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Living in Prague, Czech Republic:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

12 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Prague, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 12 people living in Prague what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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12 comments on “Prague”

The public transport here is one of the best in the world! It’s always on time and always running, so it makes it really easy to go anywhere in the city at any time. Besides, the ticket prices are very affordable.

Jorell, says: 2023

The beautiful architecture and plentiful green space of the city of Prague make it a magical place to live. The great transportation system allows easy travel within and outside the city.

If you are moving to Prague be ready to feel bad for not speaking their language. Even though you’ll be able to find people who speak English, especially among the younger population, it still feels as if you are a burden to them most of the time. The service is almost non-existent and you’ll soon find out that things are done very slowly and lousy here.

Mariia, says: 2022

Anyone visiting Prague should never take a taxi. Try using the public transportation or an Uber because as soon as the taxi drivers realize that you are a foreigner, they will overcharge you and make you pay insane amounts of money. Another important thing to note is that exchanging money around the city could also make you lose lots of money. Do not ever exchange money in the streets! Those people don’t even give you actual real currency. You’ll be left with bank notes that are probably nonexistent and not Czech at all. It’s best to find an exchange office with no commission which isn’t as easy as it sounds. But Prague is a beautiful city and you’ll have an amazing experience should you ever visit, as long as you don’t find yourself entrapped in the hands of all the tourist scammers that lurk around the city.

Prague is a city of many towers and is very friendly, although people there are hectic and in some cases a little cold when it comes to their space. Otherwise, it is important to know that the beer in the city is very cheap except for the center. So choose your bar wisely and be careful while drinking. The city is also not very expensive compared to other major cities in Europe.

Zvonimir, says: 2020

Prague is one of the most beautiful and historic of the Medieval cities of Europe; however, in recent years it has been overrun by tourists and the lovely historic center turned into a tawdry collection of tourist shops inhabiting those lovely 4-600 year old structures. Still, I can find times when the City is free of tourists (early morning or late at night) when I can still see the City in almost its historic majesty.

Matyáš, says: 2020

Prague is a city of music, art, theatre, history, and beauty. My favorite part of the city is Mala strana. Its cobbled streets twist and wind their way up the hill revealing secluded courtyards, ivy-covered stone walls, tiny doors, statues, and ornate wall plaques. One can spend hours taking in the architecture thinking of the centuries through which the houses have survived, their occupants who witnessed momentous occasions both tragic and wonderful.

Prague is a magical city characterized by lush parks and architectural marvels. Who can resist a relaxing picnic in Letna Park, an invigorating walk along the cobblestone streets, or the inherent beauty of Prague Castle and Charles Bridge? The vibrant capital also offers a legendary nightlife, world-class shopping experiences, and romantic vistas typically sealed with an old-world kiss. Whether you come to Prague to soak up the history or for a weekend of unabashed revelry, the city’s “claws” that Kafa once warned about will delve into your soul and resonate deep within you long after you’ve reluctantly left.

Vivienne, says: 2020

Prague, city, capital of the Czech Republic. The city has a rich architectural heritage that reflects both the uncertain currents of history in Bohemia and an urban life. Around the core is a mixed zone of industrial and residential areas, containing about half the city’s population and nearly half its jobs. Surrounding this area is the outer city development zone, and beyond this is yet another zone of development containing new industrial areas, parks and recreation areas, and sports facilities. There is an agricultural land and open countryside, where farms and market gardening projects satisfy Prague’s demand for food. There is a small Slovak community, but the overwhelming majority of residents are Czechs. Industry is the largest employer, followed by commerce, construction, education, culture, administration, and transport and communications. Prague has a renowned and active musical life, which reaches a high point each year in the internationally known spring music festival. There are also many museums and galleries, and a Palace of Culture was completed in 1981. The stock market opened for the first time since World War II, the city was modernized, and it became a major tourist destination.

Prague is a lively, beautiful, and friendly city. it has its downfalls, some more prevalent than others. Firstly, I have found the ability to speak English quite scarce in its people, this becomes especially enduring when you, yourself, can’t communicate to them in their language. Secondly, the food here isn’t as good as you’d imagine from the heart of Europe. I know of very little who would reject cuisines including cheese, bread and meat. However, it does quite repetitive as there aren’t as many options as other European cities, such as ones in Germany, which I found to be quite international and open in their food choices. I found so many Chinese, Indian, Japanese restaurants and fast food places in those cities and it’s just something I would like more of here. and most importantly, coming from a tropical country, it is hard not to notice the drastic change in the weather. Cold dark rainy nights have a depressing connotation to them, and I finally got to understand just why, and in bigger doses than I’d prefer.

Prague is very beautiful and historic place. Thousands of tourists visit it yearly. It would help a newcomer to learn some Czech language to feel more comfortable here. People are nice here, but not very communicative. People love sport and active lifestyle in Prague. Everyone should visit it at least once in their life.

Helena, says: 2020

Prague is a beautiful city in the EU. It is known as, “The heart of Europe.” Historically and culturally speaking, it is one of the most interesting cities I have ever visited or had the chance There is much to see and experience, and no matter where you’re from or what walk of life you come from, you will be captivated by something.

Michal, says: 2020

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