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What are the most common languages spoken in Bloemfontein, Free State?

six local experts

Are residents of Bloemfontein typically multilingual? What languages are most common? Here's what six local experts had to say about language in Bloemfontein, Free State.

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Bloemfontein is a very friendly city in South Africa consisting of 570,000 residents. I’m originally from the Free State and most common languages spoken in Bloemfontein are Sotho, Tswana, Afrikaans and Xhosa.

This city is famously known as the City of Roses. It is where the Supreme Court of Appeals is situated. Home to mostly the Sotho and Afrikaans speaking people of this land, it also prides itself in being a diverse city that hosts people from all over the globe. Bloemfontein has a few tourist attraction sights but the most notable would be Naval Hill. A statue of former President Nelson Mandela is found at the top of the hill.

Rent is affordable and there are shopping centres everyplace. There are lot of university students because there are two universities. My city is known as city of roses because there are lot of roses found here. The majority of people speak Sotho and Tswana. This city is clean and has metered cabs if you do not have a car.

Molemo, says: 2020

For someone that is considering to move to Bloemfontein, they should know how to speak Sesotho or Tswana and English because they are a common spoken language among people in Bloemfontein. Also the weather in Bloemfontein is different from most states so the person must always check the weather forecast and what they say about the Climate in order for them to be ready for any day.

Bloemfontein is a city known for its rich history, it has a mixture of different cultures where everybody can learn about each unique languages. It even has world class rugby team known for winning a lot of matches it is the pride of Bloemfontein and the weather is just so perfect, when it is hot it is literally hot.

Debbie, says: 2020

Bloemfontein is the “City of Roses” because of the roses annual festival. It is known as the “Heart of South Africa” because it is in the middle part of the country. This small community is mainly occupied by Sotho and Afrikaans speaking people of South Africa.

Elizabeth, says: 2020
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