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If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Pasay City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 38 people living in Pasay City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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In Pasay City, there are lots of transportation that you can use in travelling to different areas. We have LRT, MRT and even NAIA is accessible. There are hotels, casino and malls that you can enjoy as leisure. Mall of Asia, is the pride of our city wherein you can enjoy the beauty of sunrise and sunset of Manila Bay.

Junelyn, says: 2020

The international airport is in Pasay City. There are also a lot of malls and places to go have fun with your friends and family. There are many townhouses to buy and good neighborhood. I also like to refer you some our local markets where you can find almost everything that you need from kitchenware, appliances household stuff, kid’s stuff and toys, food and beverages, clothing and many more for low or discounted price.

Khariz, says: 2020

I would say that living in Pasay City is a good thing because of the developments that are currently happening. Businesses are coming in and work opportunities are available in different sectors like Business Process Outsourcing, Infrastructure among others. There are plenty of newly-built condominiums as well that are suitable to meet the needs of good living.

The fact that there are many job opportunities waiting in the city. You just have to be more specific on what you really want to do and decide that you should be confident and have a lot of patience when finding a job. It is really not that easy at first. You just have to go with the flow and enjoy.

Channy, says: 2020

My city is small and the citizens are good. In my city stands the biggest mall in Asia which is the Mall of Asia. You can also find different casinos, hotels, and resorts here like Solaire and Resorts World. The city is quite peaceful even with many citizens having a hard time trying to survive everyday life.

Shaira, says: 2020

The person considering moving to my city should consider how much she or he would have to spend to afford a place here. Although, renting is easy and there are a lot of buildings here, the rent can still be so expensive. In addition, it’s already pretty crowded in manila.

Marlettee, says: 2020

I am currently residing at Pasay City where most people in the Philippines where renting space to be near their workplace. Pasay City is adjacent to other bigger Cities like Makati and ParaƱaque. A lot of stores and shopping malls are in the City. Transportation is easy because there are lots of vehicles around.

Moving to Pasay City is so much fun due to lot of tourist spots. Also, it is a safe place for. You have nothing to worry about, because it is very near to supermarkets, church, etc. Upon moving here you will feel so much joy in your heart because you will feel that it is the best place to start new life and a new journey.

The very well known place here in our city is the World Trade Center, which has conventions all year around. The thing to consider when moving here is the heavy traffic caused by the bad traffic schemes. When commuting always have a spare hour before your allotted time.

If you plan to live in my city then you have to be prepared to meet people from different walks of life. It is known for being a transport city because it serves as passageway to different cities. A lot of vehicles could be seen along the streets and highways, that is why you need to brace yourself for the moderate to heavy traffic you will experience especially during rush hours.

Marnel, says: 2020

Our city has friendly and approachable residents to be with. In our city also have great places to visit, you can also find here the Mall of Asia. I recommend our place it is also economic friendly place. In our city you can also find all that you need including essentials and other. Many establishments, store and event place also find here.

Pasay city is a very busy city. It is easy to get around it because ample public transportation is accessible. People here are also very friendly and willing to help others. There is a lot of establishments here including big and small businesses. Restaurants and entertainment venues are not scarce either. It’s more fun in Pasay City!

Anthony, says: 2020

If you want to experience the best of urban living in the Philippines, consider condo living in Pasay City. Pasay City is a 1st class highly urbanized city in Metropolitan Manila, Philippines. It is also known for its massive business districts, bustling commercial areas, and high-end residential areas. It’s also home for the top schools and technoparks.

Living in a condo is especially ideal for yuppies starting their career in the city. A condo community is strategically near transport networks or at the very heart of the city, making it easier to travel. The facilities provide comfort and peace of mind for professionals who are always on the go. There’s 24-hour security, surveillance cameras, and alarms in common areas, and eco-friendly features. The lifestyle amenities, available to tenants and their guests, ensure that busy bees attain a work-life balance.

Shaula, says: 2020

Pasay City is part of the National Capital Region of the Philippines. Many resides in the city because of the establishments built here such as public and private schools and malls. One of the largest malls known in Asia is built in this city–the Mall of Asia. Usually, when it is rainy season, it is usually flooded. But, the city is resilient and modern.

Pasay is one of the most perfect cities in Manila to move in. This is where one of the biggest malls in Asia is located. Aside from that, the internal airport, NAIA, is also located here. and popular restaurants and luxurious 5-star hotels. if you are choosing for a new place to move, Pasay isone of the cities to consider.

A person should consider moving here for it is known as the gateway to the Philippines for it is where the Ninoy Aquino International Airport is located. Also, Pasay City offers various places to be visited, some of those are: the Resorts World Manila, the Baclaran Church, also the Philippine Air Force Aerospace museum and more.

Djolly, says: 2020

If someone will move to my city, he or she must know where to find bus and jeepney terminals for travelling. It is important especially if that person is going to work. Another is how to look for a market to buy goods. it is important so that the person can buy food on his or her payday.

Mariarose, says: 2020

Pasay City is the travel city of the Philippines because this is where the international airport is located. Also, this is where the Mall of Asia is located where you can do a lot of things besides shopping and strolling around the mall. We also have here the MOA Eye which is a Ferris wheel inspired by the London Eye.

A person considering to move to this type of city should first know that this place is very crowded and is packed with busy working people. That person should also know that this city that he or she is considering to move at is a business area filled with tall buildings and commercial areas as well. this city has different kinds of people with unique living conditions that should be respected.

