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Living in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

18 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Guntur, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 18 people living in Guntur what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Guntur is a coastal district. The temperatures are usually high most of the time. This place is famous for its spicy cuisine. Transportation is not a big problem here. You will find a lot of public transportation facilities, but not a good as in metropolitan cities. The cost of living is not so high.

Shalini, says: 2020

Someone moving to Guntur must be well-acquainted with hot and dry weather. It is not easy to survive at my place with dreams belonging to an urban city. The architecture of temples would keep you busy on weekends. There is a huge dam surrounded with forests. The rain is highly unpredictable.

Our city is famous for cold storages and it is also famous for chillies and tobacco. Our city has many malls and parks which attracts tourists very well. There are several parks, hotels and movie theatres. Our city is also famous for largest chillies storage plants whatsoever you cannot see in other cities.

Guntur is the central part of our district, and it almost measures equal distance across the radius of our state because, we are in the central part of our state. Therefore one could prefer to live in Guntur as it is not that expensive place. That is why people prefer to live in our city, as it is very easy to travel and for work purposes like job or any other work this part is more beneficiary as the expenses would be saved for the family needs.

Guntur is a city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh on the Eastern Coastal Plains. The city is known for its chilli, cotton and tobacco exports and has the largest chilli market yard in Asia. The city also has various religious places representing the diverse traditions and culture of India.

Guntur is one of the famous cities for chillies production in India. Many technologies have been implemented in our city. Famous people and great responsible politicians and citizens are present. Our city also contains slogan as “Green Guntur” for greenness and pollution free. Large hospitals with modernized equipment was present in our city. Most of the population were literates.

Sunayana, says: 2020

If moving to Guntur, then it is ideal to understand that there is no absolute need for winter clothing since the temperature during winter would be around 25 degrees centigrade. However, you can also look forward to eating very spicy food and remember, Guntur hosts the second-largest Chilli yard in the entire Asian continent.

Kartiki, says: 2020

Guntur has a lot of hospitals. It also has a large tobacco manufacturing industry. It’s the 24th most populated city in the world and 11th in India. Guntur is known for chili and cotton and it has largest chili market in Asia. It is a major transportation and textile hub in India.

Likhita, says: 2020

Guntur is good. My city has poor and rich people. This city consists of many stores and shopping malls for people to go shopping. The rent of houses also are payable for poor people and middle class people. There are many parks for children to play.

Sachin, says: 2020

Anyone who plans on moving here, should consider the distance to the nearest airport. The nearest airport is almost one hour away. Any kind of accommodation can be reserved even after coming to the city but it’s a better idea to research before. People who can’t tolerate spicy food should take some care. Our city is famous for its chillies, I’d recommend them to visit the chilli trading market.

Romesh, says: 2020

Guntur has a very small population and the people are very friendly. It also has a small city center or downtown area and you can find many shops and restaurants. For example, seafood restaurants supermarkets. Furthermore, My hometown is a coastal town as a results, there are many boats and ships called dhows made by a small traditional wooden ship factory.

you can see a good nature and the biggest market in our city. And you can see beautiful farming. We can provide good quality food and providing beautiful rooms for living and and beautiful creatives like HIGH land. In the you ca see different games and swimming.

Shreshtha, says: 2020

He/She if they are moving to a new city to fill the void of emptiness, then they will not be disappointed. People here are warm and friendly, also they give much priority to communities, social connections, values, and relationships. You wouldn’t find a jungle of concrete skyscrapers rather the city is old school with lush green parks everywhere. if they are considering a more calm life it’s the best place.

Sachin, says: 2020

Our city has very good atmosphere and easy to adapt to our city we can get whatever we want just stepping outside of the house and easy to make friends here and every one help to each other and there are some important and special places to watch in Guntur city once we started living here we can’t able to live in other places.

Mayank, says: 2020

Guntur is known for its high temperatures and humidity. It’s a heavily populated city with a reasonable cost of living. Guntur is mostly known for its education system, so it is an ideal place for families with kids. Unfortunately there are not many places to hang around with friends except for few malls.

Vyshnavee, says: 2020

Guntur has different cultures of people, who invites and pleases newcomers with a warm hearted nature. There is a lot more availability of different food varieties, and where hygiene prioritized as well. As it is in tropical region the climatic conditions are good that anybody can live without any natural calamitic fears.

Guntur is also known for education in the past time, and the biggest export for green chillies. Guntur has as many engineering colleges as no other district in south India will have that many colleges. people here are self dependent and that is the reason the most number of individual vehicle sale is highest in guntur.

Aishwarya, says: 2020

Guntur is a city in Andhra Pradesh and the heat in this city is a lot. Apart from the hot temperature, the city is affordable and easy.

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