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Living in Las Piñas City, Philippines:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

107 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Las Piñas City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 107 people living in Las Piñas City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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The city is a first-class highly urbanized city in the Philippines’ National Capital Region. The people living in this city are warm, approachable, and happy. Establishments for the people’s welfare are present such as hospitals, schools, universities, churches, parks, restaurants, and many more. It is located near cities and convenient enough for travels and stays. Las Piñas City is a highly recommended city in my opinion after living here since 2018.

eunny jean alagos, says: 2023

It’s a budget-friendly version of most of the northern cities of the National Capital Region (such as Makati, Quezon, and Pasig City) as plenty of small businesses can be found in the innermost part of the city. The city can be explored and diverges from the main road of Alabang-Zapote Road, so there is a lot of public transportation available. However, rush hour can be a difficult time to travel in (7 AM and 6 PM) as many are commuting home. There are an abundance of malls and grocery stores to purchase your everyday goods and some farmer’s markets (or ‘palengke’ as we call them) around.

Stephen Benjamin, says: 2023

The city of Las Pinas lies in the Southern border of Metro Manila and Cavite. It belongs to the National Capital Region (NCR), and is an urban city that is developing at a high rate. This city is known to have many nicknames such as Salt center of Metro Manila, City of Love, etc. Public transport includes buses and a special vehicles called Jeepneys.

Precious, says: 2020

When someone is considering moving my city, Las Pinas, they should be prepared for the bad traffic they’ll experience. Search and buy a place in advance before moving in because vacancies in our city run out fast. Despite these bad characteristics of our city, everything you need is available here. Shopping malls, markets, restaurants, and job opportunities are present here.

Las Piñas City is known for our preserved culture and history. A bamboo organ from the 1800s is located in St. Joseph’s Parish of the city. Until now, it is still functional and it can produce a lot of sounds. Its pipes are made up of bamboo, thus it does not use electricity. Its sound is unique from an ordinary organ.

Las Piñas City is a highly urbanized city. Conveniently situated around malls and marketplaces which are just 5-10 minutes away. Transportation is not a problem for commuters, you can even just walk to the nearest convenience store. We are surrounded by cities like Sucat, Paranaque, Muntinlupa and Cavite. The airport is just 20-30 minutes away. The nearest beach is 3 hours away. It is a safe city. Lamp posts are lit every night and there are police post accessible. What’s fun is that everytime we celebrate the Christmas season, our city’s main highway is decorated with lights and colorful lanterns.

Catherine, says: 2020

For someone moving to Las Piñas, it may be a great choice if you consider business and leisure activities but one thing I see that is wrong in my city is the traffic. There are many mode of transportation available here in my city that’s why the traffic is terrible. But all in all, I would still recommend my city because of its beauty and you can do different activities, there are so many tourist spots around Las Piñas and the neighboring cities.

Alexis, says: 2020

One of the fastest growing communities in the Metro, Las Pinas is known to be the “Clean and Green” city in Metro Manila. Residents help out in maintaining the standards in cleanliness mandated by the local government. We also house the famous Bamboo Organ located in a church which boasts its Baroque style in architecture. For people who love to eat out and hang out with friends and family, a lot of booming entertainment places and malls are also to be found here.

Reuben, says: 2020

Our city is known for “bamboo”. In fact, our Bamboo Organ church is considered as natural history because of its bamboo pipes. It’s bamboo pipes consists of thousands of bamboos that is used every mass. And our city is known for being clean and green. Residents are very responsible for each garbage. Residents here are friendly and accommodating.

Richard, says: 2020

The person moving to this city will be taken to the Spanish era because of the infamous Bamboo Organ Church that’s been there since 1940s. Many are captivated with the city of Las Piñas.

Las Piñas City is known for its bamboo organ. This city was also known once as the cleanest city in manila. The city is also known for its long traffic jam. I would recommend everyone to visit this city because this is my home town. Mayor Vergel “Nene” Aguilar I the city’s leader.

Alistair, says: 2020

He must consider if he can endure traffic as Las Pinas is known to always have a heavy traffic. The roads are really narrow making it hard to overtake past other slow cars. Secondly, he must be also aware that Las Pinas is far from other central business districts like Makati and Taguig. It may cost him a lot in transportation.

