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Living in Naga City, Philippines:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

27 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Naga City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 27 people living in Naga City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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27 comments on “Naga City”

If someone wanted to move in to my city he or she needed to know the people. knowing the people of my city will help that person to adjust and converse with them properly. the culture and how we think is also important in order for that person not to feel alienated.

Angelo, says: 2020

Our city has a low crime rate especially at night, our city is not yet over populated which is one of the reasons of pollution, and we have the also the best universities, and malls. And lastly, our city is a peaceful place to reside and we have a loving community.

Considering someone moves to my city, they must know first the place, people, nature and cost of living before moving. It is important to know all of these as they are new to our place. It will help them feel at home, welcome and at ease at the same time.

Monica, says: 2020

My city name Is Naga, in Camarines Sur, Philippines. Naga City is known as Maogmang ciudad means a happy city because all of residents living in our city are always happy and we faced our problem positively. We always help each other and we always cooperate to our mayor’s project in order to make our city more happy and beautiful.

Marisel, says: 2020

Naga City is a great place if you are either a religious person or a food lover. Our small city houses a lot of churches including the Archbishop’s Palace, the Basilica and a Metropolitan Cathedral. For the food lovers, so many restaurants offering different kinds of cuisine is available from Asian dishes like Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Filipino food to Western dishes like American and Italian food.

Pearly, says: 2020

Someone moving to my city must know that it is a pretty city with wonderful gardens around the parks and great restaurants that are a must-try. moving to the city is a pretty great decision and for nature lovers, they must visit the Eco Park. It is filled with beautiful flowers and mowed grasses for picnics. The city is a great place.

Naga City is the “City of Smiles” because once you enter Naga City, you’ll be greeted with warm smiles by residents of Naga City. Naga City also has lots of beautiful places to discover. If you’re moving in Naga City, then you made the right choice because you will be moving to a people friendly City.

Naga City is a place you’ll immediately love upon its site. It is the best of both worlds, a majestic city escape yet also a picturesque country experience. With warm natives and good food to entice, one would surely want to settle down long term, having all of them at arm’s reach. It is a peaceful place to raise children and a good environment that teenagers and adults would want to explore. It is a city with great history and an even greater future.

Genesis, says: 2020

If you ever considered moving to our city, All you need to know is that Naga City has the best celebration either It is religious festival or a casual Celebration. We serve the best food, Foods that are known across the nation and Globe. Don’t even get me started with the people, The people here are the kindest they can be. why think about it, When you can move know and enjoy the best with your life.

Kieffer, says: 2020

Consider moving to our city, Simply because our city is filled with simple, fun and loving people. We serve the best food you can find in the county, We also have the best Events and Celebrations! People especially in our city are trustworthy and faithful to the Lord. consider moving now and live the best with your life.

Trishia, says: 2020

Naga City, being at the center of the Bicol region, is known as the “Queen City of Bicol” and the “Heart of Bicol.” The city is also known for having one of the largest Marian devotion both in Asia and the whole world; once more, the city is also dubbed as the “Pilgrim City of Naga.” As an independent component city, Naga is Bicol’s center of commerce and industry and is home to the biggest universities in the Bicol region.

Lyzette, says: 2020

Our city is a highly progressive city in our state. It is one of the top-grossing city for having many businesses and jobs. Also, there is a lot of places here to live happily and peacefully. If you start moving here you may live happily with family and friends and have a progressive success awaiting here.

Lourdy, says: 2020

Naga City is in Camarines Sur, one of the most well-known province in the Philippines. It has on its historical sites, unique delicacies, and generous people. Our city was also deemed the “City of Smiles”, for its ability to garner happiness to every tourist that will visit our place.

Molina, says: 2020

Our city is considered small in terms of land area but it has many establishments that will make your life easier. It has different malls that you can stroll to, there are many hospitals that can serve you case of medical problems. Drugstores, restaurants anything you need to live comfortably and secured.

Alexis, says: 2020

For somebody who wants to move to the city in which I am presently residing, I want that person to know the people in our area are warm, welcoming, trustworthy, and cheerful. It would be easy for him/her to blend with the population here. Our city is also admirable for its cleanliness.

Moving to a city has its pros and cons. For Naga, the pros are its modern feel and topnotch medical facilities and shopping malls. It’s also less polluted compared to other cities and is near Mount Isarog, famed for its mountain resorts. On the other hand, the cons are its early morning and evening traffic.

Naga City is one of the most visited places in the Bicol region because of its many beautiful scenic spots. it is also the most famous pilgrim city in Southern Luzon because our City celebrates the yearly fiesta called Peñafrancia Festival. Thus, Naga City has a lot of good natures to be visited like the Sonrisa Farm, the MikeLiz Farm, Mount Isarog, and the like. These are just few to mention.

For those who desire to move to our city, one thing they need to be familiar about is the main festival we celebrate yearly. The Peñafrancia Festival is one of the pride of our city and many people from different parts of the country are visiting yearly to see and experience the celebration for themselves. For them, experiencing it is more exciting than seeing it from the television or from the news.

It’s hot or humid in Naga City. You can easily go to any store by riding a tricycle and jeep. Naga City has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism. There are a lot of historical churches and waterfalls. People from this city are also friendly and hospitable.

Miguela, says: 2020

Here in Naga City, the people are respectful and open to diversity. The city officials do their best to keep the city clean and safe. There are also a lot of restaurants, malls, and parks you can visit. However, time flies so fast if you are in this city, and you have to beware of the terrible or heavy traffic congestion.

Samanca, says: 2020

My city is a second class independent component city in the Bicol Region, Philippines. It is also the third oldest royal city in the country. Yearly we celebrate the Penafrancia Festival. It is the time where we showcase our devotion to Jesus Christ and her mother Mary. People from different places participate on the festival.

Christine, says: 2020

We are known to be the city of smiles. With people who are resilient and hospitable. We are home to various historic churches and delicious cuisines. We are also home to colorful and joyful festivals (e.g., Peñafrancia and Voyadores Festival) which is celebrated annually and has places where one could spend memorable holiday. We are known to be “Oragons”!

Reyman, says: 2020

Naga City is dubbed as the “Pilgrim City of the Philippines”. Many pilgrims celebrate the feast of the Blessed Virgin of Penafrancia every September. There is also more to this city for tourists to discover. It is an urban city with various malls, hotels and restaurants. You can also experience and enjoy different outdoor activities.

Naga is part of the province of Camarines Sur in Bicol Region. It is one of the capital and busiest city in Region five where one can find a lot of stuffs. Naga City is one of the famous and more developed city in the region.

It’s nice to stay here but the specific location should be considered. It should be near the civilization so that it will be accessible to establishments. But it should be also located to places where you can have a garden and is not too crowded. A person’s peace of mind should be considered by having a good neighborhood that’s why it is important to have a background check first in the village.

Shaira, says: 2020

The most common reason to move to Naga City would be to attend school. Our city is one of the most popular cities in the province that has the most prominent and respectable schools. Our life here is very laid back; you can live a life outside the hustle and bustle of the big concrete jungle.

Gadmar, says: 2020

Naga is home to many Bicolanos. It is also home to many natural bodies of land and water. This includes waterfalls, springs, forests, and a mountain called Isarog. Naga is a very progressive city and has a wonderful urban view mixed with different cultures that have been observed from the past.

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