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Living in Kota, Rajasthan:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

18 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Kota, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 18 people living in Kota what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Kota is known as a coaching hub of India for medical and engineering entrance exams. Kota saree is famous due to its unique texture and someone wandering around the forts and lakes. Chambal river sunset view is a famous tourist attraction in Kota. People of the city are very humble and they take care of their history.

Pranami, says: 2020

1. My city is the education hub of the country where students from all over the country come here to prepare for their engineering entrance exams.
2. My city is well developed with 24*7 water and electricity supply along with being an economical city.
3. My city is famous for its food especially kachori, a fried dish made of refined flour with stuffing.

Alicia, says: 2020

Kota is also called education city. it is called education city because kota city has many coaching institutes for study and kota has fine environment for study. kota is come in state Rajasthan which is remember for his historical purpose. kota has the longest bridge which is Hanging bridge.

Pravina, says: 2020

Known as city of education, many students from all over India come over to Kota and stays for a year or two to prepare for IIT-JEE and AIIMS examination in coaching institute for example Resonance, Allen etc. There are many tourist spots in Kota which is also a source of attraction for Tourist.

Saurav, says: 2020

People moving here. They must be know some kind of information about my city. That is useful for them. They must be know about what kind of hotels are there in city and which hotel is the best suitable for them. They also know about places to roam around.

Kota is the Education Hub, as many IIT aspirants come here for their future education. In Kota we have best coachings such as Allen, Career Point, Bansal, Resonance and more. Here we have many gardens, lakes, etc. There’s Seven Wonders Park in Kota which comprises of all the seven wonders of the World.

Kota city is known as education city. It has many coaching Centres. Many students came from different states of India to study. Kota is also famous for kota stone. There are copy of the seven wonder near the kishor sagar talab. Kota is a very good and beautiful city.

Ruttika, says: 2020

If you are thinking to start a new life in Kota, know this place is an education city of India. you would easily find a nice place and good food at reasonable price. You can visit many ancient places, sit beside the Chambal river, enjoy the sunset at beautiful sunset points.

Athira, says: 2020

Kota is known as educational city. Kota provides students to prepare for their future exams especially IIT and AIIMS. The weather here is actually good. summers are super hot and winters are super chilled. The people here are of great hearts, always ready to help each other. My city is a center of trade, industries and education. We are well known for the sweet and spicy food that we make. Some people from nearby cities come just to have either their dinner or breakfast at our city. In this urban life, it is quite hard to find peace. However, my city taught me that even in the busiest time, life can be calm and serene.

The city I reside is an educational hub with students from all over the country comes for engineering and medical entrance examination preparation. Though a city with less population, it is a city comprising of all the amenities one requires for a better standard of living. This city is a perfect blend of modern world and contemporary world.

Michael, says: 2020

Kota is an educational hub all over the world. Students from all over India come to Kota for the preparation of either NEET Or IIT-JEE. Kota is also famous for its Kachoris, Kota sarees, Kota stone and Kadke which is a very tasty type of namkeen. There are many popular places over there like Seven Wonders Park, Kishore Sagar Talab, Jag mandir etc.

Kota is called an education hub. Kota is famous for its kachori. The Thermal power plant is also in Kota. The Chambal river also flows through Kota. Yearly, 1,000s of students come to Kota for studies. Kota is also known for its kota stone and kota doria sarees.

I think it’s a great place. People here are very humble and helpful. It has a very peaceful environment. Some of the words best views and locations are located here. It’s a children friendly environment. School, colleges, grocery stores, Markets all are at convenience. Some of the world’s best cuisines are here for you to taste.

Deepak, says: 2020

Kota city is an Educational and Coaching hub of India to prepare for Medical and Engineering competitive Exams, Approx four lac Students get admission yearly to prepare and train their minds for apex competition to contribute to nation and gain professional excellence in life. The Economy of the City is highly regulated by the students mobility.

Rounak, says: 2020

Kota is known for education, kachori, kota stone, kota saree. one can move here for so many reasons. kota is very beautiful city. Here students are coming with their family also. kota is a education hub. kota provides environment to the students like their own place. There is so many student who came and achieve their dreams.

Mayank, says: 2020

Kota is the city on the chambal rivers. Kota is famous for producing 1,000s of engineers and doctors. It is a hub of coaching institutes. Kota is also famous for its kachori, kota stone and kota doriya sarees. All summing up, moving to kota will be your best plan. The people, the atmosphere everything is unique and pure in kota.

Sonali, says: 2020

Kota is an educational city and it’s a smart city which is middle of the state. There are lots of visitors visit to see the places like kishor sagar talab, seven wonders, lake place, Jal mahal. This is City of pride and glory. This place is great. One the favourite place of all time in this city is seven wonders.

Kota is the city which is famous for various things. One of the important term by which Kota is recognised is “Educational Hub”. Kota is famous for spicy food, where Hadoti culture is followed. Know Kota is the city of Rajasthan where there are various sites to visit like seven wonders, Chambal river, etc.

Akshar, says: 2020

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