Las Pinas City is a historic city. We have the world famous Bamboo Organ, which is the world’s only bamboo organ ever in existence. Las Pinas is a nice, walkable city with lots of parks and green spaces. If you like the outdoors and being active, you will like living here.

Danaila, says: 2020

Our city is known for its “Clean and Green” drive. You can also find here the well-known Bamboo Organ Church. There are malls everywhere. There are also establishments you can go to for your own needs, be it school, hospital or parks. You will not regret residing here in this city. It has so much to offer you.

Arriza, says: 2020

My city is known as the cleanest and greenest place in the region. One of the oldest church in the country is also found here and famous for its “bamboo organ” that is still being used in every Catholic mass celebration. Old folks in the city still celebrate festivals, parades and pageants. The food is also great here. One enjoy modernity in big malls around the city.

When moving to Las Pinas, people should know that traffic is a problem. People in the locality are known to be hospitable and caring. There are a lot of attractions to see in that area. Well, in some areas the place is quiet and serene. They will surely love there.

Alyssa, says: 2020

The people are friendly. Our city is clean although it has always a traffic jam. Even our taxi drivers are courteous. Almost corners of the street has malls. Restaurants are always clean although a lot of vendors on the street since Filipinos really love to eat.

Las Piñas City is one of the major residential area in Metro Manila. It is the passage from Metro Manila to Calabarzon Region specifically Cavite and Laguna Area. The Bamboo Organ Church and Mary Immaculate Parish Church also known as Nature’s Church is also in this City. Las Piñas City is the only city in National Capital Region that is free of fault lines.

Las Piñas City has very good and approachable people. The city of Las Piñas is one of the cleanest cities in Metro Manila. It has a good ambiance. People in the city loves rice cakes. And they usually use jeepney as their primary mode of transportation. I love the city I belong to.

Las Piñas was called The City of Pines. In the early days, they say that the place was full of trees and it was also a place where lots of bodies were buried underneath this busy city. History is rich considering that this is the fastest rising city among all others in the Philippines.

Las Piñas City is a highly urbanized city in Philippines. Every corner of the city has an accessible transportation and gives you your basic needs. You can also find jobs near your place. Las Piñas have the most wonderful and fun people to be with. You can find the one of the oldest church in the Philippines which is the “Bamboo Organ”.

Patricia, says: 2020

Las Piñs City is a wonderful place for someone who seeks a place to move because there are a lot of beautiful spots here. To name a few, we have BF Homes Food Crawl, Playbook Video Game Lounge and Bookshop, Kulay-Diwa Gallery of Philippine Contemporary Art, Filinvest Outdoor Activities, Bamboo Organ and Museum Tour, Freedom Islands.

Nathan, says: 2020

Las Piñas City is a suburban middle-income community, hence one has to go out of the city to go to school or their place of work.

Hashen, says: 2020

Las Piñas city has a big population. You should be prepared for the terrible traffic in Las Piñas city, but if you would be working in the city it is more convenient to live there. Everyday is a hassle just going to work with all the cars and public utility vehicles on the streets. There are also four malls that make traffic worse unlike other cities that would just have one or two.

Jhezarie, says: 2020

The City where I live is a very quiet neighborhood, most people know each other that is why we feel safe. It’s also very accessible to our basic necessities like food, groceries, and medicines. And the best part is that we are very near to one of the biggest malls which are the SM Southmall. And transportation is not a problem since we have tricycles and jeepneys if in case you don’t own a car.

Margie, says: 2020

Our city is a good place considering its day to day busy in the city the way of life is still a place good to live in. The economy in our city is very promising because of may establishments arising that promotes many jobs to the locals.

Kanizia, says: 2020

Las Piñas City is a great city found in the Philippines. It is known for being one of the cleanest city in the country. You can also find a family-like community here. People are welcoming and you will surely find peace and quiet. I love living in this city and I’m very much proud to be a part of it.

Misuzu, says: 2020

Las Piñas is one of the known good cities in the South. You can find a lot of food establishments that operates 24 hours. You will find most of the things that you need near you. Las Piñas being close to Alabang which is a central business district in the South.

