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Living in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

34 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Kanpur, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 34 people living in Kanpur what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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The person moving to Kanpur should know about Railway station, Bus stop and Airport first. Then after reaching these said points, they should inquire for fare to their destination. If they have to stay at hotels or paying guest houses they should learn about fare, safety measures etc. For touring purpose they can learn about various famous religious places here like JK temple, Iskcon temple, Bithoor math, Z square mall(The biggest in city), Water park, etc.

Nirupaka, says: 2020

Kanpur is the biggest city of the state and is the main centre of commercial and industrial activities. Formerly it was known as Manchester of India. Now it is the commercial capital of Uttar Pradesh.

It is on the most important national highways no. two and 25 and state highway, the main Delhi-Howrah railway trunk lines and at the bank of holy river Ganga. It is about 126 meters above the sea level. Presently civilian air-service to Delhi is available for the city at Ahirwa. The other nearest civilian airport Amausi (Lucknow) is 65 KM away from Kanpur.

The cost of living is modest compared to other metropolitan cities. Further, it is a small city with all facilities such as education for children, health etc. If one is religious, Bithoor is a religious pilgrimage place is very close.

Kanpur is the city which is at the bank of River Ganges. This city is well known for its leather business and it also has historic importance in the history of India. Kanpur is one of biggest city of India. It is placed at fifth. There is mixed population of Hindu and Muslim.

1. I live in a city which is called the “Leather Capital of the World”. Anybody moving here should give some thought to the leather industry because there’s a lot of scope.
2. Avoid going out late at night. That’s not very safe.
3. The temperature varies. In summers it goes beyond 45 degree whereas in winters, it’s around 10 degrees. Anybody moving should make the necessary arrangements.
4. Don’t engage yourself with the local politics. It’s of no use. Don’t even talk politics because if people don’t agree with your views, you’re in grave danger!
5. The city is expensive compared to others of the same size and population.

Abhinay, says: 2020

Kanpur is a great city with affordable lifestyle. The only thing that needs improvement is the city’s infrastructure. Roads are not that good for high speed vehicles. We have multiple street food options and all those are very affordable and super tasty.

Kanpur is one of the biggest industrial city of North India after New Delhi so one should should be wary of the pollution levels and overpopulation of the city. Apart from it Kanpur has a great historical importance in freedom struggle of India. In Kanpur you can enjoy various delicacies.

Subash, says: 2020

Kanpur is famous with the name “Leather City of the World”. Kanpur is a metropolis in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. The greater metropolis is divided into two districts: the urban district of Kanpur Nagar and the rural district of Kanpur Dehat.

Priyanjali, says: 2020

Kanpur is an urban city in which abundant education facilities and health services are available for the people. Besides the pollution free environment, there are also many employment opportunities. It is the largest producer of leather in India and is very popular for its leather products. There are also many parks for playing and cheap houses to stay. The Kanpurites are helpful and respect each other without discrimination.

Meghna, says: 2020

Kanpur is the biggest city in the state and is the main center of commercial and industrial activities. Formerly it was known as Manchester of India. Now it is the commercial capital of Uttar Pradesh. Nestled on the banks of the eternal Ganga, Kanpur stands as one of North India’s major industrial centers with its own historical, religious and commercial importance. Believed to be founded by king Hindu Singh of the erstwhile state of Sachendi, Kanpur was originally known as ‘Kanpur’. Historically, Jajmau on the eastern outskirts of present-day Kanpur is regarded as one of the most archaic townships of Kanpur district.

Amrinder, says: 2020

Kanpur is in Uttar Pradesh, India. Kanpur city is safe and full of facilities which is required for common people. In Kanpur city you can find best agricultural university and lots of colleges in various field. Some famous temples and historical places are also in the city. The river Ganga also passes in the city.

Amruta, says: 2020

Kanpur has a wide range of cultural variety just like my whole country does which enables it for people to understand the many traditions and the way other people live around the world. People of multiple religion, from Hinduism to Muslims live together in harmony and make the place a big playground of several cultures.

Devnandan, says: 2020

This city is known for leather business and it is at the bank of river Ganges. It has also a historic importance in the freedom of india. Kanpur is fifth metro city of India after Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, and Chennai.

Khushboo, says: 2020

Kanpur is one of the safest cities in Uttar Pradesh. People here, are quite welcoming and humble to every tourist. It’s richest productivity in leather attracts people across the globe. It is widely considered a city of humility and ambition. It guard with the edge of Uttrakhand valleys and the plain of The Ganges. Last but not the least, It is an emblem of Trustworthiness and Honesty.

Shikha, says: 2020

Kanpur is a place where you can find prosperity among religions, where you can find Ganges and Yamuna a well. Kanpur is known best for its quality leather products. Transportation is relatively cheap here compared to other cities. Also, kanpur is one of the largest cities of Uttar Pradesh and has been ranked as 8th in India.

Bhagyashree, says: 2020

Kanpur is a metropolis in state of Uttar Pradesh in India. It is famous for leather industries and various other mills and industries. The greater metropolis is divided into 2- the urban district Kanpur nagar and the rural district as Kanpur Dehat. It has some attractive and famous shops like Thaggu ke Ladoo and Badnam Kulfi which attracts a greater audience due to it’s appealing name and quality products.

