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If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Parañaque City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 77 people living in Parañaque City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Paranaque, located in Metro Manila, Philippines, is a vibrant and diverse city known for its mix of urban living and rich cultural heritage. As someone considering a move here, it’s essential to embrace the dynamic city life, with its bustling markets, excellent dining options, and a growing business hub. Paranaque also boasts beautiful parks and recreational areas, offering a balanced lifestyle for residents. With its warm and welcoming community, you’ll find yourself quickly adapting to the unique charm of this city.

ANGELICA, says: 2023

Over the years, Paranaque continues to develop into a “Mega City” for it is surrounded by establishments such as hotels, malls and condominiums. If you are to move in our city, always know that you are accessible to important places such as markets. Though you will quite experience bumper to bumper situations, but it is always bearable because traffics are being handled properly by the city government here.

Aprille, says: 2020

Parañaque is very accessible, everything is given like; mall, hospitals, restaurants, and hotels. They should also know that there are parts here in Parañaque experiencing floods. I can say this is the most accessible city because its near to everythings. Though usually the rent or the least of houses here are pricey, it worth paying for.

Eileen, says: 2020

Roads are congested every morning from 6 to 11. If you want to come to work on time, you should leave your house 3 hours prior so you don’t get caught in heavy traffic. People in this city are known for being laid back than those living in the north. If you want a more chill city life, you might want to try living here.

Sharity, says: 2020

The city of Paranaque is a stone’s throw away from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport which is the only airport in Metro Manila. Therefore, those who decide to live in Paranaque must know that heavy traffic is a norm, particularly along Dr. A. Santos Avenue, which is the a thoroughfare where heavy cargo trucks traverse.

Bonita, says: 2020

Paranaque City is a part of Metro Manila, Philippines. It is a first class city. Ninoy Aquino International Airport is found in our city. It is also the place to go when you want to visit the Shrine of the Mother of Perpetual Help, a famous Catholic church. It is also near bodies of water like the Manila Bay and the Laguna Lake.

Someone considering moving to my city should know or be aware that, one, our city is very accessible. It is located in the middle of the places in North and in South. There are also a lot of good hang out spots in the city which he or she would enjoy. Lastly, houses / apartments are very affordable given the highlights found in the city.

Ghieneil, says: 2020

Parañaque City is one of the 1st class, highly-urbanized cities in the Philippines. It is considered as the “Entertainment City” of Metro Manila since it’s economy greatly depends on hotels, shopping centers, as well as casino services. The national airport terminal also stays in the city, where various major local and international flights operate in the said airport.

Brenda, says: 2020

The South. Paranaque City is known as one of the progressive cities in the South. Though it started as a farm salt in the 1900s to late 1970s, it has now become an industrialized city with small to large establishments. The city is also a great thoroughfare since it connects various cities and major roads going to and from the province.

In Parañaque City, a lot of commercial establishments are built. There is a lot of business going on which give a lot of opportunity to new residents. But despite of being a busy place, this city stayed to be conservative about their cultures. Along with this is the procession of their saints during the holy week.

For someone considering moving to Paranaque, they must be prepared to go with daily traffic, as it is always traffic in this area, regardless of the weather/climate. A usual commute that takes 5-10 minutes could take up to an hour and a half due to traffic. So they should be prepared whenever they want to go out. Cost of transportation should also be considered.

The city that I live in has many places you can go to whenever you want hangout or just relax outside of your home. Our city is also clean, and there are a lot of people that are nice and friendly. The city of Parañaque gives us a safe environment so we could grow and learn new things.

Bardenas, says: 2020

Parañaque is an urbanized city. More often than not, it is commonly associated with the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Tourists view Parañaque as one of the country’s hot spots as it is the city nearest to the airport. Tourist hotspots such as the PAGCOR Entertainment, Okada Manila, City of Dreams Manila, Solaire Resort and Casino, and Ayala Malls Manila Bay.

