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Living in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

25 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Meerut, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 25 people living in Meerut what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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25 comments on “Meerut”

Meerut is a historical city best known for the start of free India movement against British led by Late Mangal Pandey in 1857. The people here are full of life, helpful and most importantly patriotic.

Vaibhav, says: 2020

Meerut provides good primary education. There are many reputed schools. Meerut is on the path of becoming a city. A lot of developmental work is being carried out there. It provides all the required things and there are many shops and malls. The transport system is also highly convenient. It is far from all forms of pollution.

Harshith, says: 2020

He or she must be made aware about traffic problem so that a person can reach at his/her destination on or rather in time. Apart from it he/she must make a visit to Augarnath temple as it’s quite peaceful and beautiful. And yes there are many buildings which represents the history of this beautiful city.

Narasimhan, says: 2020

Meerut is in Uttar Pradesh. It offers to rural people a kind of urban environment to get a job, education, etc. There are so many shopping malls and other facilities that are better than any other town nearby. It is surrounded by villages and many parents send their children on daily basis to Meerut. Chaudhary Charan Singh University’s main campus is also in Meerut and Many B. tech colleges like MITs, etc. are also in Meerut.

Madhulika, says: 2020

The city has no great malls that they can visit. However, the history of this city is a legend. This is city where the first spark of revolution was ignited. Apart from that, there is a legendary place to visit in the city. It is hastinapur. One can see its reference in various Hindu and jain scriptures.

Anshika, says: 2020

Meerut is a place where one finds many old heritage. Here the regional language is purely Hindi. It is famous for sports manufacturing industry. It is also famous for sweets also. From here, these are exported to various parts of the world. A place near meerut is hastinapur, which relates to ancient history and where one finds beautiful jain temples also.

Meerut has historical importance. It has very good educational institutes. It has a rich cultural and heritage. It has ancient architectural design. It offers some traditional mouthwatering dishes. It’s a famous tourist destination. Here people have unity in diversity. People have a traditional and modern outlook.

Mariam, says: 2020

Anyone moving to Meerut, should be able to speak Hindi as it is the most spoken language in the city. The person will also have to learn to accommodate to other people at the cost of their own comfort. The person should prefer travelling in cabs than driving around on their own because of the narrow roads and heavy traffic throughout the day.

Anuradha, says: 2020

Someone moving to Meerut must know that the city is famous for its sport’s market and it’s temples also for its nightlife which all include the street food and playing games with their loved ones. In my city there are a lot of amusement parks where most people like to spend their weekend.

Meerut is a city of historical importance. The First Mutiny against the British started from the famous Kali Paltan Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. People of Meerut are very friendly, helpful and can make any visitor very comfortable in the first go. Meerut used to be a very quiet and peaceful town but now due to population it has expanded in all directions and has become somewhat congested. Being in close proximity to New Delhi it has lot of locational advantages due to which the first Rapid Rail system is under construction from New Delhi to Meerut.

Kundan, says: 2020

Meerut is a city where a very wide cultural variety prevails within the society. It inherits a sense of affinity. The residing population and surroundings are very friendly. Meerut is very well known for its sports goods and wood craft products. A long generation of carpenters seem to have existed for time long.

The city Meerut, is the Sports Capital of India. Along with the sports goods, the city is also famous for scissors and Gajak. It is termed as the Land of Revolution as the first fight of freedom began from here. Sugarcane farming is common in rural areas. It also has various tourist places to visit for.

Ravikanth, says: 2020

I reside in Meerut, UP, anyone moving to this city should know it is densely populated and is famous in the county for having the largest sports market. Residents of this city are friendly and an outsider can never have a hard time adjusting here. But some particular locations in the city have frequent theft and robbery cases so, you must be careful while selecting the location.

