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Living in Palakkad, Kerala:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

15 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Palakkad, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 15 people living in Palakkad what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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15 comments on “Palakkad”

The cost of living in my city is very small, and lot of jobs is here. Easy access to railway and bus stations. The vibe of the city and people are amazing. There are many places to go for picnic; like hill ranges, dams, fort and parks and more heritage places.

Palakkad is more of a town than a city. The most striking of all, are the luscious green paddy fields spotted with storks and lined by coconut trees. It gets quite warm in summer and receives heavy rainfall during the monsoon season. Any one visiting Palakkad shouldn’t miss a trip to the castle of Tipu Sultan and to the Silent Valley, famous for the lion tailed macaque.

Palakkad is a beautiful city in South India which is known as Rice Bowl of Kerala. It has vast fertile plains, mountains, rivers, valleys, streams, forest, dams and National Parks. The city is at the foothills of Western ghats which has picturesque landscape and serene. Palakkad has a glorious culture traditions which is a perfect place for retirement.

Palakkad has a lot to offer in terms of pure vegetarian food, which is a must-try for someone visiting here. It’s also called the ‘Rice Bowl of Kerala’ because of its sprawling paddy fields. It is also pretty humid most of the year and records some of the highest temperatures in summer.

Prahlad, says: 2020

Kerala’s Best Kept Secret is been found in Palakkad, which is surrounded by lush tea and coffee plantation. Nelliyampathy treats you with cool mountain breeze, views of the mountains at the hill station and tour of many plantations which had beautified the place with grace. The hill station in Nelliyampathy Forest Reserve, in the southwest Indian state of Kerala give some enchanting trekking trails across the landscapes of Western Ghats. The roads is known for many hairpin turns with vantage point of views on Kesavan Para, Pothundi Dam and Seethargundu Viewpoint with mesmerizing waterfalls. Its situated 60 km from Palakkad Town in Palakkad District, which offers breathtaking views of undulating hills caressed by hills with varying height between 467-1585 m above sea level.

A person moving to the city must know that Palakkad city is hot. The temperature is around 40 degree centigrade on a summer morning. The staple food of this city is rice. Palakkad is the rice bowl of Kerala. Palakkad is also known for its artforms and tribal culture.

Sridivya, says: 2020

Palakkad is the land of palm trees and is renowned for Palghat gap. It is in western ghats. The fort of Tipu Sultan, the great Mysore ruler also stands as a jewel in the pride of city. Several dams and riverlet origins in the city. The Malampuzha Dam is nearby mountain hills and Bharathapuzha is a beauty for sightseeing!

Palakkad is calm and peaceful. It sprawls beneath the lush green mountains where numerous rivers flow like a garland which is intermingled with each other. The population is less than 20,000 and and the per capita carbon emission rate is much lower than the national average. A person who is desiring a calm and peaceful life can move to my city.

Drashti, says: 2020

Be careful about the humid climate in Palakkad. Hence, they should be ready to make necessary changes in their living style to make their life healthy and easy. Rest all things are fine and fare. This place is a fine blend of the classic and the contemporary, offering a wonderful kaleidoscope of fascinating history, rich culture, unique architecture, interesting customs and more. And all the forts and the greenery adds glee to the city. Hence, visiting Palakkad will totally be a great experience and most ravishing one too.

Khyati, says: 2020

Palakkad is a nice place, where you can see plenty of nature creations. When it comes to the climate, it’s one of the best than other nearby cities. We can see a lot of dam reserves and plenty of waterfalls along with a lot of hill stations. It’s a growing city having enough transportation service to various places.

Sumeet, says: 2020

Be wary of the heat. Palakkad is known for its blistering temperatures that can reach 41°C during summers. The heat wave is usually accompanied by dry hot wind’s that can really sap your energy if you are not used to it. The nearest airport is in Coimbatore which is 45 km away. Other than that, the city is a good option if you wish to live a simple and peaceful life with good road and rail network for travel and easy access to all amenities.

Rajeev, says: 2020

Palakkad is known for best street food you can get in Kerala, India. We have a wide variety of natural resources with us. We have so many temples which are amazing. Our city people are like so helpful. People willing to visit our city, you will be amazed with our hospitality.

Anushka, says: 2020

Palakkad is a great city with developed towns and interiors. There is a developed water transport system in the city. They city has a lot of beautiful placing to visit which includes the great Malampuzha dam. The city is surrounded by majestic mountains of more than 1000 metres of height.

They must know about he high temperature in our city during summer period and the extreme cold conditions during winter a well as rainy season. Our state as a whole is known for its long and persistent rainy season although June and July. The cost of living is pretty much low.

Huzefa, says: 2020

anyone moving here, i. e, Palakkad, should aware of the scorching temperature here during the whole summer. Cotton dresses are highly recommended during the stay here. We don’t have metro services still, so you have to choose either private or public bus, train, auto-rickshaws and cabs for your travel.

Bibhuti, says: 2020

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