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Religion and Spirituality in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

seven local experts

From Christianity to Islam to Buddhism to Judaism to Sikhism and more, what religious communities exist in Thanjavur? Here's what seven local experts had to say about religion and spirituality in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu.

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Brihadeshwara Temple found by Rajaraja cholan Is one of the famous temple in my city. It is a well known place in my country and it is built around 1000 years before. Now it’s become a well known tourist spot and 1,000s of people are coming day by day to visit our City temple. It’s a big pride to our city.

Mythri, says: 2020

Thanjavur is completely unique than any of other cities. Thanjavur is special for ancient architecture, culture, tradition, and kingdom even before 2000 years. This city has popular temple of brihadeeswarar temple and it was built depend on gravity, it stands straight in 0 degree. They were great scientists and engineer 2000 years ago. Everyone must visit at least once in their life, It’s really a great place for tourism also.

This city is famous for temples. Our city is famous for harvesting. People in our city are helpful to one another. People enjoy living in our city. Our city is famous for special dolls and big temple. The big temple has a huge Nandhi.

Krishna, says: 2020

Our city, Thanjavur, is known for the famous Brihadeeswarar temple, locally known as the big temple. It was built by the Great king Rajaraja cholan. The unique feature of this temple is that the shadow of the temple tower does not fall on the ground. This is one of the favourite spots for archeologists as the temple is full of archeological wonders. Thanjavur is also famous for dancing dolls. The “centre of gravity” concept is the base for preparing “dancing dolls.” The ancient local people of this city have this much immense knowledge about science. This is still unbelievable.

Tanjore is an important center of South Indian religion, art, and architecture. It’s called rice bowl of Tamil Nadu given the significant amount of it’s agricultural land. It’s famous for its Big temple built by Great Raja Chola over 1000 years ago. It’s also a secular city i. e a shivan temple (big temple) and mosque are situated within less than a kilometer.

Prathika, says: 2020

It is one of the best places for religious sites and archeological sites. People in the neighbourhood are very friendly. It is one of the best places to live and sightseeing. The workers of the city are mostly farmers and so there is no problem for food. The place is mostly of village so the people are friendly. The place can be considered moving.

Shalini, says: 2020

Thanjavur is a rice bowl of Tamil Nadu. Agriculture is a main source of my city. People who need peace and green environment likes to lead a life in my city. The world-famous big temple is in my city which was built by our ancients which is still a challenge for architects. My city is famous for its Thanjavur paintings. if you are choosing to live here surely you will see a heaven in your life.

Joejoe, says: 2020
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