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Living in Manama, Bahrain:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

22 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Manama, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 22 people living in Manama what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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22 comments on “Manama”

Manama city is a small urban city that lies in the heart of Bahrain. It is a very humbling unpopulated place that people from all walks of life (the expatriates down to locals) enjoy navigating around. You can enjoy strolling in the Avenue Mall and Seef Area, you can splurge in a shopping spree at Bahrain City Center, you can also have a good time in their humble and clear wet market where fresh fish and veggies are such a delight if you are in a budget. Above all, Manama is known well for the values of the locals who welcome you as their own. It is a home away from home.

Alicia, says: 2020

Weather conditions are mostly hot and humid. On a hot day, temperatures can exceed 46 celsius. Depending on one’s place of origin, other considerations would be culture and religion since Manama is predominantly Muslim. On the plus side, our country is very welcoming.

Hisham, says: 2020

Manama is the capital of Bahrain. It is a small city. The airport is not in the capital city. There are a lot of malls. Most of the tourists visit the Grand Mosque called Al Fateh. There are a lot of apartment buildings because most offices and work are found in Manama.

Manama, Bahrain, is in a Muslim country, which can create a bit of a cultural learning curve for newcomers. The workweek isn’t Monday to Friday, but Sunday to Thursday. This is to accommodate Friday as a holy day in Islam, the same way Sunday is for Christianity and Saturday is for Judaism. Muslim holidays are recognised by the local governments, so grocery stores will have big Ramadan and Eid sales events every year. You can hear the sounds of prayer broadcast from local mosques at certain times throughout the day.

Alicia, says: 2020

Manama is very beautiful. It is the capital of Bahrain. It is the main city in Bahrain where lot of people come every time for their various purposes. There is a beautiful beach along-with a beautiful garden in Manama. The city itself is very beautiful as every one in Bahrain loves to stay there.

Neekal, says: 2020

Manama is bustling with activity. The streets exhibit the local culture and art. It is a great opportunity for shoppers looking for a good bargain but make sure to step out in the evening as it is scorching hot during the day. The city is mostly populated by expat workers.

Pranav, says: 2020

When moving here, one should always carry with them their CPR (citizen ID). One should also know where the police station, embassy, and hospital are. One must also respect the Arab culture. As much as possible, one should not wear revealing clothes as this is still a part of the Middle East.

Batool, says: 2020

Bahraini cuisine is delicious and widely available, but if it’s not your taste, then don’t worry. In addition to being able to get a tikka masala or naan within a short walk of your house, Manama is full of Western restaurants that all deliver. There are even local interpretations of traditionally western restaurants, like Jasmi’s a Middle-Eastern counterpart to McDonald’s.

Sanjay, says: 2020

Manama being the capital and one of the oldest cities in of Bahrain, the population is comparatively high to other cities. Availability of apartments and housing villa’s wouldn’t be a problem. Owning a vehicle or a transport could be difficult due to the lack of parking space available, so it is advice to acquire a house facility which has some sort of benefits like parking on a open space. Like any other other city there’s always pro’s and con’s, but for manama con’s are outdone by the pro’s by the peaceful and beautiful features of the city.

Shella, says: 2020

Despite its diminutive size, Manama, Bahrain, is quite the international community. In addition to Bahrain National Day, which celebrates Bahrain’s independence from the British empire, the country celebrates Bahrain International Day, which promotes the sharing of cultures and emphasizes the cosmopolitan nature of the country. English translations are provided everywhere from restaurant menus to mall directories you can even go to a local movie theatre and watch the latest blockbuster without needing to read subtitles.

Dareen, says: 2020

It is a remarkable city which has access to markets and food stops almost everywhere. It is busy during the weekends. A lot of hospitals and clinics are around in case of emergency. People here are kind and gentle. Transportation is also excellent as there are bus stops and taxi cabs everywhere.

If you were moving to Manama, know you won’t be discriminated against. Sure, you’d catch a few stares if you were a “foreigner”, but other than that, an outsider would never be made to feel uncomfortable. Arabs are known for their hospitality. things could be worse, the deeper you look.

Alicia, says: 2020

Manama has high cost of living. It is not beneficial for those people who would like to save money. The neighborhood is calm and safe. The people are mainly Indians. There are a few schools nearby and other facilities such as supermarkets, shops, laundry are close by if required.

Manama is a really crowded place and be ready to pay the high rents here. The rooms here are limited and getting one is a big deal. The climate here is pretty humid and hot and rains once in a year so make. Do consider all this before moving to Manama.

Manama, is one of the best cities in the world, it cares for expats and citizens. It is culturally rich with a great heritage. One of the most affordable and crime free countries in the world. Once you are here, this city builds on you and you will never feel to leave.

Manama is a nice place; however, the weather can get quite warm and humid in summer. It’s also the capital of Bahrain, and is usually really crowded. You should expect to get stuck in traffic very often if you decide to move to Manama. On the other hand, Manama is in the center of Bahrain and should provide you with easy access to all major areas of the island.

Manama is a wonderful city inhabited by very kind and open-minded people. When you’ll move here, you will find yourself in an international community. It’s easy to communicate with people here, because nearly everyone can speak English. Therefore, there is no need to be fluent in Arabic. Life in Manama is actually easier if you have a driving licence. You can rent a car for affordable prices and discover the country day by day.

Zainab, says: 2020

Manama is an extremely humid city. Your clothes stick to your body most of the time. Your glasses fog up the second you step outside. The air feels sticky and dry. The simple act of breathing is exhausting. Since it is hard to walk for extended periods of time, people drive everywhere.

There are plenty of what could be described as strip malls, but arranged in such a way as to feel like their own “thing,” such as the Avenues one long line of indoor shops designed to look like an outdoor street and the Lagoon a triple-floored strip mall curved around a pond that boasts some of the country’s best eateries.

Hisham, says: 2020

Some activities in Bahrain can technically be found elsewhere, such as the indoor trampoline park, the go-karting track, and the indoor skydiving building. Where uniquely local events are concerned, there are larger events such as Bahrain Comic Con which occur annually, and smaller events such as donkey races, open drives on the F1 track, and local craft fairs that crop up every few months or so. The local military base puts on air shows over the field next to Bahrain’s F1 track, a rare event which is accompanied by lotteries and a carnival-like fair.

Viktoriia, says: 2020

Manama is a beautiful city in Bahrain and it has many skyscrapers and traditional buildings in the downtown. It has various shops and multicultural people to deal with. Restaurants are the best places to visit in the city and multicuisine is the famous food available in each and every restaurant.

If you plan to move to Manama, you need to know it’s extremely hot in summer. The heat makes it difficult to walk freely without a means of transpo. You also need to keep in mind that it is in an Islamic country and applies the Islamic law.

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