For some people who is interested in moving here, They should be knowledgeable about our city’s culture and traditions so that it would not be hard for them to get friends. Also, they should have the traits that filipinos used to have such as being hospitable, kind and amicable, if they have those traits it would be easy for them to get along and bond within our neighborhood.

Steffi, says: 2020

When someone wants to live they should pick a place which is appropriate in their taste. considered the living expenses and the cost of rent are within his/her budget. There are some historical places like the Bamboo Organ Church so they can pick a place near it. consider his/her access to the transportation.

Caroline, says: 2020

There are a lot of subdivisions residing within the city, so proper knowledge of the twists and turns within villages would prove to be a great help. Considering this, there are also respective stickers for cars which would allow passage of guard houses. Failure to purchase these stickers will result in payment for each and every time one must pass through these said guard houses.

people are friendly and easy to go along with. Even though our place is prone to traffic, people here know different ways to deal with it. Also, you’ll never get bored if you want adventures and fun. There are different malls located here that can help you have fun.

Francis, says: 2020

Las Piñas City is known for its growing nightlife. There are malls within the vicinity and churches, restaurants, and a resort. Las Piñas City is also known for having a Bamboo organ in St. Joseph Parish Church. There are also chill spots within the area so you can hang out when you don’t feel like walking all the time.

Las Piñas City is an urbanized city in Metro Manila, Philippines. Metro Manila is the capital of the Philippines. The city is the center of the country’s economic, political, and cultural activities. It is the most Americanised of all Southeast Asian cities with many business and travelers. It’s a city with shopping malls and 5-star hotels. Manila is a beautiful city.

Las Piñas City has a very nice community, have a very nice people. It focus on making the city a green community. It is loaded of nearby schools, a place to hangout. The transportation is easy to manage and to learn. nearby a Hospitals and airports. The community also offers programs like free education. Offers jobs and more.

Kriscel, says: 2020

Las Piñas City lies at the heart of Metro Manila with noble landscapes and open scenery, far from the hustle and bustle of the capital, yet only a few hours from it. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants and a great place to hang out with friends, co-workers and family. The way of living is simple, convenient and peaceful.

If you are looking for a city which gives you access to the province and city life, Las Piñas is the right place for you. At the south of National Capital Region, Las Piñas offers a quick escape to busy streets of Manila. Aside from its peaceful environment, you’ll also love its people. The folks of the town will make you feel at home, be careful because you might forget that this is not your first home!

Sariah, says: 2020

Our city is known for being the cleanest City in the Philippines. People in Las Piñas are well disciplined when it comes to putting their trash to where it needs to be. Las Piñas City also has a friendly and warm community. Citizens here are welcoming and treat each other like family.

Angelyn, says: 2020

Las Piñas is a city in the middle of the metro. During the early mornings and late afternoons, the roads are usually packed with cars filled with people on their way home from work. Although this is quite an issue to some, locals find that in time, it’s worth getting used to. With its homey restaurants and friendly people, tourists will be able to feel that it is their home away from home.

Our city is known for its traffic. Heavy traffic is experienced on our main roads most of the time. Whether it is rush hour or not, weekdays, or weekends, traffic is the same. On the other hand, this city is full of good people. Citizens in our city are known for being helpful and cheerful people. I must say that even though we have this undeniable problem with traffic, you’ll still be glad as the people around are cheerful who never lost smiles on their faces.

Raphael, says: 2020

If you are going to move to Las Piñas, you have to be aware that it has fewer amenities compared to larger cities in the metro. Public hospitals are limited, so there is a lack of sufficient care for people, especially those who cannot afford private hospitals.

Our city is full of beautiful destinations that will certainly entice people. These destinations include malls, food spots, historical landmarks, clean parks, and activity centers. However, one disadvantage people might have when they move to this city is that there’s always a traffic jam the whole day. On a good note, I’d still recommend moving here since most people here are kind and hospitable.

Nestor, says: 2020

Las Piñas City is one of the cities in Metro Manila. It is a clean and developing city. A lot of residents are content to live here because of the benefits of the Local Government Unit such as discounted hospitalization, free education, etc. If you’re moving in, consider the following:

1. Budget – Since it is a developing city, the mortgage values are increasing. Nowadays, it’s hard to find a cheap rental.

2. Flooding – The country has two seasons: the wet and dry seasons. When there’s heavy rain, there are some places in Metro Manila that are affected by the floods.