Meerut- heart of Uttar Pradesh. Meerut is a beautiful city which is well known for its sport’s stuffs, scissor manufacturing and for snacks. The greenery makes it more beautiful, one must visit this gorgeous place for once. From generation to generation this place always nurture the generation with it’s glorified history, the place from the revolt of 1857 initiated. Salute to this land for its most inspiring history.

Gayatri, says: 2020

if you want to go by bus first of all, know the bus facility there and after that it should know what is the time table there. because the bus’s time table keeps changing. fear is the first thing to be taken care of. after that you can go without any problem.

Kushal, says: 2020

Meerut is the in laws of King Ravana. Scissors of Meerut is worldwide famous. First revolution of freedom in India was started from here only. People are very hard by outside but very helpful for innocent one. The most beautiful Temple Augharnath (also known as Kali Paltan) is here. In Meerut, People are like coconut, hard and soft both.

Princeton, says: 2020

Meerut is a crowded city of Uttar Pradesh with a lot of traffic. This city I famous for its sweets and scissors and the sports equipments. One needs to have the patience to bear with traffic and the hot weather of the city. The people here are really good. They welcome everyone with open hearts. One would always love visiting Meerut.

Taruna, says: 2020

The people of Meerut are very good and help each other. There are a lot of places to visit in Meerut like the clock tower and fun parks. I love the splash water park the most because it is open mostly all the time and they also teach us to swim. The famous street food of this place is street Pav Bhaji. I love to live here and it is a place full of excitement.

Yogita, says: 2020

Meerut is in western Uttar Pradesh and is one of the prominent hub of Industrial Development in India. It has been known to have seen the Great Mutiny by the soldiers in British Army which later on resulted into a bigger movement to free India from the British. This city is well connected by road with all the cities apart from the Capital of India i. e New Delhi. It takes about couple of hours to travel between the National Capital and Meerut. It has also seen the rise and fall of the Kuru Empire as discussed in Mahabharat which is one of the greatest Indian Epics. The town of Hastinapur which also finds mention in Mahabharat is located very close to Meerut. There are lot many folk tales and stories about those times which are associated with this city. It is said that this place got its name from “Maya Rashtra”, which became “Meerut” with the passage of time. Maya was a demon who is believed to have designed this city in ancient times.

Abhinay, says: 2020

A person moving to Meerut must know that meerut is a city that has a rich heritage and great historical background. In fact the first Indian war of independence took place here. Meerut is considered a place that is particularly famous for riots and robbery but it’s just a rumour it’s a really peaceful place people of all religions live here with abundant harmony.

Meerut is a city that has a really great culture. People of all religions live here with harmony and peace. Our city is a big part of Indian history as the first war of Independence was attempted here. Anyone moving to Meerut should know even though it is popular for riots it’s pretty much a rumour. People here live quite peacefully. If you want to move here all the citizens will welcome you!

Bargavi, says: 2020

We have a great friendly neighbourhood. The education and medical facilities are top notch. location of the city results in a warm and pleasant weather all year-round. It is well connected to all the major railway stations and airports of the country. The city has clubs, malls, cinema halls, etc. for entertainment purposes. Gyms and Sports centers are present throughout the city. The city also has river Ganga flowing through, which makes for a great scenic tourist spot. You’ll never get bored here.

Harika, says: 2020

It is important to know traffic in my city is extremely heavy during 1-2:30 in the afternoon as children usually come back home from school at that time. it’s best to avoid going to the local market using your own vehicle as the roads are narrow and there were too many children roaming about on the road.

Shahrukh, says: 2020

Meerut city come in Uttar Pradesh State (India). It is good city with different kinds of people. Here is the place Ghanta Ghar which is very popular many Bollywood movie shoot their films scene. It is famous for its scissors, sports goods and Gazak. It is the biggest city in NCR after Delhi. Delhi which is capital of India.

A person should know how to deal with the people of our city in terms of language and behaviour. to understand their mindset and act accordingly. The person must also be aware of where to essential quality services are available. The person must also know what our city is famous for.

Ravindra, says: 2020

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