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Living in La Trinidad, Philippines:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

23 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit La Trinidad, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 23 people living in La Trinidad what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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23 comments on “La Trinidad”

You have to carefully scan and pack your things before departing. The weather depends on your altitude. When you live in the mountains, make sure to pack extra blankets and thick clothing. It is usually really breezy anywhere in here which is why you wouldn’t need to worry about getting scorched by the heat.

Hijanel, says: 2020

Living in La Trinidad is not as stressful as living in other municipalities in the country. La Trinidad is very much similar to Baguio City, not ignoring the fact that they are located right beside each other. Food and living is much cheaper in here. The people are nicer, and the crime rate is the lowest in this place.

Kimberly, says: 2020

La trinidad is considered to be one of the best town in the philippines with the best climate. The place is known to be the summer capital of the philippines and easy access to fresh vegetables. Therefore I conclude, Staying in a town like ours is very accommodating for new people. Warm welcomes and Hearty smiles from the local upon arrival too.

Rolando, says: 2020

La Trinidad is known as the “salad bowl” of the Philippines. It is also where strawberries, vegetables, and coffees usually came from. The most common job here is farming and most people here in La Trinidad are very conservative when it comes to their culture. Arabica coffee is one of the native coffee here in La Trinidad and mostly they recommend it for tourists to try and experience the soothing taste of arabica coffee.

Kimberley, says: 2020

Our city or municipality is known for its unique weather and for its topography. It’s cool here even in summer because this place is surrounded by mountains. Businesses are blossoming here so it is very conducive to create and start a business here. Even for education, our municipality is known as one of the leading education center in our country. I really like to tell other people about this place not only for its uniqueness but also for the humble and friendly locals here. we have different varieties of strawberries here that you can directly pick from the farm.

Ronnette, says: 2020

Our city or municipality is popular in our country because of its topography and the weather. It is also known for tourists for having wide strawberry plantations with different varieties. Because of its cool weather, tourists come and go so businesses are increasing so not only our municipality is not only good for staying but also for business and for working.

Mariel, says: 2020

La Trinidad, Benguet known throughout the country as its strawberry capital of the Philippines. Every summer, there is a festival celebrated with the display of strawberry produce and flowers that are locally grown. The town I also closely related to Baguio City as the City o Pines with a lot of pine trees and a cool temperature.

La Trinidad is best known for being a cool place and for its popular for its strawberry plantations where you can pick strawberries directly from the plants. It has also two main mountains that most tourists come see and appreciate. They are the Mount Kalugong and Mt Yangbew. It is also a few kilometers away from the Baguio City, the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”. And lastly, we, the locals are very friendly.

In the Cordillera region in the Philippines, La Trinidad is the home of indigenous people such as the Kankanaeys and Ibalois. It is a municipality that serves as the capital of the province of Benguet, making it the central trading center of the province. it is known for the beautiful flowers and various highland vegetables grown in the area.

Emmanuel, says: 2020

La Trinidad is a magnificent valley and has various mountains to hike. There are also several attractions that would surely engrave your hearts with joy. La Trinidad may be ignored by most travelers but little that they know that the valley is flourishing with farms of flower and vegetables. Creativity can also be seen along the streets filled with art that strongly represent the people’s culture.

Vienna, says: 2020

La Trinidad is called the summer capital of the Philippines due to its climate. It is a small highly urbanized city in Northern Luzon. La Trinidad is a favorite haven of local and foreign tourists. The climate here is very helpful to the production of vegetables and the famous strawberry fruit. It is the safest city in the country.

Sophia, says: 2020

La Trinidad is a municipality and it is called the “Salad Bowl of the Philippines” because the farmers from the province of Benguet delivered their plants to La Trinidad to be sold. La Trinidad is famous for strawberries at the Strawberry farm at Swamp, La Trinidad, and they celebrate it’s festival every March of the year.

Charlene, says: 2020

We live near the marketplace and everyone here is kind. It is a small place and almost everyone knows each other. Everyone enjoys it here because there are lots of farm and we are famous for our strawberry farm where a lot of tourist visits. You can hand pick your own strawberry.

Enrico, says: 2020

Every March of the year, the capital of La Trinidad brings out the best produced strawberries. As a tradition in many parts of the Philippines, the Strawberry Festival is a form of celebration and thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest. It has won several tourism awards and has even managed to achieve a Guinness World Record. In 2004, local bakeries baked the biggest strawberry shortcake ever created, weighing at 9,622.23 kg.

Justin, says: 2020

La Trinidad is a municipality in the province of Benguet, Philippines. Our Municipality is known for its strawberry plantation, highland vegetables, and cut flowers since most of residents here are farmers. The crime rate in our municipality is very low. Our municipality also offers a high quality of education.

Beanie, says: 2020

The place on which I live offers a lot of things to do. One can go on long walks during early mornings, jogs on rugged terrains or just simply sipping coffee while watching the sun rise on the horizon. You one can also marvel at the view of the sunset as it displays it’s wonderful beauty as the day comes to an end.

Maricar, says: 2020

our city was quite populated and that traffic is a common problem in town. Houses are close to each other and rent always tend to get high. Farm lands are no longer available for everyone to enjoy. Though trees are still protected on higher areas.

Meryll, says: 2020

I’m from La Trinidad at the Philippines. People here are friendly, humble and always love to welcome new citizens. It might be a urban community but life here is simple yet peaceful. Being part of our beautiful and mountainous place you will appreciate the breathtaking views of its tourist sites.

We are surrounded by mountains and you can witness a lot of pine trees making our city a cold place especially December to February. The people here are hospitable enough to offer you a good place to stay for a night and respectful. In terms of tourist spots, there are a lot of places you can visit like the Strawberry farm, Mt. Kalugong, Mt. Yangbew if you are an adventurous person.

La Trinidad, Benguet, is a place of strawberries. Local tourist and even foreigners visit here to buy the specialty of my hometown. Spectacular scenery can also be seen because it’s surrounded by magnificent mountains and fresh breeze of air. It’s not also hard to make friends with the locals here, since they are simple and friendly.

Isabel, says: 2020

Someone who may be moving here should know it is a cold and rainy place. We also live in a mountainous area and hiking is essential. Living here could open up the perspective of one’s idea of culture and tradition. having an off-roader vehicle is a big plus in our area to getting from place to place.

La Trinidad is the Salad Bowl of the Philippines and is home to the famous strawberries. To the person who will reside in La Trinidad, be aware that the climate year-round is cooler than the rest of the Philippines. You should bring clothes suited for the cold weather. Locals are also conservative therefore you should wear clothes that are appropriate to wear in public.

We have cool weather. My city is in the north of the Philippines and we are famous for registering the coldest temperatures. Our city has a pine-scented breeze, the freshest strawberries, and an abundance of highland vegetables.

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