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Living in Multan, Pakistan:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

34 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Multan, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 34 people living in Multan what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Multan is a city located in the Punjab region of Pakistan. The primary language spoken in Multan is Saraiki. In the past, Multan was a desert. There is a notable tomb in the city dedicated to a respected figure named Shah Shamsah. Multan is also known for its renowned hospital called Multan Nishtar Hospital. The city is home to BZU, a university that offers degrees in various subjects. One of the most famous dishes in Multan is SOHAN halwa. Multan is often referred to as the city of Waliullah, which means it has a reputation for being a spiritual and religious center.

Sharoon, says: 2023

Multan is a historical city also it’s hottest place on earth. One who is thinking to move here, he or she must be think 100 times before moving. Even i want to move from here. People’s here are face almost 40°c plus temperature nine month out of twelve.

Saniya, says: 2020

Multan is a city in the state of punjab. Saraki is the language of Multan.Multan was a desert in past.There is a tomb of a great personality shah shamsah.There is the Most famous hospital named Multan Nishtar hospital. BZU a university which offers degrees in all subjects. SOHAN halwa is the most famous dish here.Multan is the city of Waliullah.

Faryal, says: 2020

There is an international airport here in Multan. Climate is too hot and the summer season stretches for about 9 months. Local cuisine is good but a bit too spicy for some. There are multiple daily commute options which are affordable for everyone. There are a lot of shrines here in Multan and its rightfully called “The City of Saints”.

Multan is known as the city of Saints. and our Sohan halwa is very famous and is liked all across the globe. The Multani mitti is very famous and is widely used in cosmetic products. Also Multan is a very warm city. And Multan city also comes in the path of river chenab.

Multan is the city of saints because of many tombs of pious people. It was conquered by Muhammad Bin Qasim. It is famous due to its tombs, dust, hotness and beggars. The second big university of the country is in Multan which is Bahauddin Zakariya with its main campus.

Muhammad, says: 2020

He should must have known the weather of the city. He should know the attitude of people in Multan. He should know the historical places of Multan. He should also know about the famous foods of Multan. He should know the sports played in Multan. He should know the mindset of people in Multan.

Irtiza, says: 2020

Multan is usually one of the hottest cities in Pakistan. It is also famous for a sweet dish called “Sohan Halwa”. The word “Multan” used to be spelled as “Mooltan” but due to frequent common mistakes and speaking in a quick tone, it started being called Multan. It is also one of the famous and more populated cities in Pakistan.

Sumera, says: 2020

The area around Multan, Punjab, Pakistan, is a flat plain and is ideal for agriculture, with many citrus and mango farms. There are many canals that cut across the Multan District, providing water from nearby farms. This makes the land very fertile. Multan produces one of the best mangoes in the world. It’s also called the land and city of saints.

Sanaullah, says: 2020

He should know Multan is one of the historical cities of Pakistan. Multan is called the city of saints. Multan is one of the most beautiful cities in Pakistan. Many languages ​​are spoken here. Mostly Urdu and Saraiki are spoken.

Sufyan, says: 2020

Multan is one of the oldest cities. It is popular for four things which are it’s saints, sweets, mud, and tombs. It’s climate is dry and hot. Over the past 50 years, it has undergone a lot of changes and advancement. It’s population is about two million and there are a lot of historic places.

Anyone relocating to the city of Multan should know it is an extremely hot city. Winter is also harsh but lasts only a month or two. This city is known for mangoes and mausoleums. It is also called “the city of Saints”. Multan still retains its old cultural aspect and it also moves towards modernization. The latest development of roads, malls and cinemas are a proof.

Multan is the city of saints. The temperature of my city remains between 38 degree to 47 degree Celsius, means it is a hot city can say. My city is famous for its blue pottery work and embroidery. It is also famous for the shrine of Rukn-e-Alam. It’s octagonal architecture is remarkable.

Someone visiting Multan. He should know about its historical moments like Multan is known as the city of Saints as many of the religious people buried in Multan. There are many historical places in Multan that one can visit to gain information about the history of Multan.

Muhammad, says: 2020

Multan is known for several things. Firstly, it is the most famously known as the “City of Saint,” because of how many religious Saints are associated with the city. Secondly, not many people know this but it is known as the “City of Graveyards,” as there are several graveyards after every few paces! It is also known for a special dessert called “Sohan Halwa.”

Maheen, says: 2020

It’s a land of Sufism. People consider it a sacred or pure land from ancient times. Though it’s a modern city now but still this thing is in its air. It contains beautiful desert which is called Thal and here are folk tales of romance in that Thal. Mango is a speciality and no one can deny its sweetness and no one can escape from its taste.

Multan city is within the territorial jurisdiction of Punjab, Pakistan. Most probably, this city is going to become the capital for the new proposed province to be named as South Punjab. Multan is a really beautiful city. This city is famous for its’ historical affiliations. There are many historical places in this city. This city is also renowned as a City of Saints. Existence of many Sufi shrines in this city is a tangible evidence of said claim. Hence, I can conclude here that Multan is a beautiful historical city that is worth visit.

