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If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Lipa City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 33 people living in Lipa City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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I was born and raised here in Lipa at the heart of Batangas. It’s strategically placed at the center of the province so if you’ll be coming from different parts of the province and you’ll go to Manila, you’ll surely pass by this place. Aside from the cool climate, Lipa is a balanced city complete with industrialized establishments, nightlife, leisure, competitive educational institutions, and hospitals. The art and culture scene is alive here. Locals are hospitable and we brew the best coffee.

My city is known for its delicious delicacies and hospitable people. We have also farmers that grow organic vegetables which are sold in the market for a reasonable price considering the benefits it can give to your body eating vegetables without sprayed chemicals on it. Many of us believe that we have restored the old tradition.

Our city has the third highest altitude in the Luzon area of the country. With that, one may be able to enjoy cool breeze and low temperature during the rainy seasons of the year even though we are in a tropical country.

Meneleo, says: 2020

Lipa City consists of great people and beautiful landmarks. One would be able to appreciate the cool breeze on my city during the months of October to January. This is because Lipa City is the third coldest place of the country.

Natassja, says: 2020

A person moving here should consider three things: culture, weather, language. Our city is known for its famous specialty, Barako and Lomi which is a perfect food for its cold weather! Aside from that, people of Lipa are very friendly and a person can be a little confused with some of the words that we use.

Shekinah, says: 2020

Lipa City is a beautiful place and a home of hospitable and loving people. No doubt it has also become the center of trade for several businesses in the Province of Batangas. There is a large industrial park which provides job for 1,000s of people both from the urban and rural areas.

Katrina, says: 2020

Moving in our city will give you a fresh start because our city are clean and peaceful. There’s a lot of good careers. Our people here are kind and accommodating and we have a lot of tourist spots you can go to for your relaxation.

Lipa City was once quite rural, but it is slowly becoming urbanized. Besides preparing for a simpler life, someone moving here should also learn some of the dialectal variations we have. When speaking, most people in my city talk with a tone that may seem angry, but, in fact, they aren’t. The most important thing, though, is that he/she must be someone who can socialize with the community here.

Trixia, says: 2020

When moving here, you should consider that it is where people are always outside and some are walking on the streets. People here are kind and generous. Even though the people here are kind, the temperature is so hot. Maybe because there are many buildings instead of trees.

Elalie, says: 2020

Lipa City provides a good amount of necessity a family needs. It has a good marketplace on which people can choose from a variety of supplies. From raw meat to fresh fruits. This city also provides a good protection because of that it has many police station scattered around the city.

Jhezarie, says: 2020

If one moves here, know it is a rising city. It gets beautiful yet busier here as time passes by. Along with the energy comes the heavy traffic that one must endure when one moves here. But what one would love most about this city is the people. They are friendly and helpful. One would not feel alone.

As a Batanguena living in Batangas, people are very hospitable, reliable and kindhearted. When you visit here, first thing you should try is the kapeng barako which was offered every morning by the adults to anyone new in the province. Never be afraid of approaching people here because we are willing to help help people anytime.

Lipa City is well known for being called “the little Rome.” It is rich with religious statues and institutions that is fit for people who are spiritual. Lipeños are known for being hospitable and caring for their visitors and would help you settle in when you’re still new with the city. It is also rich with delicacies that would fill up your stomach with fulfilled feeling!

Philip, says: 2020

Lipa City is the capital of Batangas in which there are many people there enjoying their folks together with their friends and relatives. We have so many activities mostly in fiesta that could reach out people’s enjoyment. Another thing that you will feel this city is the attitude of every Lipenos there, for being hospitable. It is also bear for different views such as Tagal volcano which is highly recommended for the tourists. You’ll never regret living in this city.

Lipa City has some of the most advanced infrastructure in the country. Malls and fastfood are readily available wherever you go and even jobs are easy to find. Required filing is so easy; National Bureau of Investigation, Social Security System, Philhealth, and all related things are within walking distance from each other. In terms of living, water and electricity is no problem at all; it is 24 hours operating and a very minimal black out.

Geselle, says: 2020

See what kinds of areas you’d be interested in moving to and call the people you know (if you know anyone) and ask around. If you don’t know anyone and you’re braving it on your own, call a realtor agency. There are plenty of companies that are specifically designed to help you relocate and they’ll tell you all the things you’ll want to know about the area you’re looking into. Utilize the resources that are available to you, it’ll make things a lot easier.

Lipa City has various jobs that will be a good help for people who would want to move to a different place but with the worry of finding a job. Also, it has different recreational places you can visit, where you can relax and build hobbies. Most importantly, the people in Lipa are hospitable.