Anjonette, says: 2020

Someone moving to Pasay City needs to know that no matter what area you choose, as long as you are inside the city, it never gets quiet. People in my city love to have fun even until midnight. If you want a modern place full of modern people, you’ll like it here.

Yvonne, says: 2020

One of the main attractions in my city is the Mall of Asia which is considered the biggest Shopping Mall in Asia. There are different ways on how you can go around the city. You can ride a jeepney, a bus, a taxi cab or even use the Metro to get to nearby cities.

I am from Pasay City, known as the Gateway to the World because the our country’s biggest airport is located here. Moving here, would give you convenient access to malls and casino as it is less than 10 minutes to be there. and the biggest mall in Asia is also located here.

Jairine, says: 2020

Pasay city has very accessible transportation means so you won’t have any issue travelling around. The thing that you need to look at for is that there is a tendency that the city would be too traffic at peak hours. Therefore, I suggest having this in mind so that you won’t unexpectedly waste your time due to traffic congestion.

Princess, says: 2020

Pasay City is small. It doesn’t have much places to go to except malls, hotels, casinos, amusement parks, playgrounds and concert halls. But these places are the best spots for someone who wants to visit or tour. My city also has some nice apartments to rent or houses to rent for someone who wants to move in.

Manilyn, says: 2020

Pasay City is very close to the airport and it is easy for someone to get a cab or public transportation if they are considering to stay in Pasay. There are a lot of hotels and Airbnbs in the place, so accommodation will not be a problem. It is in the center of Manila so it is very close to nearby cities. There are a lot of things to do here and the largest mall in the country is in this city. There are theme parks as well and a lot of restaurants everywhere. There will never be a dull moment when you stay in this city.

Angelica, says: 2020

If you’re moving here, you should be prepared with the bustling noise when commuting. The streets are almost always full of people. There are convenience stores and fast food chains everywhere, so you can just buy to go or order online. The cost of living is relatively cheaper than in other cities in the Metro.

Our city is well-known for being the gateway for the rest of the country. It stands as a port for the top tourist destination. Most the entertainment establishment are located here, like SM Mall of Asia, one of the biggest malls in the Philippines, Enchanted Kingdom, and even countless of restaurants to enjoy venturing.

Bernice, says: 2020

A person must consider accessibility of every establishment because it is necessary for an individual to cope up with an everyday living and I am blessed to have these resources that someone who can move to my city. it’s not only the establishments that he/she can see with but the goodness and happiness of the people around him/her.

Rannah, says: 2020

Pasay city is one of the biggest cities in Metro Manila. With this fact, the cost of living is very high compared to other areas. However, it is very convenient to live here as everything is accessible. Also, the city is near the airport. There are times we could hear the sound of the planes as if they are just a few meters above the roof.

Melody, says: 2020

Manila is quite a big city with small and large communities that caters the needs of the people and those that are within the vicinity. There are also a lot of good places that one can visit. Museums and parks are accessible especially for those who love to explore and understand the underlying events that occurred in the place in the past. Also, there are places where anyone can shop, dine and have fun, just like most of the cities in every country. Only thing that differs is a person’s standards and/or perception of one’s quality of living.

When moving here, they should consider these things. Pasay is near with the airport terminals, restaurants and malls. The transportation here is very accessible. Everyone here can do their own thing because the city’s location is in the heart of Metro Manila. There are jeepneys, taxis and even tricycles that will take you anywhere within the city and near provinces.

Jimson, says: 2020

Pasay City is proudly labeled as the “Travel City” of the Philippines, where most of the tourists are spending their time within the city because of large malls and entertainment. It is also considered of having the most efficient travel agencies in the country because of the collective efforts of the locals and the government for providing better transport services to Filipinos.

Liahona, says: 2020

Pasay City is one of the top cities in the Philippines. On top of the reasons for it is that, in here you find the Manila Bay with the best sunset scene almost daily and the largest mall in Asia, the Mall of Asia. But the greatest of them all is that you will come to experience the genuine hospitality of Pinoys.

Shiela, says: 2020

Pasay is a very busy and hectic city, It is where a lot of crimes happen, especially injustice. However, Pasay is well know for it’s bad reputation due to the high numbers of drug addicts found in the area. I’ll suggest you to find a place that is full of security cameras, it’s much safer.

In moving here, there are many vacant rooms and apartment which you can stay for the moment. Apartments and condominiums is not rare in here. In fact, the rents are budget friendly. To add also, the people here are hospitable.

Jenelyn, says: 2020

To someone moving here, he/she must pick a good neighborhood. Some places in my city are quite dangerous, so it’s better to choose a friendly neighborhood. Since it is a big busy city, expect a heavy traffic.

Our city is small, it’s hard to commute everyday for work. Everyday you could hear the sound of the airplane passing by. People here are very friendly. When you live in a village for a long time, sharing food with your neighbors when someone is celebrating a special day is practically one of the neighbor’s courtesy.

Jaymee, says: 2020

Pasay City is the Travel City. There are different wonderful destinations in this place. We have Mall of Asia, Ocean Park, Star City, Resorts World, City of Dreams and more. To make someone’s travel more fun and convenient, there are several hotel and casino nearby. Aside from that, NAIA as the main airport for international travellers, is also in the city.

Hannah, says: 2020

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