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If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Olongapo City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 22 people living in Olongapo City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Olongapo City is one the most beautiful cities in the Philippines. A lot of tourist destinations nearby that one can definitely enjoy. The accommodations, food and school fees are so affordable. It has some of the most reliable internet in the country.

Olongapo City has been well-known for its amazing nightlife, even after the US military bases have left. It is generally a quiet city rich with its own history and culture made richer and more interesting by the diversity of the people. It likewise boasts of tourism spots all and around the city.

Manilyn, says: 2020

My city is simple and small yet so beautiful because of its very clean environment and good people. It is known for being the safest and cleanest city here in the Philippines. Olongapo City’s land area is mountainous and also surrounded with beaches that is why it is so great to live in this very simple city.

Our city has a lot of places you can go to relax, enjoy and hangout with friends and family. There are schools that children can go to near your home, and even malls that you can go to buy anything that you need. In here, you can enjoy Saturday nights, because we have bars that even people from afar wanted to visit, and beaches that you can access for free.

Olongapo City is such a nice city. It’s just a small city that there’s only three malls there. We are near in the sea so if you want to see the sea it only takes one jeep to arrived there. People are nice there where you can ask everyone for the direction but beware of scammers.

Mickey, says: 2020

My city is known for a beautiful beaches, shopping malls, as a place where jobs are abundant, for having nice people, and for being one of the cleanest cities. People are obedient with the city-wide ordinances and those from the Government both local and national. We also have color coded transportation that represents each barangay where you want to go.

Olongapo has good restaurants and is very convenient place. Most of the establishments are operating 24/7 so it is very easy to travel and have fun. In terms of transportation, there were lot of vehicles around the area with specific place to arrive to. One of the safe city.

Someone moving here is called a traveler because a traveler is someone moving out of their residence to another place. It is someone who goes on a trip or a journey. People travel for personal reasons, for business, for religious activities, or certain events.

Dianne, says: 2020

People must locate to the high areas because moving here was somewhat not a good idea because the places here flood whenever there’s a huge thunderstorm. Because the houses are very compact so I recommend that when someone wants to move to our city is to go to a place where there are lot of trees and low risk of having flash flood.

Elizer, says: 2020

moving here, which is Olongapo City, should consider having a lot of patience especially because of the transportation means when you are going around the city. Though it is not as worse as Manila, the capital of the Philippines, my city has a broken system of transportation. On the bright side, Olongapo is really calm and is full of very hospitable people. Steadily progressing, many features and sights in this city welcome people from all over the world.

Eleanor, says: 2020

The people in our place is jolly and respectful. The delicacies are something to be tried for. There are a lot of outdoor activities that you can experience. Also, it is one of the peaceful cities in the Philippines. If you want to have a nightlife such as clubbing you can be guaranteed that you can have it there.

A major City province of Zambales in the Philippines. Metro Olongapo, along with the municipality of Subic, is one of the twelve metropolitan areas in the Philippines. Though it has a notorious red light district reputation brought by night clubs catering to American servicemen, the city has gradually shifted into more wholesome image.

Cristopher, says: 2020

Olongapo is a coastal city with several lovely but affordable beach resorts that local tourists enjoy. The US Naval Base Subic Bay used to be here before they pulled out of the country. Olongapo is under the province of Zambales but is governed independently. The current mayor is Rolen C. Paulino Jr.

Camille, says: 2020

Olongapo City is five hours north of Manila which is the capital of the Philippines. There are a lot of beautiful beaches around that tourist can go to. They can stay over the weekend in one of the nicest hotels around the area. There is a lot of good restaurants around as well.

Olongapo is a urbanized city known for its military base where the Americans stayed way back in 1899. Olongapo is also known for being able to rise from the ashes of Mountain Pinatubo, which caused great misery for a lot of people back in 1994. Aside from that, Olongapo is also known for its many beaches.

Jieszyl, says: 2020

There are many reasons why you should consider moving here. It is not as busy as the other cities. It is clean and people help each other for the betterness of the city. Olongapo also has beaches where you can go to everytime you feel like tired. You can go there to relax and watch the beautiful sunset with family and friends.

Andrea, says: 2020

A person who migrates from another place to another city. That person considers as a new neighbor in the town. He/She might have a family or work, so that person would not waste some time. If that person came from a province he might have a job. A lot of reasons why a person moves to another city.

There’s a lot of beautiful places in our city like, boardwalk, seafront, malawaan park, etc. a lot of dating place also the people are kind to everyone. The safety of people are to be considered in our city. The road are always clean, our city is not polluted.

Christine, says: 2020

If you are tired of living in a fast-paced world, moving in to my hometown. A small town with a quiet neighborhood and peaceful city. Located near the South China Sea, you can pick the place where you wanted. Either on the city, or near the beach.

Harini, says: 2020

He/she need to know the environment and tradition we have, so that he/she enjoy staying here. One of the best thing is we are surrounded by beaches and mountains which will help you to relax. They can also enjoy our festivals in which they will see different bands around the country.

Someone who is about to move to my hometown must know that it is a place where foreigners like to build their houses. It is mainly because of the perfect weather, sunny and windy. There are nearby beaches, lakes, forest and mountains also. There is an area being protected by the local government and preserved by the natives, Aitas.

Olongapo City, Philippines, is one of the peaceful and more places that you can go like malls, beaches and other tourist spots that you can go and have fun. The City have places that you can unwind and enjoy.

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