Samanca, says: 2020

Parañaque City is a polluted and populated city. It is not the most advanced city here in the Metropolitan area compared to the surrounding cities. If someone is considering moving, expect a very loud environment as most people here are very outgoing and love to sing even if it’s already time for sleeping.

Jhustine, says: 2020

When moving to Parañaque city, one must know the ordinances of the local government. One is not allowed to be outside after 10pm unless you have a night shift with papers to prove it. Try not to commute on Saturdays since there is always heavy traffic on that day.

Miriam, says: 2020

If you decide to move to my city, be prepared for heavy traffic, messy intersections, and uncoordinated traffic enforcers. To get to work early, wake up at least two to three hours before. Going home after work, be also prepared to sit on the bus or your car for that long.

Elijah, says: 2020

Parañaque City is an amazing city. It is close to everything. A lot of malls, churches, fish ports, and here is where the International Airport is located. People are friendly and everything is within reach. Parañaque City simply has everything!

Pollution and traffic in Parañaque is terrible. There are a lot of squatters and homeless people loitering around. Thus, it is not safe. A lot of establishments though as it is where the Airport is situated, it is still not a good place to raise a family. A positive thing to note, everything is near you. Malls, supermarkets, hospitals, name it!

Parañaque City is just like any other city, large crowds of people, lots of noise pollution, and multiple pathways that may deter even the most adventurous. The one good thing is it is safer than Manila, which is the capital in the Philippines. Though incomparable to the activities to be done in the capital, Parañaque houses several places for leisure, such as Solaire, and several malls to visit and explore.

Robert, says: 2020

Parañaque City is 30 minutes from Makati Central Business District. It is also very close to the airport. If you move to Parañaque City, you will have access to international and domestic airports and commercial centers. You can travel speedily through the expressway or commute affordably by taxi, jeepney or bus.

Cristina, says: 2020

Parañaque City is where the only international airport in Metro Manila is located. From the airport, it takes about fifteen minutes to reach the largest mall in Asia. The city is also known for its “tapang kabayo” food delicacy. It is also the site of a national shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Parañaque city is very convenient for people, as this city has many establishments and new apartment buildings. Also, there’s a lot of good restaurants, department stores, and malls they can go to with their families and friends. But one thing I don’t like about this city is that everyday people have to deal with traffics.

Djemnah, says: 2020

Parañaque is a predominantly residential city with very few industrial factories. Hence, pollution is not much of a problem. Government services, like garbage collection and community healthcare, are rendered regularly. traffic is fairly good to such an extent that Parañaque is one of the metropolitan cities with “number-coding window hours”. With ample urban amenities, Parañaque is a self-contained community.

Allain, says: 2020

Parañaque city has four airports and known as an entertainment hub that tourist would be able to enjoy. The biggest mall in the country is nearby where there are 100s of shopping stores and restaurants. There are also casinos and resorts everywhere. If the tourist does not want to stay in a hotel, there are a lot of condominiums nearby where they can stay.

Patricia, says: 2020

My city Parañaque is famous of having the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. In addition, my city also has lot of shopping malls along the road where you can shop and go. Apart from it, my city is considered the heart of entertainment because we have casinos that offer luxurious services.

Sheena, says: 2020

Parañaque City is close to the airport, that you can sometimes hear it when airplanes take off. Since it is near the airport, it follows that major hotels can also be found in Parañaque. The city is on the south of Manila and to get to the city, you can travel by bus or private car.

Charmaine, says: 2020

My city is in the suburban area of Metro Manila. It is the biggest subdivision in Asia. It is geographically in three cities in the Metro. It is conveniently near the Skyway which would let you travel to the Commercial District in less than 30 minutes. The Skyway will also allow you to travel to other various parts of Metro Manila easily like the Manila International Airport or to the Entertainment City where you can find various malls and casinos.

