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Living in Faisalabad, Pakistan:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

24 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Faisalabad, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 24 people living in Faisalabad what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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24 comments on “Faisalabad”

He should know it is the 3rd populous city and one of the well planned cities. It is famous because of clock tower and eight bazaars around it. It is called Manchester because of textile industries. A well known agriculture university is also here. People all around the world came here for trading and education.

My city has historical monuments like clock tower and surrounding eight markets constructed like the Union Jack of UK. The people of my city are very hospitable and they like visitors to their homes. my city is well known for textile industry and agriculture.

Faisalabad is third biggest city of Pakistan. It’s called Manchester of Pakistan. A hub of charming jobs. It’s also called a city of strangers/outsiders. Majority of its population is of those who came in search of jobs and settled here permanently. A beautiful bunch of high profile gentry are from Faisalabad. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Hassan Nisar, Muhammad Ramzan cricketer, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan etc are from Faisalabad.

Hassan, says: 2020

If you’re moving to Faisalabad, third major city of Pakistan, you need to know about an affordable residential place and main roads in the city. People are usually cooperative and helps you to find everything you need. Faisalabad is famous for its textile industry which earns most of the revenue in the city. You will have a range of well-reputed educational institutes too.

My city Faisalabad is in Pakistan. It is the 3rd largest city in Pakistan. As per the location it has hot climate. The maximum temperature hits 49 degree Celsius in summer so if you can bear that level of hot climate then think of moving here. Then Faisalabad has been facing a problem of pollution also.

Shaoor, says: 2020

The air and noise pollution are two major problems facing my city, another problem which is also serious is clean water, underground water quality is very low for that reason people are suffering from many kinds of diseases. on the other hand, my city has lots to offer such as beautiful parks.

Abdullah, says: 2020

The food in Faisalabad is amazing. The people are very polite and helping. There are a lot of spots for visiting and taking fabulous pictures likewise. There is a huge variety of educational institutes for all ages. Living is not very expensive, but there are plenty of jobs to avail. There is a variety of cultures within one city, thus very helpful for any cultural writing.

Muhammad, says: 2020

Faisalabad is an industrial city because of its industry it is called Manchester of Pakistan. Its clock tower was made up of on the shape of union jack. Faisalabad formerly known as Lyallpur is the third most populous city in Pakistan and the second largest in the eastern province of Punjab.

Alisha, says: 2020

Faisalabad is known for khussa collection. Plus golgappa from iqbal stadium are quite famous. Many malls for shopping. Faisalabad Is are very welcoming. Ghanta ghar of faisalabad is also famous. Plus people walo ki jalabian its mouth watering.

Faisalabad is the third biggest city of Pakistan. It is an industrial state. People here are the industrialists of the labourers. Being an industrial city, one may experience pollution here too. Water is not good here. You must buy purified water to use. Industries here are mostly textile industries. It is famous for cotton. It has eight bazars having clock tower in the middle.

Ushbah, says: 2020

Faisalabad is a busy city. Mostly industrial city with a lot of agricultural lands and farms. Transportation is mostly available and cheap. You can find very nice and helping people throughout the city. Daily usage items can be found easily in the city. There are not much tourist attractions around the city.

Faisalabad is a well known, famous and lovely city of Punjab Pakistan. The people of the city are educated, simple and cooperative. The speciality of the city is its “ever famous “cross road place known as “Ghantaghar”. All the markets and ways are crossed to this specific place. There is hustle and bustle in this city. It is famous for its tasty food.

Faisalabad is the city of Punjab province. It is a big city. I like my city. It is an industrial city. There are many textile mills. There is many parks and international airport. You can easily travel by air. It’s very beautiful city. You can enjoy food streets.

Kainat, says: 2020

Faisalabad, formerly known as Lyallpur, and now named after the late King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, is the third most populated city of Pakistan. It is known as the “Manchester of Pakistan” for its most prominent share in the textile industry of Pakistan. Besides its leading textile industry, Faisalabad is also famous for its grand Punjabi cuisines and witty people.

Faisalabad is the Manchester of my country. It is beautiful and is an industrious city. It has many fields that are full of greenery. In summer the weather is very hot. Some time it exceed more than 42 degree. You should visit, you will enjoy your experience here.

Faisalabad is an industrial city And it’s very beautiful. You can work at any place. People’s of Faisalabad are honest and caring. There are a lot of educational institutes all of them are best. You can buy anything from Faisalabad everything is available. There are different hospitals in Faisalabad.

Faisalabad is beautiful like a flower in a garden. It provides great opportunities for outsider to enjoy. You will feel good to visit my city. in my city people are living with love and honesty. everyone always ready to help out other people. so be calm and relaxed if you want to visit my city.

Momina, says: 2020

Faisalabad is the biggest textile city of Pakistan. That’s why it’s called “The Manchester of Pakistan”. They should visit clock tower and the eight bazaars which are the most important part of the city. The jobs here are also high. Faisalabad is also famous for its food. Faisalabad id the third populous and important city of Pakistan.

Faisalabad has subpar air quality as it is an industrial city. traffic here is unnerving at times due to the high population density. The city is known for being the home to the textile industry and stores selling cloth are in every nook.

Faisalabad is well-known for funny people. It also has many markets and supermarket in it. The person willing to come and live here will worth it. The people of my city are very good hearted and welcoming. They will always welcome everyone’ whole heartedly. The willing person must know that he will find many fun people here so he should have a good humor.

Faisalabad is called Manchester of Pakistan. it I famous for textile industry. It is famous for food. It I also known as largest industrial zone. It may known as safest city. The reason Faisalabad is called Manchester of Pakistan because it’s the biggest textile city of Pakistan and all the industries here related to textiles and same is Manchester in UK so these cities are also named as Twin cities. Other popular sports in the city are hockey, weightlifting, association football, kabaddi, table tennis, billiards and snooker, squash, and horse racing. Sports like badminton, volleyball and basketball have also started to gain popularity as western influences have affected the locals. The city also has facilities for hockey such as the Faisalabad Hockey Stadium on Susan Road which mostly hosts field hockey matches. Faisalabad, with its affluent culture and cheerful manifestations welcomes all to visit the Manchester of Pakistan and praise the beauty that resides in it and its people.

Faisalabad is the most important city of Pakistan. It’s called Manchester of Pakistan because of it’s heavy textile industry. Faisalabad has also historical value. Its old name was Lyallpur. The surname Lyall was joined with the noun pur meaning city in sanskrit. In 1979 the government of Pakistan changed the name of the city.

Arooba, says: 2020

Faisalabad is Manchester of Pakistan. The old commercial city is built on the pattern of Union Jack flag where clock tower is at center and eight bazaars emanate on highly precise angles. Spinning and weaving industries constitute major part of business while knitting units with handsome exports is also thriving business.

Faisalabad is an attractive city. People are very friendly and always ready to help others. You should be friendly with others. All people are like brothers. There are many places in Faisalabad that you should visit. People from all over the country came to visit the places.

Demons, says: 2020

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