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If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Petaling Jaya, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 15 people living in Petaling Jaya what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Petaling Jaya is an urban and developed city in the state of Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia, next to Shah Alam. It is an urban city and easily accessible to schools, offices, shopping outlets and malls, housing areas, public transportation and much more. The population of the city is the second highest, next to Kuala Lumpur.

Aisyah, says: 2020

A person moving to Petaling Jaya, must know a few basic phrases of the local language, Bahasa Malaysia, as not many citizens speak English fluently here. Since it often rains here, they must be prepared for humid weather and cloudy skies. An interest in trying different types of cuisines is recommended.

Wernery, says: 2020

Petaling Jaya has plenty of job opportunities, easy access public transportations, and a variety of foods. Furthermore, the cost of expenses living is almost affordable by many.

Be open to the city life, as my city has become exceedingly developed over the years. There are many malls and eateries scattered all over, so it is easy to socialise with friends as there are many fun activities, such a bowling and karaoking. The city is filled with so much cultural diversity, it is a wonderful place to grow up and live.

Adeline, says: 2020

Someone moving to Petaling Jaya should know our city is very convenient because we have all the public transports near to all the areas. They would also be able to go to grocery shopping without any worries. They would be able to go out to eat anytime because we have 24 hour shop in our city. The malls are also nearby.

Nusrat, says: 2020

It has very friendly people. The weather here in this tropical country is always hot but, it is bearable. The items needed daily are cheap so do not worry about spending too money staying here. You can talk to anyone in English here so language isn’t going to be a problem.

Cars are very important here; the weather’s so hot that walking or biking anywhere is nearly impossible save for the very early or late hours. Aside from that, they should know about the shopping malls, as that’s where many people often go for their groceries, food and entertainment.

Sangeri, says: 2020

Petaling Jaya is filled with jobs, easy access to the train station and other public transportations, and foods. Anyone who gets to stay in this city would likely find themselves at home due to the easy conveniences to meet up with friends or have family members came from out of towners for visitation.

Hanushah, says: 2020

Cultural sensitivities which transcend different races but nevertheless are part and parcel of the lifestyle here. This would include social behaviour and norms like whether you should shake hands or just greet politely without contact or even your form of dressing. Most importantly, be vary of religious beliefs which in a multicultural setting could lead to misunderstandings.

Petaling Jaya is a city that has pretty much everything one needs. It has shopping malls galore, eateries and other service outlets, such as hair and beauty salons. Unfortunately, as it originally developed as a suburb, visitors here will find limited historical or touristy places.

Firdaus, says: 2020

Should they depend on public transportation to get around, proximity and accessibility to public transportation is important when selecting an area to settle down in. The flow of traffic to and from the place of residence should also be considered if frequent commute to the city is required daily.

Zulaikha, says: 2020

my city is very close to Kuala Lumpur, which is considered by most to be the center of Malaysia. It’s a beautiful city, but for someone moving here, be aware of the awful traffic and the hard-to-miss air pollution. However, moving here will expose one to the beautiful Malaysian culture; the food, the people, and the experiences here are unlike any other.

Petaling Jaya was originally intended as a satellite township of Kuala Lumpur. Over the years, we grew into more than a suburban municipal, eventually gaining city status in 2006. One can survive in Petaling Jaya for years without ever leaving the city. We are equipped with everything from hospital, school, malls, and government offices. There are restaurants of nearly every type of cuisine. We even have hiking spots for the nature lovers. PJ kids often joke that we were born in PJ, raised in PJ, that we will die in PJ, and we wish to be cremated in PJ.

Nuradilla, says: 2020

Anyone moving here should know how the public transport system works. They should find more on the local attractions and where to shop for necessities. The most important thing is the finding the place to stay, as most foreigners prefer to stay in gated and guarded property.

Syafiq, says: 2020

Petaling Jaya is main city in Selangor. The properties here are expensive but worth it. Food here is the second best. Shopping is wonderful here as you will be able to shop in high-end shopping malls and at the same time will find a lot of supermarkets also, There are number of parks for recreation also.

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