Camille, says: 2020

Someone who loves to make quick and easy decisions should consider moving here. All the major establishments like schools, businesses, hospitals, and others are all in one main road. People here always say that everything you need from childhood to adulthood is already available in the main road. Even people who just moved to the city cannot get lost.

Though polluted and boisterous in some areas, Parañaque still offers a wide selection of subdivisions curated for your preferred way of living. Convenient stores are also stretched all throughout the city, making it accessible to everyone living within the area. However, you should also keep in mind that the streets of Parañaque are usually jam-packed with cars so consider moving to an area closer to your job or school, to avoid inconveniences along the way.

Czarinah, says: 2020

Our city is in an urbanized area. Our location is geographically good since there are many ways of transportation for a person to go from one city to another. Whether be in South or North. We have a lot of shopping malls and industrial buildings where people work and a lot of jobs are available.

Marvin, says: 2020

This city is perhaps one of the most modernized or centralized cities in the Philippines, it houses a large internationally known casino and a mall that is one of the biggest in Asia. There are also several communal spaces in here that you and your family could enjoy. Everyone loves living in here because of the unique places it offers.

Parañaque is a good place. We have places where you can take a walk. We’re also near tourist places. Most people are friendly and warm to other people, but we always have traffic jams; it takes a lot of patience whenever you’re going out using your car.

Shiela, says: 2020

The primary thing a person should consider when moving to Parañaque City is traffic and commute. One would immediately notice how congested and polluted the streets get during peak hours of travel or work. Aside from commute hassles, the living cost and overpopulation can make it hard to smoothly adjust to the hectic urban lifestyle commonly experienced by the people of Metro Manila. However, it is not all negatives, as the hustle and bustle style of Parañaque can accommodate someone who can prepare for the initial hardships and potential setbacks.

Traffic is always an issue. The city is full of malls and other places for leisure so it’s not possible to get bored. But if you’re looking for places where you can enjoy a walk in nature, then that’s going to be difficult.

Gelika, says: 2020

Traffic along the major thoroughfare, Dr. A. Santos Avenue, is been very heavy. This is due to the ongoing construction of the skyway stretching from the NAIA down to the South Luzon Expressway. On Wednesdays, people from all over Metro Manila flock to Baclaran Redemptorist Church, so one may want to avoid passing through Roxas Boulevard, where the Church is located.

Eduardo, says: 2020

Parañaque City is very much known for suspending classes early even if the rain is not as strong as what was expected and said on the news. We have our own holiday, namely, Parañaque Day. This holiday is, most of the time, used by students to date with their girlfriends or boyfriends, or hangout with their friends since it is dated on February 13.

Parañaque City has huge traffic problems and some areas are vulnerable to flooding when heavy rain occurs. Other than that the city has a lot to offer when it comes to restaurants, malls, parks, etc. I recommend living near the main road to avoid heavy traffic.

Parañaque City is close to different malls and leisure activities like the Manila Ocean Park, Star City and MOA Arena. This city is also the home of NAIA, Manila’s primary airport. The city is peaceful enough so people moving in wouldn’t have problems regarding their safety. On the other side, the city is also prone to flooding during wet season because of the numerous creeks and rivers surrounding the city.

Sophia, says: 2020

One of the first things that a new resident should know is that traffic is heavy in the city, especially during the rush hours of 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM. The second thing that the new resident should know is that the city has various amenities, such as shopping malls, groceries, pharmacies, and churches that are within driving distance of one’s home.

Parañaque City is along the Bay of Manila which is very adopt in business establishments. Parañaque City current mayor is Edwin L. Olivares. Parañaque City highly commends Cleanliness, Beautification and Sanitation in all its Barangays. Come and experience living in a City along the bay. Parañaque City is near Ninoy Aquino International Airport. nearer in Mall of Asia and Makati City.

Hannah, says: 2020

Before moving to the city of Parañaque, one should know that traffic in the area is heavy. Because of this, it is quite difficult to travel to and from the central business districts and schools outside the city. On a more positive note, consider that Parañaque is so busy because of the various shops, restaurants, and homeowner subdivisions that have been established. It is a place full of challenges, but also full of life.

