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Living in Ikeja, Nigeria:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

34 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Ikeja, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 34 people living in Ikeja what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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34 comments on “Ikeja”

The need for health and safety consciousness. The need for a well-organized lifestyle that suits with the norms and traditions of the community so as not to create any forms of distortion in the well being of other members of the society. Also, due strong traditional rulership there is a need for the understanding of traditional rites.

Precious, says: 2020

Ikeja is a large and populated business district located in Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos state as a whole is heavily populated, which is a feature that is accompanied with a lot of traffic congestion. Ikeja houses the only international airport in the state, and this makes it one of the most conducive areas to reside, especially if you enjoy traveling.

Claret, says: 2020

If you want to live in Ikeja, you should expect to experience heavy traffic jam especially in the morning and the closing hours on a daily basis. Also there are lots of clubs you could relax with your friends, in addition there are shopping malls around that offer lots of discounts occasionally.

Muhammad, says: 2020

Ikeja is the capital of Lagos and one of the most crowded areas. Ikeja is also a very busy city so be prepared for traffic jams on a regular basis. It is also one of the most exciting cities to live in; you won’t get bored easily. There is so much to do here.

Ikeja is a small city with large population. Although there’s traffic every morning, the road trips to work to and fro are always eventful. Unemployment shouldn’t be a problem if you’re very experienced in your career path. Residential areas are far from official buildings because most of the offices are manufacturing companies. Life in Ikeja is enjoyable when you don’t pressurize yourself.

Ekwereubong, says: 2020

Ikeja is the capital of Lagos state. It is a place usually bustling with activities at any time of the day. The natives and residents of the city are very friendly and welcoming but one needs to be careful to avoid being a victim of theft. It is also a place filled with jobs for job seekers. Anyone moving here will enjoy the city.

Christopher, says: 2020

It’s a city known for hustle and bustle, a lot of traffic, high accommodation rates, a lot of taxes, some unscrupulous individuals and a lot of schools. Lagos is a Megacity popularly known as the “London of Nigeria” because of its beautiful environment and availability of opportunities. The gap between the rich and the poor is enormous and obvious, majority of the wealthy man reside in the island. Lagos Island is like another Lagos on its own the scenery will leave any first timer speechless.

Chinelo, says: 2020

Lagos is a magnificent city; it is called “The City that never Sleeps”. It serves as a financial hub in Africa and a great platform for the showcasing of the Yoruba tradition. Traffic here is crazy but won’t kill you. Rents are astronomical in the suburb. There a great malls here where you can do all your shopping. Several beaches are available too. In all, with a great plan and steady income, Lagos is the place.

If moving to Lagos, you must know that is a place of great opportunities as it is one of the most industrialized city in Nigeria with people of a different race. However, you must know there are issues with housing as the city is overpopulated with people.

Stella, says: 2020

Anyone moving to Ikeja must be prepared for something completely new. Being open minded, smart and intelligence are factors that cannot be done away with because there are people who look out for new settlers. anyone moving here should be mindful of crucial environmental factors.

For anyone moving to Lagos, you have to know it is a really fast-paced city. Everything moves at breakneck speed. It is densely populated and not as organised as major cities in developed countries. The residents are quite friendly though and once you get used to its chaotic nature, you will realize that it is a fun city that provides memories that stay with you for life.

Katherine, says: 2020

My city, Ikeja, is one of the most populated cities in Lagos state. It is known for having constant traffic and noisy roads. The residency in Ikeja is quite expensive. My city is also famous for its beautiful beach resorts and nightlife. Weekends in Ikeja are even busier than the weekdays.

Emmanuel, says: 2020

Ikeja is a beautiful city. It’s well known for its crowded nature. It has beautiful views, museums, parks, cinemas, clubs, zoo’s, art theatres and restaurants. It is the most popular and populated city in Lagos. Ikeja was and still remains a home for tourism. Who wouldn’t want to visit Ikeja?

Chukwuma, says: 2020

Ikeja is the business hub in Lagos State. It has entertainment aspect which serves as income revenue to citizen. It is all know as computer village where all sorts of electronic devices can be purchased. It also houses a major police barrack in the Government reserve area. It is the capital of Lagos State.

Rosemary, says: 2020

Ikeja city is home to Fela Kuti shrine. If you arrive in Lagos, it’s the first go to place for all tourists in Lagos.

Okechukwu, says: 2020

Lagos is a very busy one with a lot of traffic. The hassle for bus is very high and one always have to be at alert and look out for pickpockets. It has quite a number of recreational centers and resorts for relaxation, it is the center of entertainment industry. Lagos is a great place with a lot of experiences.

