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Living in Dasmariñas City, Philippines:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

80 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Dasmariñas City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 80 people living in Dasmariñas City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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80 comments on “Dasmariñas City”

It is a first class and historical city. It has a museum called Museo De La Salle. It has a big population and a big city of Cavite is near. It has many real state and subdivision.

Dasmarinas Cavite has been known as the CALABARZON Industrial Giant since it has the fastest growing local government unit in one of the Cavite. Dasmarinas, Cavite, is one of the most beautiful cities in the Philippines in my opinion. Why? because you can find everything you need in just one city, such as malls, fast food chains, supermarkets, restaurants, convenience stores, and many more. It also maintains a very safe and pleasant environment, making it ideal for families.

Josephine, says: 2023

Dasmariñas is best known for its official festival which is Paru-Paro festival. A festival commemorating Dasmariñas’ city charter, people wearing butterfly costumes dance on parades on the main thoroughfares of the city. The city rolled out in the streets with the return of the much-awaited Float Parade competition held at the City of Dasmariñas Arena every 26th of November.

Ella Marie, says: 2023

My city is famous for its Paru-paru festival which means butterfly festival. This festival is celebrated yearly. We would gather around in streets and conduct a parade. People would compete in having the best butterfly outfits. My city is also famous for having too many convenience stores. Just by riding the bus to the mall, you would count at least 3-6 convenience stores.

Hannah, says: 2020

My city and place is very peaceful and quiet. The area is complete and accessible to markets, churches, schools and also malls nearby. A lot of my friends and relatives transferred here instead staying in the metro. And most important, we are just minutes away from the National Capital Region.

Arturo, says: 2020

For someone considering moving here, he/she should know that doing so might be a breath of fresh air. The area, despite being recently hailed as city, still screams of a provincial way of life. It is still transitioning into a competent city where most needs were being addressed through infrastructures and innovations. Living in my area is like having the best of both worlds– you get to experience the city life with all the malls and the structured places while being surrounded with trees and some quality fresh air.

As someone who’s considering to move to my city, he or she should know that Dasmariñas City is one of the most improved cities in the whole province of Cavite. Historically, the city is fond of butterflies. Therefore, it has its celebration the so-called Paru-Paru Festival or the “Butterfly Festival”

Alfred, says: 2020

my city has a nice view where people in other would enjoy, and also our city is near in all the transportation a person would want to go. We in the city of Dasmariñas are also generous to the new and old ones and capable of taking care of the kids in our neighborhood.

Geraldine, says: 2020

Dasmarinas is just one of the many cities here in Cavite. You would surely love it here as the city is not overpopulated. People here are kind and warm. You would definitely feel like you’re living in the metro minus the excessive noise and environmental pollution. Sadly, there are no beaches in this city. So, if you are someone who loves beaches, it may take a few hours’ drive from Dasmarinas to the nearest beach outside the city. Overall, this city is amazing!

The city itself contributed a lot in our Republic’s reach history. Is the called dasma for a reason. End of the forest. If you want tranquility and escape from the big and chaotic forest like city, Dasmarinas is just an hour away from the Metro. Though it is the Industrial Giant of the region, Dasmariñas is still considered a haven to those people who wanted a life in a laid back city.

Dasmarinas City is one of the cities located in Cavite, wherein, the latter played a major role in the Philippine history especially during the time when we acquire our independence way back 100 years ago. For now, Dasmarinas City is a favourite place for young Filipino families in building their homes since its located near the capital city.

Dasmariñas City is a city full of potential. Well-known festivals such as the Paro-paro festival is well-received by the people and also the tourists. The local government openly welcomes new residents and give them great opportunities within the city. They give proper medical attention to the citizens of Dasma especially the PWDs and senior citizens. Also, living in the city gives you easy access to the provinces of Batangas and the well-known city of Tagaytay where the Taal volcano resides. To live in Dasmariñas is to experience the leisure of living both the city and provincial life.

Our city is well-known to be very strict when it comes to our policies. Law-enforcers are keen on observing and maintaining peace and order for the safety and wellness of every citizen.

Vincent, says: 2020

Dasmarinas City is known for Paru-paro festival annually. It is a developed city having high-end university, hospitals and shopping centers. This city is a short minute drive to Tagaytay city, one of the tourist spots in the Philippines. The transportation system is available 24 hours and very accessible to those working from Manila.