Victoria, says: 2020

Parañque city is in southern Metro Manila. There is not much to do in this City, it mostly just consists of residential communities and company warehouses. Parañaque is overpopulated and traffic is terrible, but not as bad as the rest of Metro Manila. Another advantage of Parañaque city is that there few high rise buildings.

Lawrence, says: 2020

Parañaque is a sprawling city made up of 16 barangays all interconnected with each other. Compared to its neighboring cities of Pasay, Makati and Quezon City, Parañaque is considered laid back and relaxed. If you would like to live in a city near the business district, this is by far, the most convenient place to establish roots and make a home. The commute to and from the capital is easy, with major transportation plying the route. Government offices are accessible as there are many routes you could choose from. The country’s airport is nearby, giving access to travel either to local provinces and internationally, very easy. If you would like a laid back neighborhood and yet be near the capital and business district, staying in Parañaque would suit you.

Aubrey, says: 2020

Living in Parañaque City requires you to be punctual, given the bad traffic especially during weekdays. You will encounter a lot of Chinese people as many residential areas were converted to condo buildings for them. This is a very busy city with lots of large establishments such as malls and hotels.

Novelyn, says: 2020

Parañaque is a place where there are lots of restaurants. These restaurants are very customer-friendly and have a wide variety of cuisines from all around the world. this city is filled with activities that are waiting to be explored. These activities include indoor swimming, sightseeing, and more.

Ronabelle, says: 2020

Parañaque is a 1st class highly urbanized city in Manila, Philippines. It is the home of PAGCOR entertainment city. Big and known resorts are also in Parañaque City — City of dreams, Solaire resort and Casino, and Okada. Being known as the 1st class city and surrounded by big and luxurious resorts, Parañaque is also surrounded by big malls namely SM City Sucat, SM City BF Parañaque, SM City Bicutan, and Ayala Malls Manila Bay and small malls such as Walter Mart Sucat, Jaka Plaza, and Aseana Square Mall.

Parañaque City is also the home of Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange or PITx, serves as the center for buses, jeepneys or public vehicles that travel south of Metro Manila and it can take at least 200,000 passengers. Parañaque is not only the location of the PITx but also LRT-1, Terminal one of Ninoy Aquino International Airport, and Expressways are located here. The city is very safe and there are a lot of place that can explore here, transportation is not already a problem because terminals and other transportation are already provided.

As a long-time resident in Parañaque city, living here is being center of everything. Parañaque city is one of the most important center of trade and businesses of our country. It is also one of the main location of middle-class and upper-class families. Living in Parañaque is also accessible in everything. Shopping and entertainment establishments are around the city. Our city also held numerous festivals which attracts many tourists to come here. our city also have a good number of Christian churches and mosques. Which is also convenient for residents who have religious beliefs and practices.

Mariane, says: 2020

Intramuros is near my place, which is one of the tourist spot in Manila. You can also visit the Chinatown which is 10 min away from Intramuros. My place is near to supermarkets and restaurants that you can go whenever you feel hungry. Foods in my city is cheaper than the other places in Metro Manila.

Laureen, says: 2020

The ambiance is good with clean environment and fresh air. Friendly neighborhood too. Many business opportunity/job to apply with different preferences for broader spectrum to improve their personality, skills, and knowledge. Many school/University for students in acquiring knowledge and skills that will enable them to acquire job according to their field of study.

Parañaque is near the Metro Manila International airport, it also houses the Duty Free Philippines. There are a lot of convenient routes going to other cities. The Philippine Land port is also located here. Negative side of living in this city is traffic experienced by commuters if the regular routes are used. Having your own car will help you go through shortcuts that will help shorten your travel time.

