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Living in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

12 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Oklahoma City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 12 people living in Oklahoma City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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12 comments on “Oklahoma City”

Very family-oriented, but also very conservative. No public pools for year-round swimmers; will need a YMCA membership. Nightlife is mostly bars and restaurants. Has one of everything, but not a wide variety of things to do.

Kristella, says: 2023

For anyone moving to OKC, know that is a very spread out, car-based city. If you have no car, getting around will be a huge challenge. If you have a car, there are few easier cities to get around. A trip that is 10 minutes by car could be upwards of an hour and a half taking the bus. That said, if you have a car, just about anywhere in the city can be reached in less than 15 minutes. Best areas to live for young professionals would be: Plaza District, Paseo, or, if you have a bit more money, Deep Deuce/ automobile alley.

Daniel, says: 2023

Oklahoma City is a central point to many intersecting highways spanning across the United States. This requires anyone wanting to move here to always be patient in enormous crowds; especially driving. Oklahoma City has the quick, nearby conveniences of nature parks, shopping, and various types of entertainment. Dinner and a movie? Head to Warren theater for food served to your seat.

Camille, says: 2020

After relocating to the Oklahoma City metropolitan area I have learned several important navigational tricks to get around efficiently. Firstly, never get on the expressway without checking the news before. Next, the I-35 is always slower than the service road options. always use your navigation assistant. Never stop in bricktown unless you have business there. It is all highway driving and there are unbelievable amount of suburban towns who have their own police and ordinances. Avoid Valley Brook as the police are only looking to pull you over and have too much money and not enough city to patrol.

Oklahoma City is very humid most of the year. When packing for your trip to OKC, bring layers. Oklahoma City has a diverse selection of activities and events to accommodate most tourists. Check out Bricktown.

Climate and geography influence much about Oklahoma City. Oklahoma (the state, not just the city) is one of the most tornado-prone places in the US, and local weather forecasters are minor celebrities. Oklahoma City is a large, sprawling city built in the style of many American cities in flat heartland regions. It is built along a grid, and few buildings are more than three stories high. Mass transportation is sparse, and the long distances require residents to use a car for transportation.

Jessica, says: 2020

Oklahoma City is a sprawling metropolitan area. While we do have some mass public transportation, Oklahoma City is not well-suited to those who cannot drive due to the large distances between areas. For example, the average commute to work in my community is about fifteen to 30 minutes by car, and the closest bus stop to where I live is over a mile away.

Oklahoma City is the capital of Oklahoma. It has routinely played host to the NCAA Women’s College Softball World Series. During the NBA season, many enjoy following the Oklahoma City Thunder. Centrally located, Oklahoma City lies between Kansas City and the Dallas Metropolitan area. The location makes it an easy visit.

Gregory, says: 2020

Oklahoma City is full of wonderful opportunities. Outdoor life meets urban living in Oklahoma City, where one may enjoy a cocktail at a hip bar, or head to the lake for the weekend. Oklahoma City is America’s best-kept secret, but not for long. entrepreneurial spirit of young people meets with the rugged and tough-minded pioneers of the west.

Ericka, says: 2020

Oklahoma City is the city to move to if you’re tired of the big city life. The cost of living is less than most US cities, but it still has “city life” in a smaller setting. Activities are everywhere around the city including shopping, arts, history museums and professional sports.

Oklahoma City is packed with homeless people. It isn’t entirely safe, and the architecture ranges from ugly to impressive. Make sure you have a car here, as good jobs and living places are often few and far between. know 10th Street is regarded as being highly dangerous and is regularly patrolled by police.

Stephanie, says: 2020

Most people think of Oklahoma as flat, boring and even ugly, I’ve noticed. I always tell people to give OKC a chance, you just might be surprised! There are beautiful lakes, cliffs, mountains and even waterfalls to enjoy, if your the outdoorsy type. For the city dwellers, downtown OKC has an amazingly diverse music scene, and The Paseo District can satisfy your appetite for art, whether you’re an artist, collector, or just enjoy the arts in general.

Frankie, says: 2020

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