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Living in Malabon City, Philippines:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

22 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Malabon City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 22 people living in Malabon City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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22 comments on “Malabon City”

The City of Malabon is one of the cities here in Metro Manila that you can consider as a great place to live. The streets are cemented and wide and the residential areas are usually near public markets, churches, schools, and hospitals. I also consider my city to be one of the safest and cleanest places here in the Metro.

Julius, says: 2020

If you are moving to Malabon City, know the streets there can easily become flooded during rainy season. Because of that, I suggest you choose a place that is elevated from the street. Also, if you’re thinking of using a car, make sure that you get an SUV and not a sedan.

Hannah, says: 2020

Our city has a good and friendly environment, People are nice, Places are clean, Foods are affordable and classy. Staying at our place will give you a satisfying feeling. Manila is one of the best places you should visit in the Philippines. We have lots of tourist spots, clean water landmarks, and freshwater bays.

Kristle, says: 2020

know there is an occasional flood because Malabon is in low-lying areas. Nevertheless, there are ample business opportunities to entrepreneurs in my city since it is densely populated. Nearby cities are rapidly developing and that Malabon is growing with them.

Nicole, says: 2020

If you’re moving to Malabon City, you should first know who our city mayor is. Then, pick the best barangay. Don’t forget to visit our parks and try our various dishes. visit Concepcion because they have almost every food you can think of.

Malabon City is a prosperous city where shops are elegantly open everyday. It has been part of the history which was known as the Balaybay of Manila. Where it is commonly known and can be seen oftenly as a flooded area around Manila. Many famous artists now have been grown up here.

Danica, says: 2020

If someone moves here. They should expect that there are a lot of kind people who are helping others. There’s a lot of delicious food and a lot of tourist spots. They can relax anytime because of the great view that they can enjoy. They can enjoy a lot of different rides that they haven’t seen in their city.

Malabon is known for its procession for the festival of the Immaculate Concepcion which is annually celebrated. Alongside this, the city is also known for its sticky rice products and since it’s surrounded by water, you can assume that flash flood is inevitably, however the municipality is doing their best to resolve this situation by elevating the roads. You can also expect the city to produce various seafood and fishes.

We have a lot of seafood markets that gives a lot of marine products to choose, from fishes to crabs, clams, lobsters and a lot more. We also have restaurants and vendors that caters a lot of food and delicacies that can give satisfaction to those who come to our city.

Sheravi, says: 2020

Our City is very simple but full of surprises. There are so many PUBs and restaurants with different themes. People are hospitable and helping each other in times of need. We have Malabon park here and beside that are police office. People are very welcoming whoever went here to stay or. We love events and sharing foods to our neighbors. Barangay officials are also active at night to protect us.

Jezreel, says: 2020

Malabon City is famous for many delicacies. Lots of people from this area love to eat and cook so you can expect to encounter a lot of restaurants that offer delicious meals. The culture is rich as well. Annually, we celebrate a three-day festival every first week of December.

Malabon came from the word “maraming labong” and was part of the Province of Rizal. Our city has many things to offer. We offer delicious foods and places where you can relax. We also have hospitable people in our city. Our city also has a 400 year old church you can visit.

The beautiful scenery of our city will surely amazed someone who wants to move to out city. Our city being a coastal city with many historic locations and remarkable places. To add up, our city focuses on planting trees to recover the city’s lost title of “The Green City of Philippines. “

Mulsidi, says: 2020

Our city has lowest crime rate in the region, and has the delicious delicacies can offer. It has the accessible routes going to the other parts of the metro. The people in our city are courteous and trustworthy. We are a coastal town, and the seafood are always fresh. Pancit Malabon and sapin sapin is one of the bet food that we are offing.

Eliyash, says: 2020

The local church, San Bartolome Parish, that we have in the heart of Malabon City is very old. In fact, it is about 400 years old. San Bartolome Parish had a very crucial role during the revolution of the Filipinos against the Spaniards. Since the Patron Saint of the church, San Bartolome or St. Bartholomew, was known for having a machete on his hands, the Filipinos then excused themselves of bringing a machete to a festival in honor to him. This allowed Filipinos to travel without raising suspicion on their weapons.

Our city is not classified as the best city but it have the best people, I believe. People who will become a family and reliable people, who share foods and stories and stuffs. Our place is simple and peaceful, as well. From the smell of very fresh air and how we plant some good food in the backyard.

Rosanna, says: 2020

In our city there are many tourist spots where you can visit, historical places like Luneta Park where our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal was killed and museums. The culture and the traditions will amaze you. The people in our city are hospitable and kind. They will always welcome you warmly.

Floods are rampant in Malabon City, Metro Manila, when its raining. We have a zoo that’s a good place to visit with their family and the zoo contains interesting animals such as an albino tiger. Also, we have one of the premier universities in the country nearby where their children could attend to.

I am from Philippines, City of Malabon. Our city is known for food. We have Pancit Malabon and Dolor’s Kakanin. People moving in Malabon should try it. They will never regret it because of its unique taste. Also, you should not worry moving here because our city is crime free.

Mikaela, says: 2020

In close proximity to the sea, Malabon is a place where you can enjoy seafood and other delicacies. Add it up with the historical centuries-old church, you will get the vibe of an early 1500s town. Sadly, this city would be on the list of underrated happy places in the world.

Someone moving to Malabon City should know while we are not as urbanised as other cities in the Metro, the people here can attest to that you can get everything you need without having the need to drive all around or outside the area. All these and the privilege to still experience a province-like living where you can still interact and have true Filipino “bayanihan” or camaraderie unlike that of the more progressed cities in the Philippines.

Jesette, says: 2020

One has to know our city is known for different varieties of delicacy he/she may enjoy. People here are delighted to help strangers. However, he/she also needs to be informed that some parts of Malabon are flood-prone area which he/she needs to first inquire about. This place has different historical spots such as San Agustin Church near the City Hall. There are several wet markets in the city.

George, says: 2020

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