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Living in Guadalajara, Mexico:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

six local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Guadalajara, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked six people living in Guadalajara what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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6 comments on “Guadalajara”

Guadalajara has an incredible mix of ancient and modern areas that is more expensive than you would think. Recently during Covid a lot of Americans turned up to the city and now you can expect to pay over 1000 a month for a decent expat style apartment. The food is amazing as is the tequila obviously. It’s home to the actual small town of Tequila about an hour outside of Guadalajara.

Guadalajara is the representation of Mexico, like Rio de Janeiro is for Brasil. Guadalajara is the place where Mariachis are mostly representative as well as Tequila which is a town 40 minutes away from the city, we also have one of the most visited beaches in Mexico like Puerto Vallarta. We also have beautiful mountain towns like Mazamitla and Tapalpa. We have very good internet, food options for everybody, affordable rent, lots of fun activities.

Guadalajara is also 45 minutes away from Ajijic and Lake Chapala which is de second biggest lake in Latin America and hosts the second biggest community of expats from the US and Canada.

Guadalajara is considered also the Silicon Valley of Latin America which hosts companies like Hewlett Packard, Dell, Flextronics, IBM and more. Our people are very kind, talented and we have culinary options like no other like Tortas Ahogadas, Tejuino, Carne en Su jugo and obviously tacos.

We are a mix of an old town that grew very fast lol. It’s beautiful and we have the second most churches in Mexico with 363. You want to know a city with Mexican roots Guadalajara is it!

Sergio Lima, says: 2023

Guadalajara is an amazing city as the people are warm and welcoming and the culture is rich and diverse, oh, let’s not forget about the mouthwatering food! There is never a dull moment here as there is a lot of things to do and see, from viewing breathtaking cathedrals to hiking in some its luscious mountains. The weather is perfectly sunny almost all year round, so there’s no excuse not to go to the beach! Also, the unforgettable music from the Banda and Mariachi bands will make you dance the night away.

Daniela, says: 2020

If someone moves to Guadalajara you should consider that there is plenty of transportation to get anywhere. You can find all the good restaurants located downtown and if you are looking to have some fun there are some very nice places where you can find mariachi. Guadalajara culture is beautiful and people are very friendly.

Rebeca, says: 2020

Guadalajara is one of Mexico’s three most important cities, in the state of Jalisco. It is well known for its gastronomy and is the place where tequila was created, also the home of the Mariachi. This city is a must for any tourist that wants to know the roots and origins of Mexican history.

Valeria, says: 2020

Anyone moving to Guadalajara must drink tequila at some point. Tequila, the drink, takes its name from a town near Guadalajara. The town is easy to reach by bus or driving. Guadalajara also offers a lot of typical food and music. There are many culturally important places to visit, such as El Hospicio Cabañas. The city that never ceases to amaze!

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