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Diversity and Racism in Atlanta, Georgia

ten local experts

Is Atlanta diverse? Do people from different ethnic groups get along? Here's what ten local experts had to say about diversity, inclusivity, and racism in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Diverse city. Wide range of income depending on where you reside. Lots of activities to participate in.

calvin, says: 2023

No better place to live. It has it all. A very civil environment. Peaceful and enjoyable. The history and politics of Georgia could dissuade a newcomer, but hopefully not. The festivals, culture and diversity are great experiences. An over abundance of worship centers. Overall, amazing with many options of enjoyment, ie museums, parks, tourist sites, etc. I ❤️ Atlanta!

Phyllis, says: 2023

Atlanta is home to the Civil Rights Movement and till this day you can find historic sites honoring the end of racial discrimination, disenfranchisement, and racial segregation. These places include the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Park (which includes MLK’s birth home), the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, the Apex Museum, and many more. It’s no secret Atlanta is a landmark for social change.

Kendra, says: 2020

Atlanta is extremely diverse with many people from all over the world. It is an entertainment capital, a place of many corporations, and a city of fun! Unfortunately, Atlanta is also known for having a crime problem.

Atlanta, Georgia, is a main hub for the growing entertainment industry. From music studios with major artists to production studios where some of your favorite movies and TV shows have been made. You will also find a melting pot of different cultures and people. Despite the abundance of activities and fun to be had, be aware of both the morning and afternoon traffic due to the size and population of the city.

Andrew, says: 2020

Every corner and every street has a piece of history, including the country’s top historically black college. Neighborhoods are gradually becoming more affluent. As the city progresses, it can feel like the city is at stake of losing its rich history of change and equality for all. Across southwest Atlanta, you can stand in front of portraits of Outkast, John Lewis, and other cultural icons that have shaped the city and what it means to be from Atlanta.

Alexis, says: 2020

Atlanta is very diverse in its culture. The City offers many attractions for all dynamics and visitors. This City brings a sense of hospitality. My City is the premiere place to visit on for anyone on vacation, as we have many places. My City is a great to visit for all ages.

Alexandria, says: 2020

If moving to Atlanta, there are a few pros and cons. To start, the weather is amazing, and there is always something fun and exciting to do. Next, Atlanta offers many jobs–especially for entrepreneurs–and a lot of diversity. However, traffic is awful, and it seems like you have to arrive to the airport the day before to ensure you catch your flight.

It is imperative one decide whether a milieu of the urban city center or the suburbs would be to their liking. Both have countless advantages to enjoying the cultural and vibrant scene this diverse city provides. One major consideration would be the location of your workplace. It would behoove the individual to secure a residence within 10 miles of their workplace. This would reduce concerns about traffic and time constraints. Atlanta is a beautiful city with over 4,000,000 inhabitants. One’s time is just as important as their income to experience Atlanta to the fullest.

Elizabeth, says: 2020

Atlanta is a very diverse and mild tempered city. Traffic can be challenging because the city is rapidly growing due to its affordable cost of living and limitless activities. There is something here for everyone. There is nowhere else I’d rather be.

Shelly, says: 2020
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