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Living in Imus City, Philippines:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

61 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Imus City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 61 people living in Imus City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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61 comments on “Imus City”

Our city has all you need, a nearby market, church, and schools. Transportation is not a problem. There is a bus station near and if you would like to go on shopping there is a mall where it will just take you about 10 to 15 minutes’ drive.

Celina, says: 2020

Our city is very popular here in Cavite. You can mention Lumina Mall as the landmark. Lumina Mall is also known as TaskUs building. TaskUs is a BPO company that provides customer service to different clients. You can also find many food stalls along the streets o Imus. Aside from these food stalls, you can also find the nearest supermarket, Waltermart–which has already been owned by one of the richest businessmen here in the Philippines, Henry Sy.

Joanne, says: 2020

The city of Imus is quite famous for its historical landmarks since this was a place for memorable historical revolutions. Some historical sites have been preserved for the tourists to see. It has been also used as an educational tool for learners who want to study and learn more about the country’s history.

Alyssa, says: 2020

I currently lived in Imus Cavite wherein, there are a couple of villages and exclusive subdivisions. You will certainly not get bored because the town is surrounded by several malls. Furthermore, you won’t have a hard time looking for schools if you have kids. Lastly, if there’s an emergency, there are reliable hospitals nearby.

Imus has a lot of universities where you can study. Our leaders have many platforms as well for all the people who lives in here and this is a more convenient place for people who works in mania because its an hour drive away and we have an easy access to all transportation going in and outside the metro manila.

Rhence, says: 2020

The City of Imus is a mixture of history and economic development. It is known as the Flag Capital because the first Philippine Flag was unfurled and raised during the Battle of Alapan. Imus used to be a “visita” of Cavite Viejo, one of the oldest administrative units of Cavite. Cavite Viejo was under the administration of the Jesuits until 1686 when the Recollects took over Imus. Efforts were then directed in seeking emancipation from the ecclesiastical and civil administration of Cavite Viejo, until Imus was completely liberated.

Our city has lots of establishment that you can visit. Also, there are lots of good spots where you can enjoy staying because of the nature. We have places that were used for good establishments for economic stability and we kept the nature to other places so that we can still see the beauty of our place.

Someone considering moving to my city should know about the traffic situation in this area. It is very hard to go places if you don’t have a car. It is also a bit hot even during the rainy season. Proper hydration and ventilation is a must at all times.

Our city is have all the necessary facilities and institutions one would consider moving to. We are surrounded by great number of different schools. We have open fields, so it’s still quite refreshing here and not being surrounding by just buildings. Our area rarely get flooded, this is a big factor for some people. With right traffic conditions, you can reach the business districts in half or less than an hour.

The people there are very hospitable and approachable especially to foreigners because they believed that the experience of tourists in Cavite could be great if they feel belong. There is nothing special about Imus but the environment here is so relaxing and one may experience convenience by simply walking in the neighborhood.

Hannah, says: 2020

Traffic is congested during rush hours. You should a lot more than an hour travel time if you are going to work in Manila. The city is quite convenient to live because you have all the basic things that you will need i.e., shopping malls, schools, churches, hospitals etc. For me, it is a nice place away from the busy city.

Anjurie, says: 2020

Our city is the flag capital of the Philippines. First Philippine Independence was declared in this city on June 12, 1898, by the first President of the Philippine Republic, General Emilio Aguinaldo. Our City is very rich in history. The capital city of Cavite, Imus is home to Our Lady of the Pillar Church. Built-in 1823 designed after what is said to be the fifth reincarnation of Manila Cathedral, it is a beautiful earthquake baroque structure that still stands to this day.

Christine, says: 2020

Imus City is very peaceful and quiet. People in the community there practice a strong sense of cooperation. Lots of delicious cuisines are present there. Many tourists find our place interesting and they always want to get back in the future. The leader in our community has always been very supportive in every way.

Imus is a great city. Admittedly, it is a small town with not a lot to see, bust there are a few benefits to living here. The first thing know if you’re going to move here is that there are a lot of great place to eat. Starting from city hall, you can walk in just about any direction and find a restaurant with great food and affordable prices. You may also enjoy visiting one, or all, of the several shopping malls. Another perk of living here is its proximity to bigger cities such as Bacoor, Dasmariñas and Metro Manila, which are just a bus or jeepney ride away.

