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What are nightlife and clubbing like in Denver, Colorado?

four local experts

Are there clubs? Are they any good? When do they close? Here's what four local experts had to say about nightlife in Denver, Colorado.

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I absolutely love living in Denver! It has great quality restaurants, bars, and easy access to outdoor rec. Tons of community groups to join to make friends and lots and lots of dogs. Highly recommend!

Caitlin, says: 2023

The cost of living in Denver is extremely high. However, the perks of living in the city and being in such close proximity to the mountains, far outweigh the high cost of living. On Saturday, you can be hiking a fourteener and taking in all the mountain views, while the next day you can be brunching on a rooftop patio before catching an evening concert.

Ryanne, says: 2020

Denver is a beautiful city with a bustling nightlife. However, If nightlife isn’t for you, don’t fret, it is also known for its nature scene! Whether it’s city life or love of the wild, you will find exactly what you are looking for in Denver.

Juliette, says: 2020

The nightlife is filled with a plethora of entertainment for all types of individuals, including nightclubs, restaurants, plays, seasonal festivals and concerts. Also, the ski areas are all within a short distance and are sure to please all experience levels, from beginners to experts. The people are friendly and there is plenty of employment opportunities.

Kimberly, says: 2020
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