Lorielene, says: 2020

Our city is big. There are malls and supermarkets everywhere. Universities and Colleges are in almost every corner. We also have our very own DC Park (Dasmarinas City Park) where there are lights everywhere in the night. We have our festival called Butterfly Festival.

Jeshell, says: 2020

Know how warm the people are here and the culture we practice. They should also consider the climate here since we only have two seasons here that is wet and dry. Most importantly, one may look also into consideration the kind of job they would have here if it is suitable or applicable to their kind of lifestyle.

If you consider moving to my city, you must know that Dasmariñas, Cavite, is still a province so if you try to find work within the area you will get paid for a provincial rate. But the advantage is the area is close to Metro Manila which you give you more opportunities to find a better job with a higher rate.

City of Dasmariñas has so much to offer. Some of it are the historical culture, cleanliness and the communal living. Dasmariñas was once a small province but as the time progresses its economy rises and become a well known city in the Philippines. In that particular reason the city itself was compared to a pupa that becomes a beautiful butterfly, from simple and nothing, into something beautifully well known.

Regine, says: 2020

Our City has so much to offer. We have so many good places to go and enjoy. We are friendly. Our city welcomes any visitors from different countries. Our local foods here is great. There are also lot of good jobs here, because there are so many factories here. And the weather here is good enough.

Jansen, says: 2020

Our city is considered to have the largest population within our province and it has a lot of universities that most people are looking for. Our city is treated to be a first class city in our province. It has a lot of commercial establishments, government offices and other recreational places that other cities do not have.

Sherrice, says: 2020

My city is a wonderful city full of swaying trees and green grass. You will see vehicles running the streets, buildings from afar and stores nearby. We have happy and hospitable neighbors. Dasmariñas City is a good place, you will see many people in the streets.

Moving to Dasmariñas City is very simple. Since almost everyone here is knowledgeable in English, you wouldn’t have trouble in terms of communication especially if you’re a foreigner. In case you are also a native Filipino moving here, Filipino is considered the medium of language used here so you shouldn’t be worried of practicing other dialects.

Dasmariñas is one of the most densely populated city in Cavite. Despite being populous, the city has improved and prospered over the years. Civilization took over almost every part of it although in the industrial part, the rate of worker’s wages is still not equal to Manila’s. The people here are mostly hospitable, strong-willed and kind.

Expect hospitable people. There are a lot of establishments which is accessible to people around the city. You can also find a lot of food hubs and gaming shop because a lot of millennials and foreigner students lives in this city. The universities in our city are also considered to be one of the best in the Philippines.

Ahyoomi, says: 2020

If a person tends to move to my city, know this place is filled with lots of awesome and exciting destinations; it may be provincial but my city is well-civilized and advanced especially when it comes to agricultural projects. It is also well-known for the celebration of the Butterfly (Paru-paro) Festival in November where kids, and adults, dress up as colorful butterflies adding a pleasing vibe to the city. The people in it makes it the best place to stay in Cavite because they are very hospitable and well-mannered.

Charisse, says: 2020

Dasmariñas City is the home of Paro-Paro Festival. Paro-Paro in English is called “butterfly”. This is held yearly and showcases different life size wings of a butterfly. Municipality also give prizes for the most beautiful and extravagant wings. Also, butterfly wings were made from recycled materials.

Shaniah, says: 2020

Dasmariñas City is a fast growing city in the province of Cavite. Numerous malls and supermarkets can be found anywhere. Schools and hospitals, likewise, are located strategically within the city. Fewer and fewer crimes are being reported yearly mainly because of our responsible leaders who guide and attend to every needs of the people.

Robbie, says: 2020

Dasmariñas City is in Cavite, a province in Southern Luzon which is one of the three main archipelagoes of Philippines. It is a remarkable town because it has a balance of a modern setting and a countryside feel of place. A quiet town just several miles from the country’s capital– it offers a lot of jobs for many who want to survive the daily hustle but don’t need the stress of living in a fast-paced city. Being a local of Dasma (as what we call it), I am a living testimony of how peaceful it is here.

Aminah, says: 2020

They shall know the background of the city. For example, they shall respect and appreciate the culture, beliefs and traditions the citizens conduct no matter what it is. Also, it is important to show good manners and hospitable values as our city is very known for that character. Having good relationship with others is a good way to maintain peace in our city.

