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Living in Iligan City, Philippines:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

60 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Iligan City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 60 people living in Iligan City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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60 comments on “Iligan City”

My city is called the “City of Majestic Waterfalls”. There are over a hundred great waterfalls that can be found in different barrios. These waterfalls provide great and picturesque view. Our major falls is even one of the hydro powers that supports our supply of electricity. It is majestic indeed!

Beverly, says: 2020

Iligan City is well known to be the Majestic City of Waterfalls in the whole Philippines. We have a total of 27 waterfalls located at the heart of the city. We are also known for our traditional foods and delicacies such as Cheding’s Peanut and Maja Blanca. We have a very good relationships with our Christians and Muslims brother and sisters.

Denise, says: 2020

Our city is called the “City of Waterfalls” and you must know by now that we are rich of waterfalls. Second, people here are all kind and if you’re lost, you can just ask anybody to where direction you must proceed on. They will gladly and politely lead you the way. Lastly, we are rich of beautiful spots such as paseo, malls, restaurants, and pool areas.

Iligan City is known as the City of Majestic Waterfalls. It’s within the province of Lanao Del Norte. It’s good to consider moving to this city because this city does not experience strong weather disturbances due to its location and also because of the mountains that surround the city.

Beverly, says: 2020

It has a beautiful environment. Low electricity costs. Good quality of life. People are very welcoming and hospitable. it has 26 waterfalls to chase. Nice beaches and friendly people. There are malls you can stroll. It has its markets where all fresh produce is available. Iligan City is one of the safest places in Mindanao.

Ytchelle, says: 2020

Our city, a combination of urban and rural, or rurban as they say, is dubbed as the third richest city in the country. It is expanding economically, thus, a good place to settle. Our city is also known as the “City of Waterfalls” that has more than 30 waterfalls located all over the city.

Abigail, says: 2020

It is a lone district and it is known as the city of majestic waterfalls since it has many waterfalls inside the city. One of them is what we called Maria Cristina which is the main source of electricity all over the city. It is considered also an industrial city since it has many factories like cement, feeds and others.

Joshua, says: 2020

Maria Cristina Falls is one of the must-visit sites when in Iligan City. If you’re a Filipino, you probably grew up reading about Maria Cristina Falls and how it is an important waterfall in the country. Before including it in your Iligan City Day Tour, make sure that falls is not under “High Alert.”

Arlene, says: 2020

Our city is known for having lots of waterfalls. It is called the city of waterfalls. One of falls in the city provides the electricity of the whole city. Residents of the said city are also abundant with water. The city often gets blackout since it has the Maria Cristina Falls which is the city’s source of electricity.

Our city has mountain climbing and cave touring. We, the people here loves to go out and shopping and even going out with friends we have different beautiful milk tea shops and wonderful restaurants. We also have incredible malls that can provide such needs. It is perfect for someone.

Scarlet, says: 2020

Our city is the city of majestic waterfalls which has many beautiful falls all over the city. Aside from the waterfalls, it is also known to have delicious Cheding’s peanut which you can buy for pasalubong. The said shop is near the city port.

Iligan City is filled with culture and sites that tourists would surely love. It is commonly known as the City of Waterfalls because of its abundance of waterfalls, which is one of the most popular tourist spots. Maria Cristina falls is only one of the most popular tourist spots where people can see the towering fall in it’s magnificent glory, Tinago Falls is another one if you prefer to dip and dive with the cold water of falls.

Adelyne, says: 2020

Our city is known for its beautiful places that you should visit, it is “City of Waterfalls” because it has so many falls from different places. It is a must place you should visit, you can unwind and enjoy the surroundings and environment. We also our tartanilla here where you are riding a horse and bring you where you want to.

Bianca, says: 2020

Iligan City, also known as the City of Majestic Waterfalls, has 23 waterfalls. The largest waterfall named Maria Cristina Falls is the main provider of electricity in the city. Before being known as the city with a lot of waterfalls, Iligan City used to be acknowledged as the Industrial City of the South. Iligan City used to have the largest steel corporation in the entire county. However, the corporation closed years ago and their steel plantation was left abandoned.

Gladys, says: 2020

Our city is very crowded but the air is clean and the waters are crystal clear. Foods and drinks are plenty in the city. You should consider moving here you’ll never regret it. There are plenty of tourist spots and waterfalls which you can visit and swim, in this city you’ll never get bored.