Lalaine, says: 2020

This city was just a town a few years ago and with the fast growing economy and industrialization it is now considered a city and the capital of the province of Cavite. This city is also the Flag capital of the Philippines from where the first Philippine flag was raised and unfurled.

Kerwin, says: 2020

Imus is a beautiful city in Cavite, and considered the capital of the province. It is a mixture of history and economic development. The city is known as the “Flag Capital of the Philippines.” Though now part of the immense sprawl of northern of the province, it still contain some sights of historic importance.

Imus City is small and always busy. It is the flag capital of the Philippine. A certain type of sausage is famous here as well and it is called “Longganisang Imus” or simply “Imus sausage”.

Amalia, says: 2020

Imus, Cavite, is a great place for entertaining guests because many national heroes reside here before. A lot of monuments and public parks are open to guests and people here are approachable. Many convenience stores can be found so finding necessities can be rest assured. Please consider staying here because I am sure you’ll like it here.

Janeth, says: 2020

Imus City is the heart of Cavite so expect that, day or night, it’ll be a busy place with non-stop traffic. Vendors will be in every corner, markets will be jump-packed, malls will be crowded and the list goes on. But despite of that, you’re surrounded with friendly people and it offers a wide variety of delicacies which you can buy for a cheaper price.

Vienna, says: 2020

The City of Imus is a mixture of history and economic development. It is the Flag Capital because the first Philippine Flag was unfurled and raised during the Battle of Alapan held on May 28, 1898. Famous spots are Imus Cathedral, Imus City Hall, the Gen. Licerio Topacio Monument at Imus Plaza, and the Imus Heritage Park commemorating the Battle of Alapan.

Giezar, says: 2020

To those people moving and live here in, I want you to know you made a good choice. Because the officials are responsible in terms of taking care of their constituents. One advantage also is this city is peaceful place and a have a clean environment.

Michaelina, says: 2020

The vicinity I reside in is a combination of cozy and homey. It is between a city and a province. Resources are very reachable! It has a lot of picturesque sites! I have a lot more to say about this City! Such peaceful location! I recommend it to people who are new in the Philippines.

Imus is the Christmas capital of the Philippines. It has tropical and coastal scenery. An idyllic and quick escape from the metro’s hustle and bustle. Prides itself of breathtaking spots such as calm coastal waters, verdant plants, lofty mountains and running brooks, among others. People are friendly and always full of smiles.

Nadine, says: 2020

Someone moving to Imus City should know what would be their important priorities that can help them to live a safe and comfortable life. Specifically, a good place or location to live where crime rates are low and flash floods are often to occur. Also, the place should be near on easy access for everyday necessities and should know transportation system. Hospitals and clinics should be familiarized too for sudden emergencies.

Gianelle, says: 2020

Those moving to Imus City should be prepared to encounter all sorts of people from different walks of life and background. Since the city is near Manila, there are diversity of culture in the area. Depending on which part of the city a person resides, he/she may have to adjust as there is not one culture but many “cultures” therein.

Our community is always prepared and always helping those who needs help, whether they know each other or not, we are always ready to help. Our city is known for the best home-restaurants that are affordable for all. We have many establishments all around our city. Like, parks, malls, schools, coliseums, etc.

If you want to live near the business districts in the metro but still desire a glimpse of the countryside, moving to Imus, Cavite would be a great choice. Over the years, the city has been urbanized; however, one can still live here without feeling the busy, rushed, and toxic lifestyle. As someone who studied and worked in the capital, I loved living in Imus since it has a wide array of transportation choices. Though sometimes, traffic can be a problem in the morning and evening.

Jaymes, says: 2020

Imus City has a hospitable community with joyful people, but it may still have imperfections which can be found here and there, but that is what differentiates us from other cities, we accept these flaws and make it a formidable part of our city’s personality because our country was established based on humility and that is what our city wants to follow, our national hero Jose Rizal once said that one who does not even bother to acknowledge where he came from will not reach his full potential.

He must learn how to deal with different kinds of people who are mostly visitors from different provinces who chose to stay and live here permanently. He must be aware of traffic in the city which is already part of our daily lives and He must learn to speak our native language.

Meryll, says: 2020

There are no buses in my city. The only modes of public transportation in my city are vans, jeepneys, and tricycles. My city is quite progressive; it has various types of business establishments such as restaurants, groceries, and drugstores.

