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Living in Kisumu, Kenya:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

22 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Kisumu, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 22 people living in Kisumu what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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22 comments on “Kisumu”

If you are moving to Kisumu city, know that the local delicacy is fish and corn flour. The nightlife is very vibrant.

Gabriel, says: 2024

If you’re moving to Kisumu city, know that you will receive warm welcoming from the robust fish-eating Luo people around the city, not forgetting the fresh lake breezes that will definitely make your day. Additionally, know that you will, at times experience hot temperatures since the city is located along the equator.

PASCAL, says: 2024

This is a lakeside city with all the ambience and lake food cuisine. The people are lovely and friendly.

Noline, says: 2024

If you’re moving to Kisumu city, the town is beautiful with modern facilities. The locals are very friendly and welcoming. The city boasts of the 2nd largest fresh water lake in the world. Also the city has lakeshores for some of the most majestic sunrises and sunsets. Lastly Kisumu city has plenty delicious food, especially fish, and the fish is fresh from the lake Victoria.

If coming to Kisumu, be prepared for amazing cuisine from the culture rich Western Kenya.

Humphrey, says: 2023

Kisumu city is very urban with modern facilities. The inhabitants are very friendly and welcoming. The city boasts of the 2nd largest fresh water lake in the world. The flora and fauna is very rich with some very unique species. Don’t forget to visit the lakeshores for some of most majestic sunrises and sunsets.

Kisumu is a lakeside city in Kisumu characterised by hot temperatures and cool breezes. It has ample tourist destinations such as Impala Park, Kit Mikayi, Dunga Beach, The museum among others. It has two two major open air markets namely Kondele and Kibuye. You can enjoy boat rides on Lake Victoria and fish cuisines.

Gilbert, says: 2020

Kisumu is the best city ever. You can find big hotel in kisumu city. Our city is the city where you can find good things that can help solve your problem. Kisumu city is the best place where you can get job opportunities and it is the cleanest city in the world.

Alexander, says: 2020

Other than the warm climate, Kisumu City offers some of the greatest tourist attractions in Kenya. You will also enjoy eating fresh fish from the lake at Dunga Beach. Lake Victoria also offers an ideal destination for boating, kayaking, and fishing. Kisumu City is also one of the cleanest towns in Kenya.

It is a hot place during the day with cool breezes in the evening and chilly winds in the wee hours of the night. One of the cleanest cities in the country and a business hub for East African countries. It is an awesome place to raise a family.

Lilian, says: 2020

Kisumu is a friendly place, known to have social people. There are lots of tourist attractions, if you love touring that is. There are great hotels to chill out, parks, and arcades as well. The climate is hot and wet, the sun gets slightly above 24 degrees at noon, which is great.

Sharon, says: 2020

Kisumu, the place I live, is a very humid place as it is near the lake, Victoria, although, that means it is full of mosquitoes hence someone should be prepared with a fan and mosquito repellent. It is a very wonderful city to reside in with great places to visit!

Gregory, says: 2020

Kisumu is a bustling city. It seldom experiences rainfall and the weather is fairly hot. A light wardrobe is recommended if visiting Kisumu. The most popular tourist attraction site to be found in Kisumu is the vast Lake Victoria that can be viewed from various vantage points such as the Dunga Beach. Residents of Kisumu are friendly, welcoming and fun loving.

Christopher, says: 2020

Kisumu city is in the west of Kenya. The city started as a railways station linking Uganda and Kenya through water transport. The town later grew as the largest Nyanza economic city linking to various towns including Kisii, Kakamega, Homa-bay Busia and Bungoma. Kisumu is always one of the most affected city with political violence in the country after every election period due to that the opposition leader comes from this region.

Makena, says: 2020

Kisumu is one of the three cities in Kenya with a population of about one million. Kisumu city is next to lake Victoria. Kisumu city is over 100 years old and was an administrative post in the colonial years. Kisumu has a game park along Lake Victoria with animals such as hyenas and monkeys.

The city has a hot and wet environment and is quite big. It is headed by a governor and its main market is called Kibuye market. It’s also surrounded by lake Victoria which is a major tourist attraction site in the area. It also has a park called the Impala park.

Kisumu is in the former Nyanza province which is now known as Kisumu county. It is along the Equator. It is next to Lake Victoria. It has the best environment for tourism and business. It has the best scenery that everyone loves.

Victor, says: 2020

Kisumu city is the third largest city in Kenya after Nairobi and Mombasa. It’s in the west of the country; bordering, Homabay, Vihiga and Siaya counties. It borders a freshwater lake and therefore wine of the most serene tourist destination to both citizens and non-citizens. Major inhabitants of the city are the nilotic speaking tribe known as the Luo. Such a beautiful city.

Marilyn, says: 2020

Compared to other counties in Kenya, Kisumu is one of the safest places in the country. The are minimum criminal activities and the police are strict on their job. Kisumu is also known to have the best fish in the country since it is near the lake Victoria. It has also a offers a lot of jobs for everyone nevertheless of the career.

Taylor, says: 2020

Kisumu, which literally means a place of barter trade “sumo” and officially known as Kisumu City, is the Kenyan inland port city on Lake Victoria and the capital of Kisumu County, Kenya. It is the third largest city in Kenya after the capital, Nairobi, and the coastal city of Mombasa.

Dennis, says: 2020

Kisumu is a port town. It is prominent for its friendly residents. It has several hotels including Lakeview hotel. The city is well known for the many malls within it including United Mall that harbours KFC. It has roads that are modernised and well managed traffic.

Kisumu city has a population of about 700,000 people. The city is a port that is on the shores of Lake Victoria. Apart from having an excellent museum, the city also has several tourist attractions. One of them is the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary which is just a kilometer from the city’s central business district.

Kennedy, says: 2020

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