Rockie, says: 2020

Our city is the city of majestic waterfalls since we have 23 and the most fascinating thing is that one of the waterfalls is supporting the electric supply of our city and it’s the most famous one, the Maria Cristina Falls. Also, there are a lot of beautiful tourist spots to go visit in our city.

Franzel, says: 2020

Iligan City is one of the best cities in the Philippines, because of the numbers of waterfalls in this city. That’s why Iligan City is called ‘The City of Majestic Waterfalls. The Maria Cristina Falls is the source of electricity here. There’s a lot of tourist spot here, like the Tinago Falls which is a must visit because of its crystal clear water.

Our city is known for its majestic waterfalls. Our city is also home for the lumads, Christians, and Muslims. Our city was once known as the Industrial City of the South but due to close competition with other Asian countries, most plants closed down. Only a handful are left behind.

Beatriz, says: 2020

Iligan City is famous for its many waterfalls. I would gladly recommend some places with great views. We also have lots of pools to choose from. The food is also great here, you will be delighted of our different delicacies. We also have Mt. Agad Agad for mountain climbers. The view up top will surely take your breath away.

Regine, says: 2020

City of Majestic Waterfalls, Waterparks, Beautiful Destinations, cold springs, Maze Parks, Aside from Maria Cristina Falls, one of the city’s main attraction is Tinago Falls, at Barangay Ditucalan, Iligan City. The 73m high waterfalls is accessed by trekking down a series of winding staircase with 300 steps. The magazine Travel + Leisure named it as one of the “25 most awe-inspiring to see before you die. “

Stephen, says: 2020

Lot of people here are professional, friendly and we have beautiful waterfalls like Maria Cristina Falls and Tinago Falls. A Delicious foods that you will always wanted. You can experience here how humble we are to accept tourists from other place. Further, we also preserved our culture and tradition to be recognized by the next generation.

Kathleen, says: 2020

Iligan City is a nice place or to start a new life. Here we have malls, supermarkets, local restaurants, and many nice tourist spots like Maria Cristina Falls, Paseo De Santiago, and Tinago Falls to spend your holidays. The Iliganons are friendly and easy to approach.

Iligan City is the city of majestic waterfalls. If you go there, there are many tourist spots their like Tinago Falls, Paseo de Santiago, Maze Park, Maria Cristina Falls, and more places you want to go. There are also malls there like Gaisano Mall, Robinsons Mall Iligan City. And Street Foods.

the people in my city are jovial people and they make the best fried chicken there is in the country. Traffic is also rampant especially around six to eight o’clock in the morning so it’s best to be punctual all the time. My city is also a multicultural city that celebrates the different religious beliefs of its people.

Iligan City is a good place for it takes you in a paradise. It is the City of Majestic Waterfalls because it is gifted with the beauty of nature. The beauty itself gives you the calmness and inner peace that every one of us is seeking for. It shows you a lot of masterpiece of nature.

Syuichi, says: 2020

Iligan City is one of the best places to visit in Mindanao. I highly recommend when visiting is that to look at the waterfalls in our city it is one of our pride golden eggs when you are visiting the place. The people in Iligan city are also very religious. We celebrate an annual festival for our patron saint of the city called St. Michael the Archangel. I recommend when visiting Iligan city is that to climb the tallest mountain in the city. It is called Mt. Agad-Agad. The view up in the mountain is actually breathtaking when accompanied by a good weather. Iligan city is also one of the few cities in Mindanao on which people with different religion background are seen everywhere laughing and smiling with one another.

Glenda, says: 2020

Iligan City, the city of waterfalls, is one of the best cities to visit to in Mindanao. It has tons of waterfalls you can find. Every barangay you go there’ll always be a site to look on to, it could be the nice beach or just two miles away off-shore, you’ll be greeted with mountains with great views. People in Iligan are as hospitable as you can imagine, so you can always just talk to someone and you’ll likely be welcomed into their individual homes.

Ahyoomi, says: 2020

The neighborhood, and the quality of life that you will be having. Living in city is great, you will having this opportunity to live peacefully. Our city is clean, peaceful, and fresh air. you will be surrounded by amazing people whose kind and generous. I can guarantee that you would love living in our city.

Genesis, says: 2020

If someone decided to transfer into another city, I would really recommend ours because of the great ambiance, good hearted people and beyond everything, we have our tasty and delicious foods here. Our city is not really from what you are expecting like those cities who have a really high and impressive building but our city is beyond beautiful because of the people who are currently living here.