Angelica, says: 2020

My country’s primary airport for international and domestic air travel is in my city; therefore it’s easier go back and forth every time you travel. We have several malls within the city making travel time to them faster and more efficient. Our city also promotes and advocates the “clean and green” policy for sustainable growth. Peace and order is also a priority of the city government making every second of your stay worthwhile and enjoying. Healthcare is also accessible with several hospitals and clinics around the city. our city’s location is in the heart of the capital making it very accessible to adjacent municipalities.

Leanne, says: 2020

Parañaque City is famous for its public parks and malls that are deeply connected to the Philippines history. Many people look down on the Philippines because of how poor we are compared to other countries and I don’t agree to such statements, there are many hidden beauties in Parañaque which people have yet to discover. The people that live here are also very hospitable and kind but most of them are confused as thugs because of their physical appearances. Parañaque City is a very warm place for people to live in and I would always choose it over any other home.

Lexymae, says: 2020

The city is slowly developing into a highly urbanized hub of hotels and casinos. Similarly, the Hospitality Management of our sector highly appreciates foreign individuals who seek places to stay in. If the said individual moves to the city, they are to be greeted with a plethora of individuals, from the common friendly neighbor, to the busy businessmen of the city and its surrounding cities, and the local children of families living nearby.

Sheena, says: 2020

Parañaque City contains BF Homes which is the biggest subdivision and largest barangay in Asia. It is then in southern Metro Manila, comprising around 12,000 households and an estimated number of 75,000 residents in all its sixteen barangays. Aside from those, this city is known as Metro Manila’s fashion capital the reason why it is home to the biggest shops and boutiques that you can always see everywhere you go.

Parañaque City is a pretty suburban place, but it isn’t too far from the business capital. That is if you can stand traffic that turns what should be a 30-minute ride into a two hour crawl. It is also incredibly hot in my country, but that is neither here nor there.

Parañaque City is where the country’s main international airport is located. This location brings about a diverse crowd ranging from locals to foreigners waiting to experience tourist spots in the metro. Sprawling malls, casinos and five-star hotels can also be visited in the city via public or private transport, adding to its charm.

Our city is in the south of Metro Manila. It has an international airport. We have quite a few malls and parks. There is a huge area for migratory birds to land. People are friendly and it has a chill vibe.

Parañaque City is in the south of Metro Manila. It is the city which is known as the fashion capital of Metro Manila and is home to the largest fashion boutiques and shops. The crime rate in Parañaque is moderate.

Paranaque is a city in Metro Manila. Baclaran street market, one of the most famous markets in Philippines, is in Paranaque. There are many malls and markets to visit within our city limit not to mention the wet markets, where you can buy fresh mat and vegetables for cheap prices.

it is a good city to move. The people are very much cooperative with the rule, regulations policies and guidelines that are being imposed in the city. Most people are nice and are friendly especially to strangers who are new in the city. Most people are willing to help each other at their most convenient time.

Glorianne, says: 2020

Parañaque City is best known for its short distance from the business districts in the neighboring cities. It includes several highways and shortcuts right in the city for easy access to and from the suburbs area. Alongside with that, both the domestic and international airports are by the city border, which means there is no need for a park and fly option when going to business trips or vacation.

Jerell, says: 2020

Parañaque is vastly known as the entertainment city of Metro Manila, and the fashion capital. Going around malls, you’ll always find people who have head-turning looks. However, despite Parañaqueños taking a like on making themselves look good, people’s beauty in this city can go deeper than skin or surface level.

Parañaque City has the most number of SM Mall all over the country. Be aware of the heavy traffic everywhere you go. This city is also known to have many business establishments, especially food enterprise. There are also a lot of tourist spots here.

Parañaque is a small city near manila, our country’s capital, this city has several of its own residents, including Better Living, Merville, Moonwalk and so on, All of these has its own different restaurants, condos and apartments you can move in, my city is small compared to others however it’s really an enjoyable place.

