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Living in Montréal, Canada:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

34 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Montréal, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 34 people living in Montréal what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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34 comments on “Montréal”

If you are moving to Montreal Quebec, you will find a human focused city, easy to walk around and with a very good transportation net. The underground is easy and safe, gardens and parks are everywhere and with cold weather, malls and indoors activities are easy to reach.
Culturally. it’s one of the best cities in Canada and nightlife offers several options for all ages. Multicultural diversity makes it a tolerant and friendly place to stay, at the moment is bilingual but very soon it will probably include more languages and lifestyles. Foreign neighborhoods create a lively and colorful environment and job offers are pretty high at the moment.

It is imperative to have working knowledge of French if one wants to live in and work in Montreal. As a student, depending on which school the person is enrolled, knowledge of French my be overlooked. However, when looking to get employed, it is a requirement. There are many affordable programs to enroll in to learn French; some programs are even subsidized by the government and the students receive a stipend for taking the courses.

Reetwinder, says: 2020

Tourists visiting Montreal should be aware of the various multicultural restaurants scattered throughout the city, as one can always find something to satisfy their current culinary desires. Pertaining the locations that should be visited, Old Port and Laronde are the main must-sees. Finally, there’s various activities to do anywhere around downtown, such as “Escape Room” and arcades.

Muhammad, says: 2020

An individual interested in moving to Montreal should be aware of the French animosity towards English speakers. Since the Rene Levesque’s pro-French rampage of the 1950s, francophone residents of Quebec have been pressuring provincial and national governments for independence. Due to their cultural distinction from a mainly anglophone nation, those in favour of Quebec’s independence believe said province is more suited to stand as its own cou. Since their aims have been largely unsuccessful, there has been a growing hostility towards anglophone North Americans visiting Quebec.

Theresa, says: 2020

After Toronto, Montreal is the second largest city in Canada. The weather can be extreme, ranging from chilly winters to hot summers. If you’re looking to visit Montreal, I would recommend doing so during fall season, as it is the most beautiful and colourful time of the year in Canada.

Cassandra, says: 2020

When moving to Montreal, first thing to consider is a house close to public transportation, whether or not you have a car. In fact, Montreal’s winter makes it very hard to walk, or drive, your way anywhere. When you finally convince yourself to wake up to a grey and snowy sky and after you wisely make the decision to wear your 100lb coat AFTER you put on your boots, you don’t want to throw another torture to the mix by having to walk an extra mile just to get to the metro line or bus stop.

My home town, Montreal, is the urban jewel of Canada. In la belle province of Quebec, this gorgeous city boasts the largest number of diverse communities on the continent. Montreal is also a “walking city”; comparatively small, one can walk easily almost anywhere and visit numerous cultural worlds. Montreal is often described as a city with a European sensibility full of artistic expression and vibrancy.

Nicole, says: 2020

Montreal is a beautiful city rich in history, culture, and activity. Due to its mix of British and French history, it is what I consider to be the most European city in North America. Life in Montreal is lively. It has great bars and clubs in the evening, wonderful museums, churches, and libraries to visit for the more academically and historically-oriented, and the relatively low cost of life makes it a great place for students and young professionals alike. Even if you do not move here, it is very much worth the trip!

Kayley, says: 2020

Although Montreal is a world-class city, newcomers should know there is a significant barrier to full participation in the social and economic fabric of the metropolis. The official language of the province of Quebec, and therefore of Montreal, is French. Candidates for any customer-facing position are expected to be fluent in both French and English in order to serve both locals and the many international tourists who visit Montreal each year. Bilingual individuals will also have a much easier time developing a social network and interacting with others on a day-to-day basis.

The multicultural city of Montreal is welcoming to people from many walks of life — more so if one is adept at learning the French language. Though it sprawls over many boroughs and includes a bustling downtown core, it is much quieter than the metropolitan Toronto, which lacks the practical small-town feel that Montreal manages to still exude.

Maheen, says: 2020

This is a great city and you will ever regret moving here. The public transport service is efficient which allows people to travel around conveniently. thee are marvelous spots here. Additionally, the most interesting mater is the language French, you receive a golden opportunity to learn a new language. I know it might be a little difficult at first but soon you will be at ease.

No matter the season, the city of Montreal guarantees a unique Canadian experience. While a wealth of outdoor festivals and winter sports keep the city busy during the cold months, summer in Montreal proves unbeatable! From the International Jazz Festival to the Just For Laughs comedy fest, the city is alive with music, food, entertainment, and culture from all over the world! For tourists and city-dwellers alike, Montreal is city jam-packed with an incredible history and many things to do.

Adrion, says: 2020

Someone moving to the city of Montreal should consider learning how to speak French. Having a basic grasp of the language would be beneficial for getting around since it’s so widely spoken. it will increase the likelihood of getting a job, and provide more opportunities. Many employers seek to hire those who are able to communicate with their clientele in both French and English, especially in customer service.

Nicole, says: 2020

Montreal is a diverse and multicultural city. Be prepared to explore countless neighbourhoods, enjoy an array of culinary choices representing all the cultures of the world, and learn new languages. Housing prices are more reasonable that Toronto and Vancouver, two of Canada’s other major municipalities, however prices in Montreal are on the rise, as well. It is a wonderful city of walkers, bikers, and those who love history, so be prepared to learn about your past as you enjoy the present. It is a wonderful place.

