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Living in Long Beach, California:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

ten local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Long Beach, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked ten people living in Long Beach what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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10 comments on “Long Beach”

Great place to live! LB is a little slower than LA, but still has plenty of good restaurants and places to go for entertainment. The beach here is truly a loooong beach. On one end is the upscale shopping area called Belmont Shore. On the other end is our beautiful, newly expanded aquarium of the Pacific. If you get bored, LA and Catalina island are an hour away.

It’s the best neighborhood beach town vibe in SoCal. You can live here a decade and always have new things to explore.

Long Beach, California, is a wonderful place for those seeking excitement, community, and diversity. The lifestyle of the Southern California coast is on full display in any venture through Long Beach’s variable neighborhoods, packed with parks for recreating and restaurants for tasting your favorite cuisines, all while proximous to the Pacific Ocean. Consider moving to Long Beach to enjoy the best parts of California!

Long Beach is a versatile city offering a wide variety of public transportation enabling commute to easily reach their destinations. It is also bike friendly, a large number of retail stores are in walking distance, and is in close proximity to the beach. Long Beach is beautiful, clean, and welcomes individuals from all ethnic backgrounds.

Melisa, says: 2020

Long Beach resides in the southern area of California, bordering the coast. Visitors can explore our beaches, restaurants, and parks with certainty that they will be accompanied by sunny skies and gentle breezes. We boast special tourist attractions including the Queen Mary ship, Aquarium of the Pacific, and Museum of Latin American Art. Do not hesitate to explore our city. Our large and diverse community will provide welcome, support, and friendship to all.

Long Beach, CA, is a beautiful city with a rich history and many distinct neighborhoods. The residents of Long Beach span the entire socio-economic spectrum; there are 1,000s of people living below the poverty line minutes from some of the most expensive property in Southern California. There are amazing public areas scattered throughout the city, and fantastic restaurants, a concert hall, and a race track (which hosts the annual Long Beach Grand Prix). Long Beach is a wonderful place to visit and a great place.

Nicole, says: 2020

Before moving to Long Beach, someone should know about the diverse neighborhoods within the city. Some neighborhoods can be strikingly different from one another, despite being right next to each other. Important factors like the cost of living, types of businesses, and the resident’s culture might all differ, even though they might be only a few blocks apart.

Samuel, says: 2020

Long Beach is a wonderful little city. The city has a great history with iconic landmarks which used to include the ‘Spruce Goose’ and the ‘Queen Mary’, sister ship to the Titanic. It has a lovely downtown full of creativity and music, a variety of fantastic restaurants and bars, and it is on the ocean.

Danielle, says: 2020

Long beach is the most diverse city in the world. There are also many visitors yearly, from all over the world. The locals are friendly and down to earth. Summers are lovely, and, the warm breeze smells of the salty sea. In Signal hill, Hilltop park, is the best place to watch the sun set on the horizon.

Richard, says: 2020

People moving to Long Beach should have their finances in order. The cost of living is exceptionally high, compared to other cities within the state of California. A monthly allocation of at least $1500 is a safe amount if you intend to rent an apartment. It is also encouraged to own an automobile. Said plainly, living in Long Beach is a challenge to afford.

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