Alessandra, says: 2020

Our City is the City of Waterfalls. It has a total 24 waterfalls. Tourists visit our city not only for the waterfalls, but also for the delicious lechon baboy. The natives here are very welcoming and greet the tourists with their warm hearts and warm food. When you visit or hometown, It would be hard for you to leave.

The city I am staying is can also be dubbed as the city of waterfalls. around 17 waterfalls can be found. However, I have visited only three of them. When I am around with my friends, the normal topic we would discuss is which falls to visit next. But, the more we plan for it, the more that we will not be able to visit because of our busy schedule.

I reside in the city that is ‘waterfalls’ because it consists of more than 20 waterfalls. One of the tallest waterfalls in the country is here. Iligan city commonly speaks different dialects, primarily Cebuano, but English is also widely spoken and understood in the said city.

Jeremy, says: 2020

Iligan City is the City of Majestic Waterfalls. This city houses several waterfalls. Iligan City is a clean city with warm people, cheap transient, and good food. There is a lot to experience here: including riding the Tartanilla, the traditional coach ferried by horses, excursion at Paseo de Santiago and taking in he view as the day is ending, and a lot more.

Lourdes, says: 2020

The waterfalls in Iligan City are a sight to see. They’re our main tourist attraction. Iligan City is actually called the City of Waterfalls. Geography aside, the people here are also welcoming and are respectful of the rules.

Madellaine, says: 2020

Iligan City is known of its waterfalls. The tourism of this city is highly increasing over the year because of its breathtaking waterfalls and hospitable people. Aside from the waterfalls, the city has a pride delicacy known as “Cheding’s peanut” which was bought by tourists before going home to their hometown. The diversity of the people in Iligan City is what made the city peaceful and harmonious.

Our city is known for its great sights and adventures. It is spectacular to see waterfalls and climb mountains in our city. The people here are warm and friendly, welcoming foreigners whole-heartedly. Our city is also known for good food which can suit all palates. One of the good things also comes our good weather, sunny but sometimes rainy normal for a tropical country.

Bebsie, says: 2020

Iligan City is famous for its waterfalls. It is the “City of Majestic Waterfalls” because there are at least 20 waterfalls found in the area. Maria Cristina and Tinago Falls are the most famous ones. People from around the country travel to Iligan City to go Falls hopping and enjoy the rush of seeing the unique beauty of each waterfall.

Joanafe, says: 2020

Most people really don’t want to move out here because rumors says that terrorists hide in some part of the city. But, there are so many tourist spots like in Maria Cristina Falls, Pikalawag Beach, White Sand and more.

Lourdes, says: 2020

When moving here, you must be well fluent of speaking Cebuano and expect that people are no more or less respectful towards you. We have jeeps, motor drivers, and taxis as transportation with cheap fares. If you go to the market you got to be specific on what you buy because it comes in a wide amount of variety and it might get confusing to select which is which. It’s important to be respectful to strangers and your neighbors to establish rapport and create new friends.

Ednalyn, says: 2020

Taking aside, Iligan is well known for supplying a substantial portion of the Mindanao region with electrical energy from its hydroelectric power plants. However, it is the Iligan’s natural attraction that made the city entitled. The Iligan have so much to offer with regards springs and waterfalls because we known to be the City of Majestic waterfalls.

For someone moving to ouy city he or she must know that Iligan is full of wonderful people. It is a city which has many tourist attraction such as falls. Iligan City is a city known to be a the city of waterfalls and cold spring so this will assure you that in this City is a life full of adventure.

there are many wonders that are hidden in every corner of our place. Diverse culture, tons of buildings, friendly faces, and majestic waterfalls can be seen. know what you are in for is something that is worth your experience.

Patricia, says: 2020

They need to know about the rules of proper garbage disposal. If they throw garbage anywhere, they will be arrested by cops. They need to throw it in the proper garbage. We have biodegradable and non-biodegradable garbage. if they want to live in our City, they must follow the rules.

Denisse, says: 2020

Iligan City is a city of waterfalls and there are seven wonderful waterfalls that God was created. I am sure people would visit our place will surely love and enjoy the beauty of each waterfalls. The water is so cool and clean. People would enjoy picnics and swimming with their families and friends. The view is the best for taking selfie and group picture.

Iligan City is known for its richness in cultural and agricultural features. Having been known as “The City of Majestic Waterfalls”, Iligan City’s Maria Cristina Falls produces a generous amount of electricity for the country. liganons (People residing in Iligan) are very warm hearted to assist tourists that causes more and more visitors to keep discovering and exploring its wonders.