Pamela, says: 2020

We have a good environment and quiet city. We always practice “bayanihan” or helping someone who is need. We have a neighbor-neighbor good relationship. We strictly follows traffic regulations and the city mayor is always giving us updates on what is happening around our city.

Malakamassey, says: 2020

We have a beautiful city in Dasmariñas Cavite. The people are approachable and kind-hearted. It has a lot of tourist attraction that many tourist would want. It also has a lot of historical sites. It is also the city of butterflies because it has a lot it here.

Anjurie, says: 2020

Our city is beautiful there are many places you can to go it. We have River Park, malls, food chains and more. and the people is so kind and hospitable. Dasmariñas City, Cavite, is a worth traveling for, so don’t missed the beauty of it.

Monina, says: 2020

Dasmariñas City has beautiful tourism. Having historic meaning and many beautiful views. As someone living here for the past few years. this City is magnificent. People are hospitable. Everyone is kind and will help you if you have any troubles.

Dasmariñas is a fun and colorful place. It is filled with many and unique people. If you need help, just ask the people around you and they will be willing to help you anytime. There are also amazing attractions everywhere you go that is surely eye-catching and refreshing.

Jerimae, says: 2020

There are no squatters, traffic is not so much heavy traffic, a flexible place and people are not crowded. The malls are much more eco-friendly than in most cities, not so much pollution compare to the big cities where people are crowded. In some small cities, the law or rules in a small city are preferably less strict than to the big cities.

Pamela, says: 2020

Dasmariñas City is one of the most beautiful city in the Philippines. In just one city you can find everything you ever wanted such as malls, hospitals, restaurants, and even park. It also has a very safe and friendly environment perfect for a family. With everything that is said, it is really best to consider living in Dasmariñas City.

Haydee, says: 2020

Dasmariñas City, which is in the Philippines, is a nice place to migrate. The residents are very hospitable. It is one of the most progressive city in the Philippines. Aside from its hospitable residents, the city Mayor was considered as one of the best mayors in the country. Everyone who wants to migrate in this city will surely enjoy living here.

Angelica, says: 2020

There are a lot of things that a person should consider if he decides to move to our city. Our city often have heavy traffic, especially during the morning. He should consider the amount of time it takes to go from work or school and leave earlier. Another thing to note is the environment. We have poor air conditions and some parts of the city can be displeasing because of all the trash. The person should know the people here are welcoming. They always love to talk to new people. However, they should always be careful about talking to strangers. Like other cities, there are also bad guys out here.

Dasmariñas City is a progressing urban complex that has a rich history as it is in the province of Cavite. Its location is closer to Metro Manila, so if you don’t want to live in a buzzling streets of metropolis and you prefer a much fresher air, living in Dasmariñas is a great deal.

Liberty, says: 2020

Dasmariñas has been recently declared a city by the national government. This is a big deal because this means that its leaders and its people have attained great progress in terms of its economic stability. Every year, Dasmariñas City celebrates “Paru-paru Festival.” “Paru-paru” is a Tagalog term for butterfly. This happens every December, alongside with people preparing for Christmas. There is a parade with the participants wearing butterfly costumes and/or fairy wings. The streets light up at night also with Christmas lights which are created to look like butterflies and flowers.

Marina, says: 2020

The Cavite province is the province which is closest to the city and at the same time you can still feel the nature. The people in Cavite are called Caviteños, and are very known for their bravery, and being kind to their neighbors. Getting to know someone from Cavite will result to a good friendship.

When someone moves to my city, know the beautiful parks and resorts in Dasmariñas City. My city has a lot of attraction that tourist really love when travelling. I must say that the foods here tastes great and tourists will have fun wandering around the city. Aside from the foods and places, people also needs to be consider for their hospitality and friendly manners.

Brandon, says: 2020

Dasmariñas City is the first urban area that had SM Supermalls among all cities in Cavite. It has so many tourist spot that every people would like to visit such as the Kadiwa Park, Promenade des Dasmariñas and more. Crime rate in Dasma in not that high because of the police guarding around the whole city.

Eunice, says: 2020

All you need is here. You don’t have to go anywhere to buy your needs and wants because the place is surrounded by many establishments that offers your needs and wants. There are also hospitals in our city. The city is well guarded so you will not have to worry about your safety.

Dasmariñas City has been known as the Industrial Giant of Calabarzon, per the Commission on Audit report in 2006. Its growth as an industrial city came from its proximity to Metro Manila and the tourist destination, Tagaytay. This contributes to the ample supply of necessities and many jobs, which is extremely a great.