For someone moving to Las Piñas City, know about the city’s background, the population, safety and other landmarks such as supermarkets, hospitals, the city hall and other community services. at least have an idea of the kind of people he might be acquainted to in his community.

The most important thing to know about moving here is the convenience it provides to its residents. Las Piñas City has a single straight line main road, Alabang-Zapote, which stretches for several miles. Within this road, there are plenty of malls and other facilities that are easily accessible since the barangays and other villages have their entrance/exits near these facilities.

Trisha, says: 2020

Anyone moving to Las Piñas must be ready to cope with the fast-paced city. Traffic here is the main antagonist to the common worker’s day. It can be a little hard to breathe with the towering buildings and sprawling malls but once you discover the beauty in the inhabitants of this city, you will find peace.

Galilee, says: 2020

It is a beautiful city. There are lots of trees and the people are nice. Also, there are many shopping malls to go to on the weekends. However, traffic is quite heavy, so you better be prepared for the rush hour. A usual 5-minute drive would take up to 20 minutes during rush hour.

Patricia, says: 2020

Las Piñas is a clean, peaceful city that has some beautiful restaurants. Las Piñas is known for its bamboo organ, salt beds, and jeepney factories. It is one of Metro Manila’s fastest-growing communities. It was one of the first settlements on the outskirts of Manila.

Las Piñas city is famous worldwide for its bamboo organ. In the Saint Joseph Parish, the bamboo organ is a musical instrument where its pipes were crafted out of bamboo. It has been visited by tourists and musicians from all around the world due to its striking beauty and uniqueness.

Every city in this place has its own specialty like Las Piñas it has a bamboo organ church that was built in 1984. It is one of the oldest church in manila. A church has an organ that is made by bamboo. Plus the way we celebrate Christmas here is not like any others.

Camille, says: 2020

This city is complete with everything you need. There are hospitals, schools, malls, markets, and subdivisions depending on the income your family has. However, a huge problem that this city has is the heavy flow of traffic. Although the country has this problem everywhere, it is especially worse here.

Chiruss, says: 2020

Las Piñas City is suburban area with a number of large shopping centers, hospitals, and schools. Without traffic, it would take a commuter an hour or two to get to the neighboring financial districts. A person moving to my city should take the following into account:

1) Due to an influx of foreign workers, the rent for most places is around 20 percent higher than normal. Local landlords favor foreign tenants because they usually pay a year or six months in advance, versus local tenants who pay once a month and at a much lower rate.

2) It would be best to know some English and Tagalog.

Jerelyn, says: 2020

Our city, Las Piñas, is very rich in culture and religious practices. There you can visit the famous Bamboo Organ Church or St. Joseph’s Parish. Its location is near the airport and many establishments in Manila (capital of the Philippines).

The tax values are very high in this place. Even so, rent is very affordable as this place is not as urbanized a it seems. Schools are very near to villages and subdivisions. Commercial places are very accessible and affordable. This place is a good start up for your business since schools and offices are just around the corner.

Andrea, says: 2020

Las Piñas is known for the Bamboo Organ church. It’s a church made of bamboo organ. We also have Water Lily Festival here where the waterlily sprouts were gathered from the pond and make it dress, pen holders, accessories, etc. There are malls everywhere to go to causing traffic everyday but the good thing is it’s accessible from wherever you’ll stay in the city.

If you are moving to our city which is Las Piñas, you must expect a heavy traffic because there’s a lot of road widening and highway constructions. Beyond that, our place is a very quiet and safer place. If you are a foodie person, there’s a lot of restaurants and coffee shops here you can visit that you can surely enjoy, the food, ambiance and the entire architecture.

Kathleen, says: 2020

Las Piñas city takes pride in its clean and green environment. Its mayor highly implements recycling and zero-waste management which makes the city cleaner than its neighbors. This is also only possible because its citizens abide the law and are well-disciplined. Las Piñas will definitely give a new breeze to its newcomers.

Weynard, says: 2020

Las Piñas City is recognized as Green City where clean bushes and trees are all over the place. Our city has the Bamboo Organ in a church. This is distinct to any cities in the Philippines. The people shows good hospitality and there are lots of mouth-watering food to eat and enjoy.

