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Living in Portland, Oregon:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

31 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Portland, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 31 people living in Portland what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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31 comments on “Portland”

If you are moving to Portland OR, USA, you must visit Mt. Hood—the best place for skiing during the winter. Multnomah False in USA, OR is the highlight spot for hiking. Portland Rose City Garden is the best place to take your partner on a special date. It will brighten her day very much.

Srikrishna, says: 2023

Incredible natural beauty that is currently overwhelmed by drug addiction, fueled by foreign drug cartel’s limitless cheep, now legal in Oregon, drugs. It will rebound but it may be years before it returns to be the city that we’ve loved.

Derald, says: 2023

Portland is a big town, not a city. It’s built along 2 beautiful rivers, and equidistant between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains. It’s a liberal and creative place but the economy is pretty slow. If you love being in nature but aren’t looking to make big money, this is a great city to live in. It’s also a really great place for raising a family or pursuing creative endeavors.

Angela, says: 2023

If you’re moving to Portland, OR you will need at least $2,000 monthly income. The houseless population has skyrocketed. It is cloudy/overcast the majority of the year, but spring time is vibrant with blossoms and summers are beautiful (unless there is a bad forest fire season and the smoke/air pollution hits extremely dangerous levels). When the sky is blue and the weather is hot go swim at Rooster Rock along the Columbia River. The best neighborhood is Sellwood. It’s better to just live in Milwaukie though. Cleaner, more nature, quieter. Food is very expensive, but there are tons of specialty restaurants that cater to dietary restrictions, a.k.a. gluten free for celiacs, vegan and vegetarian options. Food carts offer great variety, value, and fun social atmosphere.

Heather, says: 2023

Portland is a beautiful place; close to the mountains and the coast and has an incredible food scene. However it’s expensive; hard to buy a home and expensive to rent.

Christine, says: 2023

It’s a lovely tree filled city close to the mountains and not far from the amazing Oregon coast. We have some problems lately with crime and homelessness however which is pretty common for any city in America these days. It’s still a great place to live though.

Christine, says: 2022

Anyone considering moving to Portland should consider the hectic and archaic lifestyle that is commonly lived there. An individual would also want to take the dark, cloudy winters into consideration. The cost of living in Portland is less than other competitive nearby cities like Seattle or San Francisco.

Olufemi, says: 2020

Portland, Oregon, is known for being “weird.” One would think that most people from the city are weird and put themselves out there, but in reality, most people from Portland exaggerate their weirdness. There are many unique places to eat (Voodoo Donuts, Salt and Straw, and food trucks galore). One of my favorite spots to eat is Portland City Grill. It is located in one of the tallest buildings in Portland can gives customers amazing views, food, and music.

Domingo, says: 2020

It is a beautiful city with a temperate climate and has a varied culture. There are many employment opportunities in technology, recreation, and the arts. It also is a a short drive to the Oregon coast, which has forests and cliffs and sandy beaches. In winter, many people go whale-watching.

Portland is the perfect size city. It is not difficult to get around—especially with the ample public transportation—but also provides all of the food, activities, and culture that you would expect from a metropolis. it is full of beautiful vistas and hikes, and only a short drive away from either the coast or the mountains, providing something for everyone!

A person moving to Portland, Oregon should know Portland is a great place. Property taxes are high, but there is no sales tax. If you enjoy cloudy days and rain, Portland is a great place. In less than two hours you can drive to the mountains, the beautiful Oregon Coast or the Columbia River Gorge. Portland is a wonderful place.

Portland is an extremely fun place. The food scene is continuously growing, so there is a variety of food you can try. There are many outdoor activities you can experience and would be able to meet new friends quickly that way. It is a great area for young people or raising a family.

Quentin, says: 2020

Portland has delicious food, unpredictable weather and many scenic picnic spots. There are many vegan restaurants, who are always willing to make adjustments based on your dietary restrictions. Don’t forget to bring an umbrella, you never know when you might get caught in a rainstorm.

Connor, says: 2020

Some people call Portland “the sixth borough of New York” for its hipster reputation, but new residents shouldn’t come to the city expecting hustle-and-bustle. Instead, anyone moving to Portland should know the neighbors are friendly, the food is exquisite, and dozens of beautiful natural landmarks are just a quick drive away. With plenty of cinemas, theatres, and parks, the unique culture of the city grows with each newcomer who decides to make Portland their new home. The City of Roses may soon surpass other American cities with its lovely citizens and its stunning natural beauty.

Marjorie, says: 2020

Here in Portland, your umbrella pegs you as a tourist. Whether it is raining cats and dogs, or there is just a slight drizzle, a Portland native would never be caught using an umbrella. It shows weakness. A little bit of rain is nothing to be afraid of.

Damian, says: 2020

Portland is is a diverse city with a multitude of places and events to attend. It has lovely landscapes full of trees, a bustling downtown, and a relatively calm suburban area. Downtown Portland is diverse in and of itself as it has museums — art and history –, a variety of living places, many places to eat and shop, parks, little thrift shops, and more, all within walking distance.

