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Living in Dublin, Ireland:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

32 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Dublin, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 32 people living in Dublin what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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32 comments on “Dublin”

Dublin is a friendly small city. It has a good food scene but is expensive compared to other European cities.

The public transport is quite useful for travelling within the city centre. However, travelling further afield is more difficult, as there are not as many transport connections further from the city. Dublin city is a very vibrant and busy place, with a lot activity and fun to be had. It is possible to travel around by bike, but you need to be careful and ensure you wear a helmet.

Sylvia, says: 2020

Dublin is a small city. Upon arrival, one might be under the impression that it is larger than it seems, with its many winding streets that can leave one confusedly walking for hours. After spending some time there, that person would soon come to realize that they had indeed been walking in circles. Soon after moving to Dublin, one begins to recognize the faces of those you pass, and becomes acquainted with the local people. Quickly, one also becomes very well acquainted with the ever-persistent rain.

Dublin is a beautiful and vibrant city, full of historical buildings, museums, and monuments. It is one of the most quaint cities to live in and offers a wide array of pubs, restaurants, bars and cafes. It is recommended to arrive in the months of June or July when the weather is best; the later months of the year often bring tremendous downfalls of rain.

Dublin is a beautiful city, full of pubs and citizens full of Irish charm. Although the public transport in Dublin is as unorganised as Irish people, the bike trails along the main roads are amazing and that makes getting around very easy. One of the best things about Dublin is that you can find green spaces in the city.

Benjamin, says: 2020

Dublin is a young, energetic city. It attracts many skilled workers from the rest of Europe. However, because of its success, it is a place where finding accommodation can be tricky. If you like the idea of a vibrant, international city that offers many job opportunities and don’t mind the windy weather too much, Dublin could be the perfect place for you to live!

Dublin is a warm and friendly capital city, renowned for its convivial people. It is steeped in history and diverse culture, with a particularly lively theatre scene. Dublin offers a great quality of life and its compact size make it easy to get around. The Irish education system is one of the best in the world, resulting in a highly skilled workforce in Dublin.

Leucotea, says: 2020

Dublin is a great place. Its people are friendly and welcoming towards outsiders, there is a buzz about the place and there are always plenty of things to do. However, it has been ranked the most expensive city in the Eurozone, predominantly due to extremely high rental prices in the city.

Lórien, says: 2020

Someone moving here should know it consists of; friendly people, shops, cafes and public amenities. There is a bustling nightlife and many day activities. The weather can be baltic, always have a jacket. The public transport is unreliable so perhaps buy a bicycle or a car.

For somebody moving to Dublin, know it is a vibrant city with kind people. You will be made to feel at home very quickly, and you will never feel out of place. Ensure that you are ready to have a great time, as the Irish people are always up for a good night out!

Rachel, says: 2020

Someone moving to Dublin should know it is the capital of Ireland. It is on the river Liffey, nestling between the sea and the mountains. It has a population of five million and is in the east of the country. It is an important city for tourists to visit on their way to England or the United States.

If anyone moves to Dublin, they should know the benefits, such as the friendly people, and the disadvantages, such as the expensive prices. Dublin is home to a large number of popular restaurants, theatres, pubs and clubs. It is also home to some beautiful parks, such as the famous St. Anne’s Park and the stunning Phoenix Park.

Aisling, says: 2020

Someone moving to Dublin should know the high cost of living! The average one-bedroom apartment costs €2000 per month. Landlords can charge over €1000 per month for a room in a house, or a ‘studio’ apartment where the bed is in the kitchen area. Sometimes the beds are so close to the fridge or oven, you can’t open them fully. Move somewhere else for your sanity.

Andrea, says: 2020

Public transport mostly runs on time. Dublin is a very bicycle-friendly city. Some shopping areas are pedestrianized. Everyone drives on the left. James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, U2 Bram Stoker and the Boomtown Rats come from Dublin. Dublin’s population is about 1m. There are plenty of restaurants offering all manner of international cuisine.

Dublin is a vibrant, bustling, and densely packed city. There are multiple diverse neighbourhoods that are a joy to explore. The streets of Dublin are full of unique shops, pubs, and restaurants. The rate of crime in Dublin is relatively low. This should provide peace of mind to those moving to the city.

I recommend that if moving to Dublin, you should be able to read, write and speak English quite fluently. This is because English happens to be the native language of Dublin and Ireland. If you don’t understand English it would be quite difficult to communicate with other people and may also be quite difficult to find your way around.

