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Living in Halifax, Canada:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

seven local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Halifax, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked seven people living in Halifax what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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7 comments on “Halifax”

If you’re moving to Halifax, do not move to any apartment near the Ale House. There is a lot of crime there and most nights there are drunk people screaming and fighting outside.

Caroline, says: 2023

Halifax is a quaint city located on the Atlantic coast. Living here is a privilege enjoyed by very few as the population totals less than half a million. Be advised, however, that the winters here can be difficult. Be prepared for severe winter storms. Storms can deliver heaps of snow or sheets of ice.

Alicia, says: 2020

A person considering moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia should consider two of the following factors before moving:
1. There is a known lack of vitamin D due to the overcast on the island.
2. The people will give you the shirts off their backs.
3. The city has a wide variety of restaurants to choose from!

Carolina, says: 2020

Anyone moving to Halifax should know the wind makes all the difference when it comes to the weather. The same Atlantic wind that aggravates the biting cold of winter makes the sweltering summer days gorgeous. This idyllic city also has a small-town feel with big-city perks, which makes it ideal for one to live a balanced life.

Halifax Prides itself on being a cultural diverse city. No matter what month you visit, there is always a kitchen party to be had. The peninsula has much to explore from walking tours, festivals and bustling waterfront. Come for a day and dine at the many independently owned restaurants or spend the night at a charming bed and breakfast.

I would highly recommend moving to the city of Halifax. Halifax is a seaside city in the province of Nova Scotia. Halifax can be an amazing change for people in big cities, who may feel stressed, or are looking for a change of pace. It has the feel of a big city with amazing restaurants and fantastic events, without having many of the negative qualities a large city can have. Traffic in Halifax is very minimal, and drivers are very patient! Halifax also has so many outdoor opportunities for those adventure seekers! We have plenty of trails for hiking, lakes for boating, and who can forget the ocean! I am confident Halifax has activities for everyone! Halifax is a tremendous place for raising a family. The public school system is very strong, and there are many great private school options as well! For someone moving to Halifax, I would seriously recommend it. The people are amazing and will surely make you feel at home. I certainly feel like I have found my home in this beautiful province!

Desiree, says: 2020

Somebody moving to Halifax should consider the following two things:
1. Are they comfortable living in a small-town setting where every time you go out, you see someone you know?
2. Do they enjoy a gloomy and sad with with looming clouds and freezing winds? Because that is Halifax, four out of seven days in a week.

Rachel, says: 2020

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