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If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Eldoret, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 15 people living in Eldoret what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Eldoret is interesting because of its high population which makes businesses to thrive. It has animal orphanages and parks like the Poa Place and Museum where one can view animals and feed some of them! There are good hotels to stay in. There are many tourist attractions.

Eldoret is in Rift Valley in Kenya. It’s popular for producing world champion athletes. It is also a food basket for the country. My city has a conducive weather for agricultural businesses.

Doreen, says: 2020

Eldoret is a small town with many generous people. we have an airport and an airstrip. During weekends most people take their children to Poa Place, it’s a nice place with children’s playground, swimming pool and wild animals i.e., lion, leopard, crocodile, ostrich and more. Business is carried out on a 24 hour basis in this town.

Purity, says: 2020

The serenity and tranquility of the place is appealing and the temperature is moderately cool. The people present their are mostly Kenyans with few Indians who mostly operate hardwares. The population of the city is approximately 50 thousand. Sosian river cuts across the city hence it supplies the city with adequate water. It’s one of the fastest growing city in Kenya.

We are the city of champions and the country’s bread basket. Eldoret is now the head of Uasin Gishu County in the North Rift Region with a population of over 800,000 people. It hosts over 10 post high school institutions. Eldoret tends to be relatively cold so pack warm clothes.

Eldoret is a city of champions. This is where the most renown world marathon champions like Eliud Kipchoge come from. It is also largely an agricultural area because of its favorable weather, producing majorly maize, wheat. It is still a small but rapidly growing city, making it very hard for one to get lost.

Someone moving to Eldoret should know how to speak the Swahili language or at least the English language. Eldoret city is the land of champions. Here people run to earn money. If you want to come here be prepared to exercise a lot because you will see people running every morning. Tempting right?

Eldoret is one of the most industrialized cities in Kenya. Most of the industries therein are agriculture-based. The city is strategically located close to an international airport. Most of the agricultural products from the neighboring farmers are exported overseas. Besides, Eldoret is globally known as the home of athletic champions.

Eldoret is a small but rapidly growing town, as is any other town under modernization. What I like about here, is the cheap food. There are plenty of farmers so food is mostcheap. It is usually cold most of the year. The one thing I hate about this place, is the high rate of tribalism. apart from that, much of everything else is affordable, thus the affordable living. The people here value their culture. Best thing is, Eldoret has produced close to eighty percent of winning athletes on the world stage.

Eldoret town is about 60 Km away from Kitale town and the town is surrounded by many suburbs such as Kipkorgot. It is mainly dominated by the Kalenjin community and has a large number of people who mainly go there to trade agricultural produce. It is also home to Eliud Kipchoge who just broke the world record for running a marathon under two hours.

Darlene, says: 2020

In a nutshell Eldoret is small but rapidly growing. The cost of living is relatively affordable considering food, healthcare, housing and transport are affordable. There are a lot of sightseeing places. It’s usually cold most of the year, so have that heavy jacket near you at all time. The one thing that is bad and annoying, is that 95% of the population is tribalistic, as is all over the country, to be fair.

It a very beautiful and moderately diverse city. Its has a high population and has lovely sites the city experiences great weather throughout the year. we are known for the production of quality agricultural products that is distributed to the whole nation throughout the year. It is an educational center for students globally it is a great place.

Wilson, says: 2020

My city lies at a high altitude area. It also has a lot of athletes who train every morning. It is on a plateau, with a meandering river that further makes the valley greener. We have long and short rainy seasons, and farmers plant maize commercially once a year. It is also an educational city, with one of the oldest Kenyan universities, Moi University, calling it home.

It’s a city full of friendly and welcoming people, not densely populated. The dominating community in this area are the Kalenjin tribe. It’s known for its agricultural activities such as maize and wheat farming, dairy keeping, and poultry farming. The cost of living in this city is very low and affordable.

Sharon, says: 2020

Speed- there is no time for walking aimlessly, you always have to keep it moving. It’s a place where you have to pick up the pace to avoid getting late that is the faster you walk the better it is for everyone in order to avoid getting late since the person behind you is also headed somewhere.

Eugene, says: 2020

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