Randell, says: 2020

Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland. It is on the east coast of the country and has a population of over one million people. Dublin is a vibrant cultural city with many museums, pubs and historical attractions, like the Book of Kells in Trinity College. It is a friendly place and has easy transport links such as the suburban DART train line and the Luas train line. Located only one hour from the Wicklow mountains, it is a great place to enjoy hiking.

There are many beautiful places to visit to. The security in Dublin is really good, we can walk around the city super secure, there are gardas for everywhere. There are many cheaper things like food, clothes, etc. There are public transport and it really works here. There are more than 600 pubs to visit.

Dublin has a very high cost of living. Anyone moving to Dublin should have arranged lodging and a source of income before relocating. Non-EU nationals may find it difficult to secure a work visa in Ireland. Dublin also ranks as one of the most expensive European cities in terms of housing.

Sylvia, says: 2020

To live in Dublin you must consider where you are working in respect to where you are planning. The public transport system in this city is subpar. You must be prepared for a lengthy commute if you do not live within a reasonable distance of your job. However, it is certainly a beautiful place with extremely welcoming people.

Mayyan, says: 2020

When traveling by public transport, ensure that you use a leap card. Rents in Dublin are very expensive and it is important to have someone go along with you when viewing apartments as there are a lot of scammers who advertise fake properties online. Dublin has a lot of fun spots to visit for example the Guinness storehouse and the Book of Kells.

Naoise, says: 2020

Dublin is the beautiful capital city of Ireland, where one can find beautiful Georgian buildings, neoclassical palaces, and modern architecture. It is important to know that, while the city centre of Dublin is relatively small compared to more populous European capitals, the urban sprawl is extreme. Thus, one should consider how close their place of residence actually is to their workplace, since an apartment ostensibly within ‘Dublin’ could quite easily be in a dormitory town 20 kilometres as the crow flies from the outskirts of the city. However, that is not to say that public transport won’t be sufficient to make such a journey efficiently if that is one’s only option.

Danielle, says: 2020

Dublin is a very vibrant and inviting one It has many things to explore including luxurious bars and restaurants. People in Dublin are very welcoming and you will feel right at home when you get here. There are many attractions to visit including shopping malls, hiking activities and much more.

Khushi, says: 2020

I’ve been living in Dublin, Ireland for a couple of years, the first thing that annoyed and shocked me is how expensive the rents are. Being single, I thought finding the place to stay in the city center would be easy but it was not the case. I live in a 20 square meter studio apartment which costs me 800 euros a month, and for that hefty amount I am still considered lucky. Nowadays the current average price for a studio apartment rent is 1000 euros.

Méabh, says: 2020

Dublin is filled with beautiful old churches. The people are the draw. They are charming and warm. Daring at times and quite jovial. I love living here and would recommend any of the one million pubs to anyone planning to come for a visit. Most people are up for a laugh because the weather is always looking to spoil the fun so you have to find some way to cheer yourself up!

Dennis, says: 2020

Be certain to pack plenty of warm clothes. The weather is cold, even in summer. The clothes and the warmth of the people are enough to bear the biting cold. The kindness of the people will make you consider your return home.

Dublin is an amazing city and world capital. People are friendly, there are many nice, safe places to visit, stroll through, immerse yourself in. The coastline can easily be admired from the train, or high peaks such a Howth or Killiney Hill, there are many beaches and gardens and all within a 10km radius of the city centre. Dublin has been recently a European capital of literature due to its Ulysses book legacy.

Dublin, Ireland, is often wet and almost always windy. A good quality umbrella is a must, and you should invest in a waterproof coat. Also, be aware that the cost of accommodation is steep, so shop around. Don’t forget, while some tourist attractions can set you back, the national museums are completely free. Most importantly, have fun.

Naoise, says: 2020

There’s a spectacular city view of Dublin from Three Rock Mountain. Dublin stretches from the blue sea to the green meadows. Up high in the crisp air, you can find peace from the busy streets of this tourist city and enjoy walking trails to visit the natural spots this county ha to offer.

Rachael, says: 2020

Moving and living in Dublin City Center can be extremely difficult due to low availability of accommodation and high rental prices. General living in Dublin is not cheap either. If you would like to explore Ireland’s tourist attractions, most of them would be outside of Dublin and would require some travel.

Julianne, says: 2020

Someone moving to Dublin should consider the weather. It is essential for one to understand that the weather, in Dublin, changes on an hourly basis. Often, it is windy and brutally cold. Rains and dampness is often followed by sunny, bright and beautiful days.

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