Patrick, says: 2020

Iligan City is a place of majesty. It is what is known as the City of Majestic Waterfalls. For Iligan is full of wondrous waterfalls where one is the source of the city’s electricity. Amazing, right? One should consider going to Iligan to discover its wonders. The city is full of good food, good people, amazing destinations, and more. What more could you look for?

Gerimae, says: 2020

Iligan City, my city, is the city of waterfalls. It has been known to contain up to 23+ falls. It also has many tourist spots like flowing-water pools, and various food hotspots. The residents in the city are also known to be very polite and accommodating to tourists.

Michaela, says: 2020

Iligan City is not the typical city that you will imagine. Busy streets? Nope. Populated? Yes, but not overly. Iligan City is coined as the “City of Majestic Waterfalls”. We have 100s of waterfalls here but the funny thing is, we also sometimes lose our source of water. One time we had no source of water for a week. Even the water stations closed their business. However, despite that, Iligan City is really amazing. Not just the place, the views, the foods, but also the people.

Rheena, says: 2020

Iligan City is a City of Waterfalls. Based on its title, our city has plenty of different forms of waterfalls that could be seen in different areas. What made our city unique is that the support of the power supply that gave the whole city an electricity came from the dazzling, captivating Maria Cristina Falls. Aside from which, the culture of Iligan City is rich for diverse ethnicity.

Aileen, says: 2020

Aside from understanding the language and the general map of the city, learning the city’s transportation system is of high importance if you want to move around with less expenses. It will also make learning about the city norms a lot easier, like knowing the where the important establishments are located, like the banks, grocery stores, hospitals, pharmacies, shopping centers and the like.

People should know thus city is very wonderful and peaceful. The people are friendly and warm. This city has a lot also to offer. There are many waterfalls that can be explored. Other people should know this city is not what they think it is. This city is a great place.

Alberto, says: 2020

Moving to Iligan City is quite challenging and exciting. It has a diverse culture – Maranaos, Higaonon, and Badjaos. It could shock you the multiple traditions and heritage of each culture but amidst of its various lifestyles, it’s considered to be a city of majestic waterfalls. If you’re an adventurer, this city could be your ideal hometown.

Our city is known for being the City of Majestic Waterfalls. It has around 40 waterfalls in different locations around the city. It is the home of passionate local artists, musicians, and scientists. More than that, it is where Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology, one of the best universities in the Philippines, is located.

Camille, says: 2020

Iligan City is surrounded by beautiful waterfalls, which is why it is called the City of Majestic Waterfalls because of the 23 waterfalls surrounding the whole town. And, one of our famous waterfalls is Maria Christina and often called the “twin falls”. This waterfall generating 70% of Mindanao’s electricity.

Before moving to Iligan CIty, you should be up for an adventure. Our city will capture your heart with its majestic waterfalls with beauty behind mountains and caves. You will meet good people along your way, and communicate with great and helpful neighbors. you will get to live in a peaceful community, despite being near to a war prone area.

Iligan City is the city of waterfalls. in Iligan you can find many beautiful waterfalls. Maria Cristina falls is one of the known falls in Iligan and it is our source of electricity. Another beautiful waterfalls you can find in Iligan are Tinago Falls, Mimbalot Falls, Pampam Falls, etc.

Iligan City, the City of Waterfalls, is known for its fine nature and for being one of the major suppliers of electricity in the whole region.

Novelyn, says: 2020

Iligan City is the “City of Majestic Waterfalls” because there are many waterfalls that can be seen within the area. One of the famous waterfalls in Philippines in the Philippines, the Maria Cristina Falls. It is also known as a twin waterfall. And also, the second-highest waterfall in the Philippines.

Catherine, says: 2020

This city has a ton of beautiful scenery. From the vast, surrounding beaches to the different mountains, it surely does not disappoint. Specifically, this city is the “City of Majestic Waterfalls” as there are different waterfalls that can be found within the place. different delicacies from different culture will suit your taste.

Iligan City, also known as “The City of Majestic Waterfalls” is one of the largest cities in Northern Mindanao. Countless people visit the place to get a glimpse of its beauty. The city is also known for its delicacies such as Cheding’s peanuts and Sukang pinakurat. Iliganons are one of the most generous, loving, and kind people you’ll ever meet.

Deniza, says: 2020

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