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Living in Kelowna, Canada:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

ten local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Kelowna, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked ten people living in Kelowna what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:


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The restaurant district in Kelowna covers the entirety of the spectrum with options from fast food up to five star wineries and everything in between. Within this range there are many restaurants and businesses that honour the farm to table living style of the city. This gives patrons many accessible choices for good high quality food grown in the plains and valleys around their homes. In all Kelowna is a well rounded city with attractions for all crowds and walks of life. It is a highly recommended place to visit during any season, and an even better place to live.

Joshua, says: 2020

Someone moving to the city of Kelowna should know it is a beautiful, scenic city, with mountainous views. It has a diverse population and many employment opportunities for job seekers. The city is also only a three hour drive away from Vancouver, British Columbia, which has a variety of shopping malls and outlets.

Charley, says: 2020

Kelowna is near the large Okanagan Lake where Ogopogo, a mythical sea creature, resides. The beaches there are open to all! Alongside the shores are places to get great food with great service. Downtown has stores with amazing products that are great to send home back to the family. Traffic might be hectic but only around rush hour, of course.

Heather, says: 2020

The culture surrounding the valley is deeply rooted in traditional native heritage, creating a unique environment for those who visit. Throughout the downtown sector there are many monuments and sculptures depicting the beliefs and traditional values of those who originally inhabited the land. Along with this the entirety of the west side of the lake is dedicated to the natives, giving them large swaths of land that they may choose to never develop, meaning that there will continue to be a strong nature sector in the valley, leaving much of the landscape untouched.

Denise, says: 2020

Kelowna was built upon a retiring demographic, filled with people who enjoyed spending their time outside, but enjoyed spending their money even more. This led to the development of a world renowned wine industry, with over 120 wineries within a single valley. The valley houses four distinct lakes, each boasting their own unique attractions and attributes.

Taylor, says: 2020

Kelowna, located in British Columbia, Canada, has just 133,000 citizens. Despite the relatively small nature of the city, it boasts a very active tourism industry which has led to the creation of a bustling center for all occasions and all seasons. Kelowna is unique for the people that live here, to the landscape, to the industries that support the valley.

When you are moving to Kelowna, one must be aware that this city is a retirement city and the activities one can do here are activities that are said to be family oriented. It might also be helpful to consider purchasing a car for your own convenience.

Nadira, says: 2020

Kelowna is one of the healthiest cities in Canada due to the plethora of activities available to visitors and citizens. There are strong road and mountain biking clubs, running clubs, hiking, swimming, golf, mountain climbing, and any water sport imaginable, as well as big mountain skiing and snowboarding, making it a well rounded city for any athlete or hobbyist.

Kelowna has grown to become a melting pot of many different cultures from all over the world, creating a unique array of churches, restaurants, and architectural styles. It is an open and welcoming city with an environment that is set to attract many more unique individuals and families to diversify the city to an even greater extent.

Pairing the lakes and the sweeping hills with the robust wine industry, it brings about an environment reminiscent of the Italian countryside. This in turn has led to a strong automotive sector, in which people of all demographics and walks of life share a passion for carving the mountain roads, in motorbikes, sports cars, and even trucks for those who are looking to play in the mud.

Maideyi, says: 2020

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