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Parks, Recreation, and Greenspace in Abuja, Fct

eight local experts

From neighborhood playgrounds to flagship parks, what does Abuja have to offer? Here's what eight local experts had to say about parks and greenspace in Abuja, Fct.

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My city is a beautiful city with many tourist attractions, houses and amazing sites. It is a place anyone would like to live in. There are also a variety of restaurants with different foods like Kentucky Fried Chicken, Chicken Republic and Domino’s Pizza. The city also has wonderful parks like the millennium Park and magic land. It is a place anyone would want to stay in.

Ifeloluwa, says: 2020

Food items are costly. Accommodation is very expensive. However, it’s a peaceful town. There are amusement parks and cinemas for your entertainment. There are also fast foods and restaurants in almost every part of the city. If you would like to take a casual walk, there are parks at the city center. Living n the city would surely be a great experience.

Know about the beautiful places in the city like the stadia, national parks and so on. know about the good schools in the city and the frequent ongoing carnivals also. Before moving to the city, I think he should also know about residents in the city and their approach towards people.

Mukhtar, says: 2020

Abuja is the capital of the Federal Capital Territory. It is surrounded with beautiful mountains. The city is home to the indigenous Gbagyi tribe, now home to more than 20 tribes from all around Nigeria. Most government agencies have their headquarters and corporate offices in Abuja. On weekends, Abuja residents go hiking and kayaking as a way to catch fun.

Vincent, says: 2020

It is quiet, it has locations you can go to, to relax, like swimming pools and spa. If you are looking to have fun we have arcades, cinemas, parks if you want to host a picnic, and good shopping malls. If you need to hang out with your guys or party, we have lounges, and clubs that provide such services. Everything everyone needs.

Abuja is the capital of Nigeria. Abuja in sharp contrast, is one of the safest metropolitan cities in Nigeria. The city is well known for its sophisticated evenings and vibrant nightlife. night, you will notice on the side roads, open spaces converted into relaxation spots referred to as gardens. Riverplate Park and the Secret Garden are choice gardens for lone relaxation or with friends.

Samuel, says: 2020

Abuja has around 3.3 million people with a landmass just over 1000 sq km is somewhat densely populated. My city has lots of skyscrapers, most of which are apartment buildings. Abuja also has numerous recreational parks and hotels. But what I appreciate most about Abuja is the cultural diversity. this is mostly exhibited in restaurants with all kinds of cuisine.

Praise, says: 2020

1. My city is a quiet place during the day but bubbling at night.
2. My city is a beautiful sight to behold. From parks to game reserves to different museums and so on.
3. My city is peaceful and the people are friendly and will help you with do almost everything you need.

Chichebe, says: 2020
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