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Living in Garland, Texas:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

eight local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Garland, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked eight people living in Garland what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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8 comments on “Garland”

Garland is a wonderful city with lots of arts and community events. There’s a lot of small business restaurants to choose from and the Dart Train Rail and buses. There’s also Firewheel mall which hosts a weekly Farmers Market, where you can buy the freshest produce and great art and crafts. Garland is a great city.

Saiyeda, says: 2020

I am from Dallas, Texas. Within Dallas, are many counties and smaller cities, making quite expansive. There are a lot of chances for sightseeing and events to partake in. In downtown Dallas, you can see the globe-like reunion tower, reigning over the city skyline, as if to welcome newcomers and welcome-home natives. Because Dallas is such a large city, be aware of the wretched traffic! There is often construction, causing many delays in worker’s commutes to and from work.

Elizabeth, says: 2020

Garland, Texas, is a large suburb of Dallas. It is a diverse city and has one the most affordable housing markets in Texas. Families looking for a place to call home can find exceptional schools, safe neighborhoods, and a convenient commute into Dallas. Living in Garland provides the best of large city living and small town community.

Jonathan, says: 2020

Garland is a city in Texas, located Northeast of Dallas. Garland is a city with affordable housing, perfect for raising a family. Amenities such as grocery stores and restaurants are not far from each other and would take roughly five to 15 minutes’ drive. Garland is among one of the larger school districts in Dallas, with schools that are ranked top in the city.

Adriana, says: 2020

Garland, Texas, is a suburban city, located outside of Dallas, Texas. One aspect of Garland involves the multitude of restaurants in downtown Garland. Another aspect to consider is the availability of transportation in Garland. Most people rely on driving their cars to their respective destinations, however, if you do not have a car, there are buses and trains available to ride in Garland. The public transportation within Garland is actually provided for by Dallas Area Rapid Transportation (DART), which is extended throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.

Marissa, says: 2020

Garland is constantly growing and has many opportunities, both recreational and financial. It is also known for its low real estate prices. That is also the reason why many families far and wide come to this city to settle down. It has a lot of benefits.

Jerald, says: 2020

Garland, TX is a city with many suburbs within it. When moving to this town, one can expect to find great schools, friendly communities, and a strong sense of home. Specifically, what makes Garland one of the best cities is its comfort and openness to all walks of life.

Everett, says: 2020

Garland is wonderful city. On Forbes magazine it was rated on the safest city in America. It was also considered in the nation for one of the best places to buy a home and raise a family. We have lots of diversity in our city. Garland is a suburban area so it’s not as noisy as a city would be.

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