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Port Moresby is a place of great market opportunities but then again that also invites criminal activities. Apart from that, the people are friendly and are advancing slowly into the new technology age. There are many pretty sites to visit and interesting things to do. The city is filled with people from all over the country who come from different cultures and background which makes interacting a whole more interesting for a first timer.

Marlene, says: 2020

Port Moresby is the capital of Papua New Guinea. The city like the rest of Papua New Guinea, has two (2) seasons, hot and wet. Port Moresby is north of Cairns, Australia, and is the main international airport in Papua New Guinea. There are are a lot of nice hotels in Port Moresby, who provide shuttle services to and from the airport.

Richard, says: 2020

Port Moresby is located to the north of Australia and is the capital of the country Papua New Guinea. It has a tropical climate, which means there are two main seasons being the dry season and the wet season. however, the city of Port Moresby is relatively drier than the rest of the country thus experiencing more sunny days.

Florence, says: 2020

Many markets in the city sell fresh, organic produce for a fraction of a dollar. There are many restaurants and bars offering cuisines of the world. People in Port Moresby are generally kind and high spirited. The city is welcoming of new cultures, all while maintaining its own. No sunset in the world can beat a Port Moresby one. The rays of reds, oranges, and pinks set on the darkening waters surrounding the city.

The particular person moving to the city will be known as a Papua New Guinea. People are very Friendly and welcoming. There are more than 800 languages and 2000 dialects with its diverse culture. But there are three common languages used which are English, Motu and Tok Pisin. The city is Great and Pollution free. A beautiful place and explore.

Emelyne, says: 2020

Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, is not like New York or Houston, it is a perfect mix of concrete and the tropics. It is a place where international businesses reside next to straw huts. It has formidable mountains directly adjacent to the ocean. If the country is called The Land of the Unexpected, then Port Moresby would be its most unpredictable gem. Known to locals as POM City, Port Moresby is nestled within the heart of Central Province. Although small in comparison to Western cities, Port Moresby is the largest city in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific.

Richard, says: 2020

The city received global attention when it hosted the 2015 South Pacific Games, the 2016 FIFA U-20 Women’s World cup, and the Asia-Pacific Economic Conference (APEC) Summit in 2018. One of the unique features of Port Moresby is its diversity. The country has over 800 languages and dialects across 22 provinces. Each of the provinces has its own set of customs, clothing, accents, and features. Port Moresby is home to people from all 22 provinces.

Marlene, says: 2020

Someone moving to my city should know the city is made up Papua New Guineans from all around the country and others from other parts of the world. People in the city all have one goal and that is to survive daily. Most people sell to earn enough to pay for their simple dinner while others enjoy the luxurious lifestyle at the top level while others earn an average wage while working in companies’ day to day jobs.

Veronica, says: 2020

Someone moving to Port Moresby should know this city is unsafe to walk around at night because of thugs who can pouch on the unsuspecting and rob them. During the day, this city is a paradise with tropical sandy beaches to visit and crystal clear waterfalls on the outskirts of the city.

Darren, says: 2020

Port Moresby has an array of sporting matches. There is always soccer a match being played over the weekends in the city. Rain or shine, the people of Port Moresby make their way to fields to watch their teams play. On the side of the fields are food vendors selling sodas, banana chips, hot dogs, and ice candy. Rugby is the favorite sport of the majority of POM City residents. Stadiums are packed with spectators from all parts of the city. You can hear the roars from the crowd miles away.

Florence, says: 2020

It is safe and all the people are very friendly and mind their own business. It is very convenient to go from place to place as it is a small city and the transport system is very convenient as well. You will surely enjoy the heat and cool breeze of the city.

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