Our neighborhood is very peaceful. The people are very generous, helpful and cheerful. But moving here, one must consider a lot of things. One of them is considering their allotted budget for renting a house. Prices may vary according to the size and number of rooms. Also, you may also consider how accessible for commuting your neighborhood will be.

Keaton, says: 2020

The Bamboo Organ of Las Piñas City is famed as the oldest and the only musical organ made entirely of Bamboos. Then the yearly Fluvial Celebration of the City which is a parade of flower-decorated boats plying through the only river of the City. The remaining stretched of Pineapple plantations that the city was named after.

Genrev, says: 2020

He should know the local laws of the city. He should also consider the security aspect of the place. And he also must be aware of the characters of the people in that city. he should also take into consideration the culture, and customs and traditions of the people there.

Camille, says: 2020

Las Piñas’s City is a large neighborhood dominated by large gated villages or subdivisions. Alabang-Zapote Road is the Las Piñas’s major highway, running from Aguinaldo Boulevard in Bacoor, Cavite to National Road in Alabang, Muntinlupa. It is historically famous for the Bamboo Organ which was built by Father Diego Cera.

If you want to move in Las Piñas you need to be prepared because it’s hard to get an apartment that is cheap you will also will leave in suburban areas.

Las Piñas City is one of Metro Manila’s fastest growing cities. This city is one of the safest and cleanest cities of Metro Manila. It is famous for its Bamboo Organ which is found in St. Joseph Parish Church.

Julienne, says: 2020

If you are looking for a country style of living, you shouldn’t consider living in Las Piñas City. It is already a very populous and busy city, not to mention traffic is always heavy. However, if you desire accessibility, Las Piñas City is in the heart of the metropolis, with prime access to huge malls, schools and hospitals. It will only take you 15 minutes to reach the Ninoy Aquino international Airport. This city is also situated conveniently between key provinces of Luzon, such as Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, and the central business districts of Makati and Pasig. You may want to weigh in the pros and cons of living in this city first before making a final decision.

Jessica, says: 2020

It has good restaurants nearby and comfortable yet busy atmosphere. And there are mostly people are kind and generous here. Although it may be mostly hot here, you can refresh with juice nearby your place. Also, we have a nice places here. The houses are really beautiful.

Avigail, says: 2020

Las Piñas City is a city that can be found in the National Capital Region. Las Piñas City is known for many things. It is known for its Bamboo Organ, which was built by Fr. Diego Cera. This city is also a home to many cultural artifacts. It is one of the cleanest and safest cities that is found in the Philippines.

Las Piñas city is in the heart of Metro Manila, Philippines. This is one of the best cities in Manila where you can stay or reside permanently. In the past, most of its area fell under the Rizal province but later on it was included in Metro Manila. Then just few years ago, this town was upgraded to become a city because of the capacity to generate high income because of its dwellers.

Las Piñas City, as it is now being called, is known for it famous “Bamboo Organ”. This historic organ, created by Father Diego Cera in early 1800s, can produce high-pitch melodies. The organ itself is made up of bits of bamboos that were put together so as to produce the different clicks for baritones. The magnificence of music as it is being played every masses attracts people from all classes. Visitors flock to the city not because of the big malls on it but rather they want to witness the majestic playing of the historic bamboo organ.

The city is also tagged as the “cleanest city in Metro Manila” for the past years. The mayor allots a fraction of the budget to keeping the cleanliness of the city plus major undertakings on the continuous upgrade of the city when it comes to keeping it green. Planting trees and other ornamental plants in the area thrive among barangays.

Las Piñas City has a lot of tourist spots. We welcome foreigners here as if we are one family. We are hospitable and even though our city is not that rich or developed, an individual will never feel like an outcast. Plus we do have a lot of delicacies and events like Bamboo Organ Festival and everyone from the city will surely celebrate it with prepared food and drinks that anyone could come inside each other’s house for sharing.

Our city, although small, is quite a busy district. It is between three other cities therefore, it is expected that traffic is always congested. Additionally, we have a lot of malls, banks, and government branch offices within our city which makes not also contributes to the heavy traffic daily.