Multan city is one of the hottest cities. rain is much less than expectation. But, the suburbs are fully covered with lush green fields and gardens. this city is worth living as there are many educational institutes, hospitals and markets. Shortly, this is one of the most populous and progressive cities of Pakistan.

Sabeen, says: 2020

Multan is commonly known as the City of Saints. The person should know about its most-liked dish, Halwa, and try it too. The person should also consider the city’s historic importance as it was conquered by Muhammad Bin Qasim, who was a great and young soldier. Multan has around 1. five Lac mazars, known as the place where the saints are buried.

Multan which is known as the city of saints is equally famous for food and tradition. Sohan Halwa is the most famous sweet dish of Multan equally loved nationwide. The shrines are also among the important and worth visiting places of Multan. Talking about history, Multan is the oldest alive city.

Everyone can come in my city. People of city are very hospitable. They love to serve others. They can do whatever you want. Most of them are farmers. Some of them are govt. Teachers. When they see a guest, they become happy. They are very hardworking. They help each other.

Fatima, says: 2020

Multan is also called “City of Saints” as many of the Islamic Holy Saints shrine is present in this city. this city is also said to be 4000 years old. The people of this city had always proved to be great Patriot at time. Instead of numerous invasions this city remained safe with its remarkable history and ancient architecture.

It was one of the most important trading center. The weather here is often quite hot. Multan is in Punjab province of Pakistan. Multan is around 540 km away from Islamabad, which is the capital of Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s seventh largest city. It is on the bank Chenab River.

Multan is a city of saints. Multan is city of Pakistan. There are many places to visit in Multan like the famous Shah Shams Darbar etc. My city Multan is the 6th biggest city of Pakistan. In Multan there is an International airport and stadium which enhance the beauty of Multan.

Zeenat, says: 2020

Multan is a city in the south of Punjab, province in Pakistan. The climate of Multan is pretty hot. You should be capable of bearing the scorching heat of sun. Multan is heavily populated area so you may have employment issues here. However this city is famous for its beautiful location.

Multan is a city famous for its history. It is the city of saints because of the shrines and tombs of famous saints like Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya (R. A). It is also famous for sweets like Sohan Halwa. Multan has highly ranked universities in QS rankings making the city perfect for higher education.

Irtiza, says: 2020

Someone moving to this city must know about Tombs, Shrines, and one of the oldest cities in the world. The 5th biggest city in Pakistan. They must also know the highest quality of mangoes and their farms. The famous handicrafts and pottery made utensils. And the most famous Sohan Halwa which is exported in all over the world.

Multan is a business hub of south Punjab. A city having multiple business opportunities and prospects to achieve higher living standards. Investments are secure and have very much capacity to increase. Industrial area of city is expanding and almost every possible industry is operating in it. After completion of Motorway, City attracts more people from other cities of country.

Muhammad, says: 2020

Multan is full of exciting places. It’s called city of saints. People visit this city for forts, shrines. It’s also famous for SOHAN HALWA. This sohan halwa is very delicious. it’s the most famous city in south Punjab. People speak ‘Saraiki’ in my city. Saraiki is very sweet language and we enjoy speaking it.

Qudsia, says: 2020

Multan is an ancient city, known for its Sufi heritage. Pottery, especially blue pottery, typical of Sindh and Multan, is loved all over the world for its look and antique beauty. On the other hand, Multani Sohan Halwa is famous for its taste. Multan is also famous for its diverse culture.

Kanwal, says: 2020

It is called “The Land of Mystics” because of the shrines of many religious mystics here. It also has a very hot climate with temperatures reaching up to 55 degree celsius in July. Multan is also known for its “Multani Mitti (dirt)” and “Sohan Halwa”.

It’s a city of saints. There are many historic places especially tomb of SHAH RUKN-E-ALAM. famous for as city of mangoes and for its sweet called SOHAN HALWA. It’s the largest city of south Punjab. It’s also famous for its heat in summer. Here people speak Saraiki a very sweet language.

Saints Dust and Beggars as it is introduced in an old saying. This may be true in the olden days, but it is a different city these days. Multan is the central city of Southern Punjab province, and It has always enjoyed significant importance in history. Somehow its people have attracted the Sufi saints so much it became the abode of Sufism in Southeast Asia. Multan is the oldest living city in South East Asia. Today Multan is a combination of old and the new Pakistan culture. There is a big hustle bustle in the Old town and comfort of a five-star hotel and sound streets in the New city. The Old town has an interesting Bazaar and many elaborately decorated Shrines of the Sufi saints.

Fatima, says: 2020

They must have some knowledge of the languages spoken here such as Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi and Balochi. They must know what taboos not to break such as eating pork or drinking alcohol. They should know about all the traditional foods: biryani, chickpeas, naan halwa. They must visit the Ghanta Ghar, which is near the Shrine of Bahauddin Zakariya which is also a must-visit.

Muzammil, says: 2020

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