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The Pros and Cons of Living in Calgary, Alberta

four local experts

They go by many names (pluses and minuses, advantages and disadvantages, etc.) but pros and cons are vital to consider when moving. Here's what four local experts report about what they like and dislike about living in Calgary, Alberta.

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A person who is thinking to come to Calgary must consider the extreme weather. Usually extreme winters lasts about eight months and summers will last only about for four months. These conditions will directly affects on your efficiency and efficacy to do work and affects travelling. On the other hand, if we consider the hourly wage rate of the city its $15, which is quite better than rest of the provinces. Basically, we have both pros and cons which needs to be considered while moving.

Taisia, says: 2020

Calgary is one of the best cities in the province of Alberta. From the recent impact of recession, Calgary stood still and has kept house prices and rent at competitive levels, which is great for newcomers to Calgary. Calgary is growing economically despite of the bad effect of oil and gas downturn. Young professionals find Calgary as much more affordable place compared to other cities.

Arolyn, says: 2020

He must know that my city is one of the most beautiful cities because it contains beautiful landmarks and I love it because its people are very good and that delights the heart. I really recommend visiting or moving to it. There are a lot of bad neighborhoods who are eager to visit it, but the city has many advantages, and this is what makes me love it.

Calgary is a beautiful city, located only an hour from the Rocky Mountains. It’s a wonderful city if you enjoy taking advantage of outdoor activities. However, take note that winters in Calgary are extremely cold, and lengthy, with temperatures reaching lows of -50 degrees Celsius. To avoid being outside too long, Calgary offers plenty of delicious restaurants, and art galleries to keep you busy during the frigid months.

Candace, says: 2020
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