Las Piñas City is a very urbanized area. It belongs to Metro Manila which contained the most populated region in the Philippines. Since Las Piñas CIty is an urban area, there are various shops, malls, grocery stores, and other establishments to aid your needs. On my own perspective, one must consider comfortability, safety, and an area which is perfect for your needs, which are all present in Las Piñas City.

Las Piñas City is a good place because all the people here are hospitable, friendly, religious and most of all we are very respectful. Bamboo Organ which is one of the famous church in our country, located also in our City. We are near in Manila and Tagaytay province which you can free from your stress at work.

Eloise, says: 2020

Moving to Las Piñas has both an advantage and disadvantage. An advantage is that Las Piñas is like a “pathway” to many places like Cavite, Manila, and Laguna, places where most businesses are located. A disadvantage I can give as a resident of this city for 17 years is that, traffic here is really severe given that Las Piñas is the pathway to big cities.

Babeguil, says: 2020

I was currently living in Las Piñas City and well known in site near me was the historical Bamboo Organ which plays musical during the mass and all the people here was polite and respectful. My city was known as a tourist site and may people are coming here because of our Malls and high rise buildings and infrastructure. They also made a water lily recycled material which are sold by the locals.

Shynna, says: 2020

Las Piñas City is the home of the bamboo organ. The pipes are made out of bamboo, which gives a unique sound. If you love food then Las Piñas is for you because you can eat from fast food Chain and to high-end restaurants, that are just near your house or have it delivered.

Celina, says: 2020

It is important to note that traffic in Las Piñas City is quite heavy during peak hours of the day. This may be so simply because of its strategic location. It is in close proximity with Makati City, where a significant number of people are employed, and it is very near the international airport of the country’s capital city as well. Even so, the travel time to the beach is just around less than two hours away! this place I call home is somewhat like a cross between a quaint city and the industrial suburbs.

Las Piñas is one of the cleanest cities in Manila. Since it is in the south of the National Capital Region, greenery is very evident. There are a lot of trees, shrubs and flowers which helps keep the urbanization and rurality of the city at balance. If you want to breathe clean air while experiencing the city, moving in to Las Piñas is the way to go!

Vitoria, says: 2020

Las Piñas City is one of the cities you may find in the south of Metro Manila. This city was once called the “Salt Center” of Manila due to the overwhelming amount of hectares covered in salt beds for salt production. This City has been one of the cleanest and most peaceful cities in Metro Manila. Alongside this, the people here are very hospitable and many festive and fun activities can be found here like the Water Lily festival and different kinds of music festivals.

Cristina, says: 2020

Las Piñas is a residential neighborhood at the south of Metro Manila. It prides itself as being the cleanest city in Manila. Since the city is connected to both the countryside and the business district, employees find Las Piñas a very suitable place. Public transportation is highly accessible in the city.

Las-Piñas city is a great city it has malls, parks, schools, hospitals that are very accessible and very much visible. Las-Piñas is great city to move in. This city can be great place to have a new start, a new start for family, for education, for fun and for your own success.

Alexandra, says: 2020

Las Piñas is distinguished as one of Metro Mania’s fastest-growing communities. Continued economic growth, coupled with effective local governance, have earned Las Piñas the distinction of being Metro Manila’s cleanest and most peaceful city for three years straight. The life in city is fun because it is very accessible to all our needs.

Shantel, says: 2020

If you are moving to Las Piñas City, know the many malls that surround the city. Other than malls, there are also plenty of grocery stores open that can cater all your needs. In Las Piñas, you will also find the famous Bamboo Organ Church, with the very old bamboo organ still used during masses and other celebrations.

Las Piñas City is known for its big population hence, leading to a traffic jam every rush hour. However, there are still a lot of public vehicles you can ride on. The city officials are also finding ways to reduce traffic by providing different routes and shortcut roads. Nonetheless, this is city is what you can call your home.

Marianne, says: 2020

Las Piñas city is known for its horrendous traffic passing through Alabang-Zapote road. Its traffic rules are regulated by its city, unlike all other cities in the Metropolitan, they are regulated and implemented by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority. It is known as the home of a notoriously wealthy senator. The city may seem transparent but no outsider can know what meets beyond the eye.