Crizza, says: 2020

Lipa City, Batangas, is quite known for having the best strong coffee which is the “Barako” coffee. It has a strong aroma and flavor. Lipa City has also a historic piece. Segunda Katigbak resides in this city. She is one of the apple of the eye of the Philippine’s national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. The historical house of Segunda Katigbak was transformed into a magnificent and cozy museum. This city has also a lovely weather, especially when the “-ber months” has come. The temperature often falls into 20 degrees to 18. In this big city, there are a lot of places and beaches to go to. You just have to be adventurous enough to dare it all.

I think someone moving here should know the coffee here is the best. it is the tastiest, most delicious coffee the Philippines can offer. The flavor is very rich and strong, it will help you get through the day with the focus and energy you need.

Lipa City is terrific. It is known for its great food and culture. If you visit Lipa City, you will be delighted with how the food is being made. Religion also plays a big factor in promoting the culture of this city. It has a high elevation and cool wind that would make you feel cold.

Michelle, says: 2020

Lipa City has always been known for its residents’ great hospitality for visitors. If a person would like to consider living there, he would surely enjoy and experience peace and tranquility with its environment. Also, he would never feel as if he just moved out of the city. Instead, he will immediately feel at home, living comfortably with his fellow good neighbors.

Soligam, says: 2020

Lipa City is a wonderful city. It is full of history and traditions. We, Lipenos love the way it is. We celebrate Barako festive which is proudly from our city. We also love Lomi, a noodles with thick sauce and meat. Lipenos are also hospitable and humble but very noisy.

Cupidlyn, says: 2020

As I have heard recently, my city is considered the busiest and brightest in the entire province. It has the most number of business establishments, majority of which are still alive at night. There are two huge malls, a dozen factories and many huge hospitals – ones that also cater their services to people from neighboring cities and municipalities. It is also one of the places in the Philippines known for its high altitude, making it a degree or so colder than almost every place in the country. It has the best vibe for the cold season, especially when spent with a nice cup of coffee. It is the best place for an urban vacation.

Niliza, says: 2020

Someone who wants to move to my city should know light to moderate traffic often occurs at least three separate days in a week. However, cleanliness and peacefulness are really evident here. People here are indeed hospitable. There are also a lot of resorts and beaches around our area. Our city is very near the known Taal volcano.

Lipa City has a cool climate almost throughout the year. Living here since birth, our city has one of the best climates because it is neither too hot nor too cold so everyone, especially newcomers, would really enjoy staying here. Lipa City is also convenient in many aspects such as transportation, commerce, education, and livelihood as it is only an hour and a half away from Mania and most businesses are present here.

There a lot of food stalls here where you can find a variety of specialty dishes which are locally called Lomi. All of them taste awesome. Also, we have plenty of homegrown organic vegetables which is the main source of income of 50% of the population in our town. we have this local wine sold in every store.

Lezlie, says: 2020

The city, in the province of Batangas, has good weather as it has been dubbed as the third coldest city in the Philippines. Although Lipa City is in the province, significant changes have urbanized the area with various establishments such as malls and town centers modeled after famous town centers.

Lipa is the 3rd in the country with the highest altitude. That goes to say that on the cold season, our blankets are a little thicker and our mornings are breezier than most places in the Philippines. We also are very proud of a dish – Lomi – a noodle-based food that has a recipe no other cook in other cities can possible replicate.

Ronnielyn, says: 2020

Lipa city is one of the coldest cities in the country since it is in a higher place in the province of Batangas. to partner with the city’s cold weather, you can indulge to their specialty dish which is Lomi while enjoying their famous kapeng barako. in Lipa you will never feel out of place because Lipeños are known for their hospitable trait.

Kendra, says: 2020

Lipa is a well-loved city known for its sensational food parks, easy accessibility, and hospitable people. Milea Bee Farm, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, and Casa de Segunda are only some of the many tourists attractions here. Being one of the coldest cities in the Philippines, Lipa City is a commonly visited place in the CALABARZON region, especially during summer time.

Phemie, says: 2020

Lipa is a good place. There are so many opportunities that you can have here. However, there is sometimes a traffic issue that you can encounter when going to work so leave your house earlier than your schedule.

Lipa is a good place for residence. Aside from being a centralized city, its climate is good for living. Malls are easily located too. Schools can be reached using the main transportation – the jeepney. Its foods are known not only in the locality but also to the neighboring places.

Chrissy, says: 2020

Lipa City is known for delicious noodles named “Lomi”. Most especially if it’s rainy season, eating and sipping its hot soup. Aside from their well-known food, the city is also known in their craft like a swiss knife, which they called “balisong” and in there overlooking volcano named “Taal Volcano” which is beautiful, picturesque.

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