Bonnie, says: 2020

Montreal is a wonderful multicultural city in the heart of a French speaking province. Speaking French isn’t mandatory, but it certainly helps if you plan on traveling outside the city. It can also get quite cold during winter. Having a good winter coat and a pair of boots will prevent you from catching a cold.

Montreal is a multicultural city. The majority of people are Francophone although you will find that most people are actually bilingual, speaking both French and English. Their is a European flair wherever you go and people are quite friendly. There is an entire “underground city” where malls and metro (subway) stations are connected underground.

Montreal is thought to be the second largest French-speaking city in the world and has a rich French colonial history dating back to the 1500s. Montreal was also a fur-trading center in the 1700s and is also the city where the Netflix show Frontier is largely set. It is a beautiful city.

Montreal is regarded as the Las Vegas of Canada. It is a beautiful city with jolly people hailing from the different cultures of the world. Most people in the city are bilingual and extremely helpful. The nightlife here can be ranked among the best in the world so if you’re the type of person looking to enjoy life Montreal is the city for you.

Jennifer, says: 2020

Montreal is a bilingual city, so you should start learning French. When it comes to living in Canada what comes to mind first is the cold weather, Montreal is no exception either, you should prepare yourself for a long cold winter. Though, there are a lot of beautiful sights in Montreal you can enjoy during winter.

Mathew, says: 2020

Anyone moving to Montreal should know it is a bilingual city. Therefore, knowing French is an asset. newcomers must be aware that it is a city with extremely cold and snowy winters. A good jacket is a necessity. However, the beautiful summers make up for it.

Phyllicia, says: 2020

Someone moving to Montreal should know it is a lively, multicultural metropolis. It is a four-season playground for people of all ages and interests with festivals, fireworks and food trucks galore. Whether you’re partial to ice cream or ice skates, Montreal will welcome you with open arms at any time of the year.

Montreal is a city with its unique assets. Its multicultural communities set it apart because, in part, of its French language influence which is predominantly present but also its adaptability to thrive and adapt throughout time and remain such a well known city worldwide. Montreal still remains the city in North America that fought all these years as a unique metropolis because of its French origins.

Someone who wants to live in Montreal needs to be prepared for all four seasons. They must have clothes for 40 degree weather and -40 degree weather. There are tons of bars and restaurants to try out around the entire city.

Montréal is bilingual. Montreal speaks both English and French. It is multicultural and full of personality with festivals in summer and activities in winter. Montreal appreciates good restaurants so if you decide to visit, you must try the food. We are known for our bagels, our poutine and our smoked meat.

Nicole, says: 2020

Montreal has a lot of attractions to offer year-round, but the best time to visit is probably during summer. The city is known for the many festivals that take place on its streets during June, July, and August. Many events are offered free of charge to the public and include choices for all young and adult audiences.

it gets’ extremely cold in winter and really hot in summer. Despite its most of the time bad weather, it’s a really beautiful urban city with lots of great restaurants and shops. Most people in Montreal speak French although there is a lot of English speakers too.

In Montreal there is a lot that are great that could convince someone to move. The food is good. There are great sandwiches and smoked meat. and because of its snowy weather it’s a great place for hockey lovers. The other thing is that residents of Montreal are serious about fitness and that motivates any person to workout and be fit.

Adrion, says: 2020

No matter your age, Montréal is an incredible city. Having a decent foundation in French will get you a long way, but don’t be disheartened if your French is not up to par. Each neighbourhood in Montréal has a unique charm, my personal favorite being Vieux Montréal. At times, you forget you’re in North America, and not a little village in Northern France. Come to Montréal with an open mind and heart, and you’ll never want to leave.

Marissa, says: 2020

Montreal is an extremely extravagant city with a lot of parties and opportunities to take advantage of. There are tons of jobs and and, tons of internship job vacancies available for students and post graduates. It is most known for its tourism attractions and its cultural aspects of living.

Mitchell, says: 2020

This city is beautiful and has many historic buildings and monuments. Exploring them all is a journey worth taking and a place to start would be “La Musée des Beaux Arts”. The Museum is filled to the brim with ever changing exhibitions.

Shantel, says: 2020

Although not the capital of Canada, nor one of the most densely populated metropolitan cities in the country, Montreal has been referred to as the country’s ‘cultural capital’, as the home of various art movements and a dynamic and all-encompassing musical scene. While the vast majority of residents in Montreal speak French as their primary language, a sizeable portion of the city’s population is bilingual in both of the country’s two official languages (English and French). Remember to pack warm clothing in your luggage, if you are visiting Montreal in the Fall or Winter, as winter can be especially gruelling.

Serena, says: 2020

Montreal offers a wide variety in many areas such as dining, nightlife, cultural outings, art and more. The cultural diversity, whether it be food, art or other, the mountain in its center, it’s Chinatown, its wide range of street festivals all come together to make the city of Montreal a highly interesting place to either visit or live.

Montreal is a very beautiful city. You will find many good restaurants to try. My favourite is this sushi place near the Atwater metro station. Also, people are usually very friendly. If you are new in the neighbourhood don’t be shy to ask for directions. Even more, there are many activities you can do in Montreal. you can go shopping, swimming, running etc.

Taylor, says: 2020

The streets in Montreal are always in construction, if one street is fixed, another one falls apart. We love our poutine. Most people are friendly and willing to help at anytime. We are multicultural and accept people no matter their gender, sexual orientation or nationality. You are required to go to a french school if neither of your parents studied in an English institution in Canada.

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