the vegetables because as I told you there are a lot of farms.

For those moving here, First remember that our city was close to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, so it’s easy to go to your workplace, second all people here are hospitable and helpful, which will be a good neighbour for those moving, third is the cost of living which is mostly not a problem because houses here are low priced and you can also live on condos and apartment which we have.

Reynaldo, says: 2020

People who want to live near the mountains there are a lot of mountains and the scenery is magnificent—people who want to live in a peaceful place and a lot of trees that makes your mind in peace. The people are obedient to the rules in the city; they are aware that becoming a violator is not a good thing.

Where I live is full of beautiful scenery and attractions. One of which is our prized Wawa Dam, full of gigantic rocks perfect for picture-taking. There is also the famous Pamitinan Cave known for it being camped by the Japanese soldiers during World War II and is also declared a historic site. You can also enjoy hiking on the mountain trails here while enjoying nature’s beauty.

Sheryl, says: 2020

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