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What are nightlife and clubbing like in Manchester, England?

five local experts

Are there clubs? Are they any good? When do they close? Here's what five local experts had to say about nightlife in Manchester, England.

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Manchester is an excellent place to live with a wide range of public transport, bars, restaurants and shops. The city is very beautiful with a multitude of old buildings still standing that give the city centre a wonderful old-timey feeling which meshes surprisingly well with the more modern areas that are frequently only a short walk away.

Kayleigh, says: 2020

Manchester is a glorious place; the people are friendly and the nightlife is first class. The weather can be appalling but the welcome is always warm. A place where many cultures merge comfortably. A top tip is to buy an umbrella and take it for a walk down King Street, sipping a coffee and taking in the sights.

There add some beautiful restaurants and eateries in the Northern Quarter – only a few minutes walk from the centre of Manchester. Among the finest, strongly favoured by locals, is one named Common. The menu is delightful: fried foods, cocktails and fresh coffee. I have eaten there many times (most recently with family) and always find myself satisfied after good meal!

Kashif, says: 2020

Manchester is a brilliant city. It is small, but cosmopolitan; historic, but up-and-coming; wet, but with plenty of brilliant places to get out of the rain! My favourite thing about Manchester is that it has a “big city feel”, but you can walk across the city centre in about 30 minutes, and people are much friendlier than in London. My least favourite thing is probably the rainy weather (it gets a lot!), but there are plenty of bars and restaurants to hide away in, and, in less than an hour in the car or by metro, you can escape the Manchester bowl and see some stunning (slightly drier) countryside.

Qumran, says: 2020

Be aware of the transport system as it can be terribly confusing for newcomers. Manchester is famous for its culture of football-lovers and matches can delay the transport to an abhorrent degree. In spite of this; Manchester is home to fabulous clubs and general nightlife and engaging and friendly people.

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