There are overcrowded neighborhood and polluted surroundings. Aside from that, Mondays are the worst because the roads are usually congested due to heavy traffic. Not everything about the city is bad though. The people are nice and approachable based from my experience. Living expenses are not that expensive and there are several landmarks to visit from.

If someone is considering moving to my city, know Imus City is a very crowded place. The city has several malls and has a wide variety of transportation going to and from the metro. Also, the city is part of the Cavite province and is very near to one of summer capitals in the country which is Tagaytay. The crime rate is very low compared to other urbanized areas in the country.

Jaresa, says: 2020

Our city has become overpopulated making it congested. Congestion results in heavy traffic every day; even weekends can experience heavy traffic. If you have an appointment at 8am, you should leave your house at least three hours before your appointment to make sure you can get there on time.

Imus City is a very dependable city in which every village has its own system. This city is also the center of Cavite that holds a good reputation in important variables such as school, government, and disciplined citizens. Altogether, the city of Imus is a wise choice of place to move and start a new life.

Jeremie, says: 2020

The city has a lot of beautiful malls. There are a lot of parks where you can have a little walk or even do your exercises every morning. There are a lot cars and buses, so you shouldn’t worry about transportation. Also, there are a lot of nice restaurants where you could try different cuisines.

Imus is a small but peaceful city where you will have several options to live comfortably. The residents are also warm hearted and always care about the people around them. They will treat you so well as if you are a part of their family. This is the best place to choose if you want to have peace of mind.

Razhane, says: 2020

Imus City is the third class municipality in the province of Cavite, Philippines. There is a variety of food that will indulge your taste. The Imus Longganisa, which has been popular nationwide. There is also much Spanish structure that would surely catch your eyes. Imus is extremely rich in Filipino and Spanish culture.

Mohammad, says: 2020

I’m currently residing in Imus City, Philippines, and to fully experience this place, you should taste a unique street food we have here. That is none other than the ‘Filipino pancakes’, pancakes are typically made with butter, eggs and flour but we have a little twist here for you, we use margarine here!that’s right, instead of butter and milk, we throw in margarine and sugar and you’re good to go!

Imus is a city between two rivers. During heavy rains and typhoons, flooding is common in areas near the rivers. Also, it is important to note that Imus is one of the cities adjacent to the National Capital Region. Thus, traffic jams are very common in the national highway. It may take as long as two hours to reach the capital of Manila via the public utility buses.

Imus is a beautiful place. It is Cavite’s Capital. Many people want to visit this place especially during Christmas since it is fun to celebrate Christmas here. many Filipinos love to go to this City because of the warmth and hospitality of the people here.

Imus City is where many historical sites can be found. Great people of our national history were emanated. anyone who desires to move to my should consider behaving like one. Because many people here are known for heroism. Just like my direct descendant is a known founder of the “Katipunan”, a known guerilla group.

Elaiza, says: 2020

Imus City is rich in culture and history in where you can find the Philippine Independence was first declared. Living in my city brings you closer to some of the best dishes in the country including special buko pie, famous bulalo, and lomi. You can enjoy good food with a beautiful landscape like having breakfast at Antonio’s.

Raquel, says: 2020

When it comes to affordability and well-balanced living, my city in has it. First, because it has a prosperous history that attracts tourist from all over the world. Second, the cost of living is low compared to other cities near the metro and business districts in the Philippines. Third and last, is that it has a balanced environment where they can experience both urban living and provincial life that is good for those who wants to start a new and well-balanced life.

Roynel, says: 2020

In moving to Imus, you should consider transportation since it’s close to Metro Manila. You should also know the nearby malls and restaurant in choosing a place, some malls always have construction near their area so you should consider moving far from the noise and lastly you would find the people in Imus polite and friendly.

Imus city is the flag capital of the Philippines. Everybody is friendly and helpful. In Imus there is a lot of street foods that you can eat and anything that you is delicious. We most likely to go out because there are many tourist site which you can never see from the other state.

Imus city offers convenience to its residents. What I love the most in the area are the supermarkets and public market where anyone can buy fresh fish, organic vegetables, and raw meat. Some fast food chains and restaurants also offer delicious food. When someone does not feel up to cooking or dining in, he or she can order food online.