Charles, says: 2020

If you consider relocating to Ikeja, you must be very smart because you will come across a lot of fraudsters as you interact with people. You must also know that houses in Ikeja are quite expensive compared to renting a similar flat in the suburb. You must also know how to haggle with sellers to avoid being cheated.

Emmanuel, says: 2020

Someone moving to Ikeja could look out for the famous computer village around Oregun in Ikeja and if he or she is a Christian could also look out for one of the best churches around there Daystar Christian Centre.

Ikeja is the capital of the commercial state, Lagos, in Nigeria. It has people from different backgrounds, tribes and cultures. Inhabitants here are friendly, down-to-earth and lovely. It offers numerous jobs and serene environments. People here love to have fun and be happy. It is called the happy people’s town.

It is important to note, that when moving to Ikeja, the high cost of accommodation and transportation and feeding should be carefully factored into your budget. Traffic and bad drainage should also be accounted for. On the bright side however, it is a well developed area that is easily accessible to major parts of the state, with lots of companies and entertainment centers.

Ikeja is a very lovely city in Lagos. It is one of the places resided by influential people. Anyone moving to Ikeja should know it is a decision they won’t regret, because they would find a lot of jobs in whatever field they desire. Although the standard of living is very high, it is a very good environment for living and starting a family.

Nwamaka, says: 2020

– He/She should be ready to be marveled by a whole lot of companies and shopping outlets as it is a commercial hub of the state.
– He/She should be on the lookout for entertainment hub
– He/She can also get gadgets of varying size and purpose as it is also a hub for mobile accessories.

Ikeja is very beautiful, large and the calmer part of Lagos mainland, second to Surulere. It is a place where residents find peace, tranquility and an avenue for any kind of business to thrive. Life is busy and easy in Ikeja. My love for this city cannot be over-emphasized. The best of Lagos emanates from this city.

Raphael, says: 2020

It’s an industrious city which is very busy and tiring. Tiring in the sense of the road traffic and hours spent on the road to live the house and to get back to the house. But it has the most amazing fun places where you could visit to relax on a weekend.

Oladiran, says: 2020

Ikeja is the capital of lagos, a southwestern state of Nigeria. It has beautiful hotels, malls, restaurants and clubs. It is also one of the most populated cities in Nigeria. It is has the most beautiful places in Lagos. is one of those places you must not miss out on.

Oluwaleke, says: 2020

One major thing someone moving here, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, should know is that it is the business-heart of Nigeria. Aside from its commercial activities, it is also known for her rich culture and traditions, thereby, making a place of interest for settlement for Majority of Nigerians and immigrants into the country.

Joseph, says: 2020

lag is has a major challenge of huge traffic through to the seven days of the week. It is advisable for anyone moving over here to develops a habit of punctuality wherever he or she has to go. having to be patient with traffic is very necessary as well.

Lagos is not an easy place. He or she has to be strong and dedicated to whatever he or she does there. Most importantly, he or she must have God right by his or her side. He or she must be ready to always fight too.

Micheal, says: 2020

The first thing to take note of is the high volume of traffic in the city, most especially in the early mornings and late evenings. The second thing to note is alertness and carefulness because of petty thieves and bag snatchers who are always looking for someone to take advantage of.

Noise Pollution: You will experience noise pollution from generator noise, hooting car horns and street vendors blaring loud music to attract customers. It can be annoying. It can be disconcerting. But that will be one of the challenges you will face as you make that decision to relocate to Lagos.

Cashless Lagos: There is ATM everywhere in Lagos. But some informal transactions are still done with cash. Unlike when you first left, Lagos has changed a great. The era of moving cash in large quantity is long gone.

Happiness, says: 2020

There is always traffic so be prepared for stress. The heat is too much at times. There are mosquitoes and cholera is high. House rent is expensive. Cost of food is high. School fees are very expensive. Clothing items are costly too. It is very crowded.

Priscilla, says: 2020

Anyone moving here should now that the weather condition is not friendly and more so the cost of living here is relatively high. There are traffic jam on the major roads almost every time. Anyone relocating here should also know that foodstuffs are expensive here as all available ones are being transported from the neighbouring states.

Mathew, says: 2020

A person intending to move to my city should be mindful of the busyness of my city, so should he or she not value such attributes, he/she might stay back. However, aside the busyness of my city, there are tremendous business opportunities to key into so as to earn a living.

Wilson, says: 2020

Ikeja is very populated. It has a high rate of crime. Which means that as an immigrant, you should always be careful. The moment people notice you are a stranger, they try to test your patience. Ikeja also has the highest rate of industries and employment opportunities. Which is why people still love visiting.

Timisola, says: 2020

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