Our city has a variety of tourist sites and attractions to visit, such as the malls and parks in different areas. Malls are easily accessible if you are tasked to run for errands. There are also airport terminals inside the city so if you want to visit another country, you can easily get there.

Here in Parañaque, foreigners should know how friendly Filipinos. Most of us can speak English which can help in our better communication. They will feel the Filipino hospitality, and we gladly help you to travel around the Philippines. There are a lot of food stalls that are so cheap where you can experience the authentic Filipino cuisine.

Jeremie, says: 2020

Parañaque is the city by the bay because it is surrounded by bodies of water. In this place, you will also find the entertainment city in the south where one can enjoy the malls, theme parks, casinos and other establishments. From here, you may also find easy access to transportation going to different cities in the metro.

Blanca, says: 2020

Parañaque is a place where there are a lot of historical sites and buildings like St. Andrew Church and the Don Galo bridge. Furthermore, residents are quite hospitable and caring when it comes to new people. The downside is that the crime rates are quite high and the police departments don’t respond that quickly.

If one decides to move to Parañaque, know the largest subdivision in the country is located here and it is called BF Homes. One must also know about the laws, such as various one way streets and keeping your dog on a leash. One must know some Tagalog. Although a lot of residents speak English, it is still important to familiarize oneself with the language.

Shinee, says: 2020

Parañaque City is one of the cities in Metro Manila. It is an Entertainment City where most of the known Resorts, Hotels and Casinos are situated within the area. In addition to having these, one of the countries largest malls can also be found in the place. This shows easy accessibility to shopping areas and entertainment places. If you are looking for high-end subdivisions and peaceful villages, these can also be found within the city. Airport terminals are also short drive away from our city.

Parañaque City, where I live, is known for being a convenient place because it is accessible to almost, if not all, things that one may need in a city. The three main airports in the country, Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) one to three are situated within the city, hence making it easier to travel from your home to the airport, avoiding traffic that might be worse if you will be coming from a different city. There are a lot of groceries, malls, amusement parks within and in the nearby cities, making it convenient for people to have entertainment. Public transportation is also accessible like the trains in LRT and MRT to make travelling faster than using in-land vehicles. If you are looking for a place, a city that is convenient for you is the best option— Parañaque City.

Parañaque City lies in the southern hemisphere of Metro Manila. It is a very good location for frequent air travellers as it is very accessible to the four airport terminals of the country. It is also home to the biggest subdivision in Asia with a mixture of residents from the middle and lower class.

Margaret, says: 2020

I think know how religious the people from our city are. You can try to visit the churches we have here. Most especially the Immaculate Conception of Baclaran Church. We also have casinos that are worth visiting if you like to play and enjoy games. The night markets as well. And the people from our city are nice and hospitable.

Parañaque City is one of the cities included in Metro Manila. It has two districts and its neighboring cities are Pasay, Taguig, and Las Piñas. Someone who would be interested to move to my city will have to know the difference of leaving their homes at 5:30 am and 6:00 am to meet their 7:00 am or 8:00 am appointments. Our travel time usually takes at least 30 mins to an hour to go to another city. Despite traffic, our city is very accessible as it has a lot of nearby malls and other necessary infrastructure.

Patricia, says: 2020

Parañaque City has a good mayor who cares for the well-being of his constituents. There is peace and order here and most people follow the law. We also have a good number of business establishments like malls, banks, markets, schools and hospitals so there are a lot of good employment opportunities.

Some areas get flooded to depths of six feet during the rainy season. To consider condominium living in this city is the smart choice. Very convenient location since it has the main airport, with schools, hospitals and lots of malls easily accessible. Plus a plethora of dining places that cater to any and all tastes.

Eunice, says: 2020

Parañaque is almost at the edge of the Philippines’ capital region. This is quite convenient because it would take you only an hour of land travel to arrive at either the provinces in the south or the capital in the north. The national airport is in Parañaque city, which makes air travel equally accessible.

Marvin, says: 2020

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