Kanpur is known as “leather hub”. famous for coaching hub of IIT and Neet. Here anyone can survive easily as living expenses are low compared to any city with more facilities around them. Most common place where people go to fresh their mind is ganga bairaj bairaj and maggie point is also famous.

Kanpur is one of the developed cities in Uttar Pradesh and many shopping malls are open here. In recent years, the town has started to flourish better than ever before. Many world-renowned brands have also begun selling their products here. Although it is an industrialised town, not all parts of it are equally developed. There is a stark contrast between the living standards of the rich and poor. Thus there exists widespread poverty too. Slums are common to find. For transportation, people rely on their own cars and bikes or the common man’s e-rickshaws. Fast food common to the city includes delicious samosas and kachori. continental and English dishes are also available. Also, watch out for cows and dogs. They roam the streets frivolously.

Ritesh, says: 2020

Kanpur is one of the best clean city in India. There are various opportunities for sports person as there are lots of stadiums. There are many factories as they provide employment and people here are friendly and kind. Kanpur is the 2nd populated city in Uttar Pradesh after Lucknow. There are various educational institutions like IITs.

Rumaiz, says: 2020

About the district, Kanpur is a major industrial city in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India. The city is on the south bank of river Ganges. Located 60 kilometers west of the state capital Lucknow, the city is known as the industrial capital of the state. The city is believed to have been founded by King Hindu Singh of the Sachendi kingdom. The original name of Kanpur was ‘Kanpur’.

Suvankar, says: 2020

Kanpur is also known as leather city, so if anybody wants to move to the kanpur then he/she must ready to face pollution and dust. Leather Industries caused lots of air pollution in the city. But the cost of living in kanpur is very less compared to other cities of Uttar Pradesh.

Kanpur is really a place, loved by all whosoever visits it as it is a city which has facilities that enables one to survive here and lead a quality life comfortably as it is not that costly and it does have all the facilities a developed city would be having.

Aditya, says: 2020

Nothing much, it is very easy to move in this city. There is a lot about this city know like here’s transport system, hotels rent, famous places, and know map of the city to go anywhere around the city. Climate of this city is not same in every season so you have to make your body adaptable to adjust here.

Khadija, says: 2020

Once known as Manchester of the East, Kanpur is still a big commercial hub in Uttar Pradesh. On the bank of holy river Ganga, Kanpur can easily be dubbed as a desi town with all the modern amenities. While it’s famous for its leather, the city is also infamous for its pollution, tobacco consumption, bad roads.

Vignesh, says: 2020

Kanpur is the city that is known for its leather and textile industry. It is a city with good attractions and has one of the greatest educational institutes, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT Kanpur). Kanpur is a metropolitan city that lies on the bank of river Ganga. It has a great historical perspective as well.

A historic city to settle down in, not expensive in its lifestyle costs. An industrial city with a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Two IITs are established in Kanpur city which allows for high quality technology education to students of the city. The two main languages used in the city are Hindi and English.

Rutuja, says: 2020

Kanpur is a very ongoing and developing city. The people of kanpur their heart lies in this city. Famous temples and famous monuments make city more different. Be it any thing we’re development at a great rate. Our famous motijheel and different educational institutions like IIT kanpur and Psit are very good.

Satveer, says: 2020

As Kanpur city is my birth place, I am so attached with this city. This city has lots of jobs because it is famous for massive industries like leather goods manufacturing, textiles sugar refineries etc. There are also lots of places for tourist attraction like JK Temple, ISKCON Temple etc. The city is full with fun and opportunities for freshers.

Jaheer, says: 2020

Kanpur was once called the Manchester of East India due to its large collection of mills related to jute industry but now since the mills have been closed, now it’s very known for its leather products like leather shoes, belts and this industry has a capitalization of near about 6000 Cr.

I hail in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. It is renowned for manufacturing of leather tanning and detergents in the world wide. This city is full of chaos with crowd. It has big spacious parks, good food joints and malls. Infrastructure is not well built here. People are very helpful in this city.

Dhvani, says: 2020

Kanpur is one of the well known cities of India. It has factory area and temples around it. It’s previous name was kanha pur after it was named Kanpur. Indian national Congress conference was held in 1925. The has many historical buildings. People come here to do business. J.K. temple is also situated here. It is very close to Lucknow. Education hub is also here for medical courses.

Kanpur is a wonderful city and it is the hub of many cultures and you can earn your livelihood very easily and the things are also is the hub of cheaper than other cities so that anyone can live his life in a proper manner. Kanpur is the hub of leather industry and there’s a lot to see in kanpur.

Siddhant, says: 2020

how much religious temple is there in the city and do not forget to see their opening and closing time time and most importantly the biggest zoo of Asia which is in this city so that they enjoy the city of (bhaukaali) and seriously they have to make distance from the people because the people in this city may angry too fast.

Madhuvanthi, says: 2020

Kanpur is on the bank of river Ganges. It is one of the most populous city of the world and hence it is crowded. Traffic is a major problem. The people here are social, friendly and quite helpful. The property in the city is quite costly.

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