Regiepe, says: 2020

Before moving to the city of Las Piñas, one must first be educated of its rich cultural history influenced by the Spanish colonizers which is still present today. The city is famous for the “bamboo organ” for this instrument is unique; as stated by the its name, it is made from bamboo. Las Piñas City is a great city to live because the people here are pro-environment which can be proven by the clean sidewalks and trees lining up the side of the road.

Las Piñas City is a small City in Metro Manila Philippines. Traffic here is very common. People here are very friendly and loves to sing and to travel. One of the most popular place in our area is the Bamboo Organ Church. It is a must visit place.

Know the beautiful places in our city like the known Bamboo Organ Church. And the people in our city are all kind and honest. Being in our city will make you feel safe, feel secured. And our city always implies cleanliness in the street. Living in our city will make you happy.

When moving to a city such as Las Piñas, it is important to know where you want to go. Las Piñas is a busy city with multiple streets that may prove confusing to tourists and non-local natives. For that reason, one should always consult some sort of online guide or map before embarking on a trip through Las Piñas. Thankfully, finding such guides have been made easy in the age of technology that we live in.

Katrina, says: 2020

Las Piñas City is known for heavy traffic jams. On the other hand, it is also known for being the cleanest city in Metro Manila. I love living here. There are malls and other commercial areas where you can easily grab food and other necessities.

Justine, says: 2020

When moving to Las Piñas City, you should consider how well you can handle heavy traffic, as this is one of the main issues lingering in the area. Due to this, there may be instances where driving or even public commute could tense the individual when traveling the streets. it is best for you to travel much earlier than you plan to, as transportation can be very tedious.

Jinhan, says: 2020

Las Piñas is one of the oldest cities in Metro Manila, Philippines. It is also very historic because of its sites and even the foundation of its well-known church – the Bamboo Organ Church. It consistently shows progress in terms of economy, living status, and infrastructure. The city has received numerous recognitions such as the cleanest city in Manila.

Everyone moving to Las Piñas City or any place in Metro Manila must be aware of the terrible traffic that has been a problem for many years. each of us must be responsible and professional enough to adjust and not blame traffic for running late in our school and even in our jobs. We must always remember to be positive in any difficult situations that we are going to face in our everyday lives.

I’m from Las Piñas City a small town in the south where traffic is very eminent but used to be an award winning place and declared as the cleanest and green city before. Today our city government is trying achieve its past recognition by implementing tree planting in Las Piñas and helping its people by giving free livelihood programs and seminars.

Reymart, says: 2020

Las Piñas City is a city between multiple cities, which is why traffic is terrible here. A lot of people go through our city when they’re traveling.

Las Piñas is a very beautiful place. You can go shopping everywhere. There are a lot of malls in Las Piñas. Our city is known for its bamboo organ, jeepney factories, and more. Our city is also one of Metro Manila’s fastest-growing communities. Here are some of the places I recommend you visit in Las Piñas. The Saint Joseph Church, Bamboo Organ Museum, SM South Mall, etc.

Leandro, says: 2020

If anyone moves here, the most important thing he/she should consider is the heavy traffic. For a small city, the population is high, and the amount of vehicles actively on the road at any time of the day. Another challenge would be the poor internet reception.

Mikaela, says: 2020

One important thing you should have to survive living in Las Piñas is a little something called a friendship sticker. This sticker, which is something you get from city hall, is like a hall pass that lets you pass through different villages instead of facing horrendous traffic in the main highway. When my family moved here two years ago, we didn’t see the point to going all the way to city hall just for one sticker, but after being stuck for hours in the main road, we gave it a shot, and our life hasn’t been the same since.

Wilbur, says: 2020

Las Piñas is unique from other cities in Metro Manila since it is mostly a residential community; comprised of several subdivisions adjacent to each other. Office buildings are in the neighboring city, Muntinlupa. This setup results in a more homey feel for residents of Las Piñas; and a more relaxed, laid-back atmosphere.

Manila is a beautiful city. The people are hospitable and friendly. Food is delicious, and there are many scenic spots around the metro. Traffic is bad in some parts of the city, and the weather can be extremely hot during summer, but overall it’s a good place.

Solaiman, says: 2020

Las Piñas City has almost everything you need. Although only a few people really know where it is as the nearby cities are more popular. It’s a city but doesn’t have high-rise buildings, most of the employees working in other cities live here since it’s more peaceful and convenient.

Pamela, says: 2020
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