Gerald, says: 2020

Imus is the Flag Capital of the Philippines. Aside from its trademark, our hometown is also historically satisfying. Another thing to consider is that the people of Imus, the Imuseños, are both hospitable and brave which can make the adjustments of moving to this place a lot easier and welcoming.

Antonio, says: 2020

If you’re moving to Imus, Cavite, know there are advantages and disadvantages of doing so. Advantages being that you’ll gain more access to shell foods like “talaba” and “halaan”, since the seas of Imus are rich with different kinds of crustaceans. Disadvantages of living in the city, on the other hand, include heavy traffic during rush hour.

People who would be transferring to our place would find it a great place to stay because the province of Cavite has now become more urbanized. With its perfect location to nearby provinces and is also not far from the heart of Manila, most people would find it a good place because of its preserved environment despite acquiring progress in civilization.

Imus City, Cavite, is a good place since it is Urban. The city has wet markets, shopping malls, Schools/Universities, Church, Banks, any establishments that a person would need. It is civilized, you will have good neighbors, and a good home to stay. There are also barangays and police stations so you will be assured to have a safe place.

Christian, says: 2020

Should someone consider moving here, he or she must know that traffic here is just as bad as it is in the metro. Rush hours in the morning and evening are worse. Despite that, there’s still a lot of people moving here due to its proximity to the metro. commercial establishments here and there makes living here easier than having to go out of the city to get what you need.

Cynthia, says: 2020

If one should move in Imus, Cavite, a person should know both its major and minor thoroughfares are always suffering from heavy traffic. I advise them to head on their destination hour or two hours early. Convenience and accessibility is an advantage though since it has 24-hour public transport and malls are sprawled around everywhere. Essential facilities like hospitals, banks and schools are also just a few kilometers away which is also a big plus. Imuseňos are really helpful, hospitable and friendly so new residents can adjust and feel at home in the community real quick.

Rhonalyn, says: 2020

Imus is a city connected to others. It has two faces: one that can’t seem to let go of its past as a province and one that continues to develop itself for the future. What’s great about Imus is that every other city is so accessible. It’s a great place if you’re the kind of person who needs to travel from place to place.

One thing that one has to keep in mind is the heartbreaking poverty. The public transport problem is unlike anything else in the world, especially to people unfamiliar with how things are in third-world countries like ours. But in here we have the iconic jeepneys and tricycles to take you wherever in the city you would like. The city is also a bit historic, with a few old stone houses that one can check out. One final thing to prepare for though, is the heat. The heat in a tropical country like ours is exhausting and humid. Remember to keep hydrated!

Jasmine, says: 2020

Considering to live in Imus is worth a try since it’s close to the capital of the Philippines. There are also a lot of opportunities one might consider, from schools to work environment, opportunities from where one can find solitude and contentment in living in the city. If one seeksward to meet incredible people, that city is the one for you.

Mariel, says: 2020

Imus city is nearest to Manila and Makati which are the business districts in the Philippines. moving here would be a great idea if you work or plan to work in the said areas. Though urbanized, it is able to preserve the historical points and monuments making the town an attraction to tourist.

Beverly, says: 2020

Imus is used to be the Christmas Capital of the Philippines because of the colorful and festive Christmas lights in every barangay during Christmas season. But few years ago, another Province coveted the title. Most of residents are from Manila who bought a property in Cavite. It is near Cavite Expressway, the fastest route going to Manila. Imus is one of the developing areas in Cavite.

Imus, Cavite, is such a wonderful City in the Philippines. There are many places to visit. Traffic, pollution, university and transportation is not a problem in the city. High-class and well-mannered people are everywhere. It is so very convenient to stay here you will never have a problem to think.

Our city lies between two other cities. This is very close to Manila when going north. Going opposite, it is very close to Tagaytay City. The main road is very busy especially during work week. There are many alternate routes too. My favourite is the road going to Tagaytay because there are many tree lined streets along the way.

Michelle, says: 2020

A person moving to my city, must know the proper way of how to communicate with someone she/he barely know also the adjustment that he/she needs to cope up with the new environment. Adaptation is one of the most needed to survive a new environment, with the help of adaptation you’ll be able to cope up with new adjustments.

Imus City is rich in Spanish culture because the Philippines were once colonized by the Spaniards. We have Spanish houses and our food is also been inspired by them. Imus, our city is very well known for its longganisa, it is ground pork seasoned with secret spices that make it taste authentic.

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