Of all the major burgs in Oregon, Portland is perhaps one of the prettiest and most culturally diverse cities in the state. The city prides itself in both maintaining and resting in harmony with its natural surroundings. There are numerous large parks that are well cared for, which also provide a small ecosystem for numerous plants and animals. The city is also well-known for its gastronomic prowess, as food and drink from nearly every culture can be found either at a restaurant or at one of the innumerable food carts peppered throughout Portland’s urban sprawl. There is something for everyone here.

From high-end restaurants to food cart pods, Portland, Oregon, has a culinary scene that rivals any in the country. Likewise, it has numerous award-winning craft breweries and distilleries, making it the libations capital of the Pacific Northwest. If that weren’t enough, Portland’s proximity to the coast and the mountains makes it the perfect hub for all the beauty this area of the country has to offer.

Someone moving to Portland, Oregon should know it rains frequently here. However, Portland also experiences mild summers with little humidity which its residents look forward to after many months of frequent rain. Portland is a “foodie town” and has numerous award-winning restaurants. It’s no wonder that Portland has been experiencing an influx of new residents.

Annette, says: 2020

Portland is a city with many faces. Anyone moving here should know that, and accept it for its eccentricities. The people who make up this city bring to it diversity in food, culture, art, and expression. It is a place where people from many backgrounds can find a home.

Briana, says: 2020

Someone moving to Portland, Oregon should know Portland is a fairly diverse city with a very hipster lifestyle. There are 100s of coffee shops and small companies that sell various hippie and hipster products such as bohemia style clothes. However, Portland has a homeless problem that has been worked on for many years with not much improvement. Despite this though, Portland is a fun city with many intriguing aspects to draw in those who wish to live outside of most societal norms.

Portland, Oregon, has twelve bridges across the Willamette River that divides the east side from the west side and downtown. The Tilikum bridge is a suspension cable bridge that is dedicated to pedestrians and public transportation. The cables change color based on the speed, temperature, and depth of the River.

Amanda, says: 2020

“Keep Portland weird” is the unofficial, but overwhelmingly accepted, mantra of the city. If you are looking for white bread America, you should consider looking elsewhere. However, if you are looking for a place to welcome you with all your quirks, eccentricities, and oddities, Portland is standing here with open arms.

Ginger, says: 2020

Portland, Oregon, is known for its greenery, mountains, and for being a “foodie town.” Locals love dining at Thai restaurants, drinking kombucha, and being outdoors. Portland is a city where folks love to ride their bicycles and would rather explore places like The Japanese Zen Garden and enjoy hikes in Forest Park than remain home watching Netflix or television.

Portland is a unique city. With a plethora of quaint coffee shops, hipster ice cream locations, and hole-in-the-wall restaurants, a visitor to Portland would never run out of things to do. I would advise a newcomer to Portland to visit Salt and Straw: a popular ice cream destination with creative flavor combinations (e.g., honey lavender, olive oil, and strawberry honey balsamic with black pepper). Using the MAX public transit system, they’d be able to peruse the shops of downtown Portland with ease.

Braden, says: 2020

Portland is a great place for anyone who loves biking, hiking, coffee, and a diverse community. In general, Portlandians tend to be accepting of different cultures and backgrounds. The city provides many opportunities to learn and explore different lifestyles, and share your own. The city itself is green and biker-friendly. Whether you want to take a walk with your dog along the Columbia River, spend hours exploring the Saturday Market, get lost in the bookshelves at Powell’s Books, or find a cute little coffee shop with gluten free pastries, Portland has something for everyone!

Portland is nestled up to the Willamette River, surrounded by natural parks and reserves. There are approximately 279 natural parks and natural areas in the Portland and surrounding area. It rains for approximately half the year, and while it can feel significant, it creates a beautiful, lush environment and opportunity for excellent seasonal cuisine.

A person moving to Portland, Oregon must consider that, although the city is a metropolis, the city’s center of activity and layered personality can be found among its various neighborhoods. This gives Portland a “small town” feel. the city’s “weird” characters, features, and communities showcase Portland’s sense of humor and charm.

Chesna, says: 2020

Portland is a paradise for food lovers. Portland offers many restaurants and food carts that serve any ethnicity or style of food you could want. We also are the home to many of the best chefs in the region. Portland is also the home to many farms and farmers markets, which gives you the chance to have some of the freshest ingredients at home to explore your own food love.

Abdoul, says: 2020

Portland is a fantastic city. There are many fun restaurants, exciting attractions, and beautiful places. I would highly recommend visiting Portland to experience the many attractions this city has to offer. This city is especially attractive to young adults and families.

Taylor, says: 2020

Portland is a wonderful city. Beer, wine, doughnuts, and friendly people are only some of the many reasons why Portland is the city to move to. It rains and it shines. It’s not too cold, not too hot. The perfect place to move is Portland.

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