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Living in Oakville, Canada:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

eight local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Oakville, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked eight people living in Oakville what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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8 comments on “Oakville”

Oakville is a beautiful city with a growing multicultural society. Can drive down to lakefront for soothing relaxing evenings.

Narendra, says: 2023

Excellent food, beautiful downtown area, diverse population, relatively quiet for a city (once a town) but getting busier by the day. Not as friendly as it used to be.

Kara-Lee, says: 2023

Oakville is a beautiful suburban town in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), conveniently located less than a one hour drive from Pearson Airport and from Niagara Falls. Oakville is bordered on the south by Lake Ontario and is noted for its many parks and recreational sites for outdoor enjoyment as well as restaurants and shopping.

The price to live in Oakville, Ontario, is above average for other towns and cities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). This is for good reason though, considering the amount of good schools and amenities offered in the town. Oakville is a fantastic place in if you are either looking for a place to raise a family, or just looking for a calm and peaceful environment.

Kristin, says: 2020

Oakville is a beautiful and calm city. It’s a developing town with lots of new opportunities for work. It is one of the best school districts in Ontario and with a rise in student population they city has not only maintained its education standard but strive to improve it. It’s the perfect place to raise children.

Brigitte, says: 2020

A person who has considered or is in the process of consideration in terms of moving to Oakville, Canada, should know its demographics, resources (particularly those relating to education), social customs, traffic and transportation (especially crucial due to its close proximity to the most populated city in Canada, Toronto), and residential living prices. This person should also be aware that Oakville is listed as being one of the most safe cities in Canada, and one that is highly ranked for child development and job employment, prominently banking and real estate.

People who visit my city should know it has more dog-lovers than trees. Oakville is sprawled with trails and small boutique stores, in the downtown core area. Everyone in Oakville is very friendly and polite.

Jackie, says: 2020

When moving to Oakville, you should keep in mind that everything here closes at nine PM. Some pizza stores are opened until midnight. if you are a night person, Oakville would be a boring place for you. Also, there are not much amusement activities here. Consider moving to Mississauga, it is a fun city to live and have fun.

Christine, says: 2020

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