Dasmariñas city is one of the progressive province of Cavite. It’s a one hour drive from Manila. Public facilities like school, public market, Malls and public transportation is nearby. The breeze of the air is fresh. Living in Dasmariñas is more convenient rather living in other province of Cavite. The cost of living is low compare to live in Manila.

We have humid weather here I Dasmariñas. bring lighter clothes with you when you move here. Sometimes it’s hot even at night, so you would also possibly need an air conditioner. Don’t worry, people here are approachable and friendly towards newcomers. If there’s anything you would like to know, please ask any of us here.

Sandra, says: 2020

If you want to move to Dasmariñas City, you should consider the apartment you are going to stay, if the neighborhood fits for your situation, and the school or work you are supposed to attend to. Dasmariñas City is a successful city, and it is known for the “metamorphosis”, because it came from a small civilization, and now a successful and very civilized city in Cavite, Philippines.

Chayanne, says: 2020

Dasmariñas City is in the province of Cavite, and is a first class city. Major schools in the south such as De La Salle University-Dasmariñas, De La Salle Health Sciences Institute, and Emilio Aguinaldo College are found here. The famous De La Salle University Medical Center is also located here, and a number of condominiums and shopping malls. Despite being in a province, Dasmariñas is highly urbanized and heavily populated.

When you’re moving to my city, know the crime rates here are very low. You and your family is safe here because the police officers are quick to respond and they are just one call away. Also, the transportation here are very easy because you have a lot of vehicles to choose from when you’re going to some places.

Dennis, says: 2020

If someone would want to consider moving in Dasmariñas, know this city is a great place for commercialization. There are also a lot of good places where you could go to or hang-out. There are also a wide selection of good universities you could go to.

Gabriellica, says: 2020

know the people who are ruling our city first, so that that person could have a basic background on what these people have contributed on this city, and then that person should know as well that people in my city are known to be nice.

Melanie, says: 2020

Someone moving to the city of Dasmariñas should know the city is at least a 2-3 hour drive from Manila, the country’s capital. However, Dasmariñas is closer to the city of Tagaytay where you can have an amazing view of Taal Volcano, a tourist spot in the country. Living in Dasmariñas is nicer than living in my old city, Bacoor, since the air is fresher and colder since the elevation here is higher than in Bacoor.

Lyzadora, says: 2020

Our city was known for its festival. Paru-paro festival became the symbol of our city because of its fast growing economy. Our city may offer a lot of parks where people can relax and enjoy the nature. Despite of its growing economy, our city governments make sure that we can still enjoy the nature. I think, everyone was looking for a place that can also provide a nature lover city.

The City of Dasmariñas is party elevated and has not yet experienced floods. It just two hours from Manila, the country’s gateway city. It is the home for “Paru-Paro” or Butterfly Festival which is celebrated every November 26th. The city has no distinct dialect and most of residents speak Tagalog and English language.

Jadiah, says: 2020

Dasmariñas City has the biggest population in all the cities and municipalities in the province of Cavite. It is known for Paru-paro festival which is held every 8th day of December. There were numerous commercial establishments around the city proper, which include major shopping malls, fast foods, groceries, convenient stores, restaurants and other service-oriented businesses.

Dasmariñas City was known to be the wealthiest local government unit in the province of Cavite according to the 2006 Commission on Audit report. It was also the only municipality in the entire Philippines that had both SM and Robinsons Mall, before it became a city. From an agricultural-based economy, the town of Dasmariñas has evolved into a highly urbanized, commercialized and industrialized city. It now has three industrial estates, namely: First Cavite Industrial Estate (FCIE) in Barangay Langkaan, Dasmariñas Technopark.

Dasmariñas City is a great place where you can visit and have great views of which you will have an interest in staying. There are many tourist spots. Foods that you can eat and taste. You will enjoy every time you come to my place. You will find many happy and kind people.

Dasmariñas City is the most progressive City in Cavite. The place has been very progressive in the past few year. Business establishments have been sprouting like mushrooms and condominiums are found in every corner. it is the city of butterflies.

Christine, says: 2020

Dasmariñas City is surrounded by a friendly neighborhood. The people here are very welcoming and polite to one another. You won’t feel a little out of place since they are nice and sociable. You can go around too since we have lots of places to wander like coffee shops, park and malls.

Heralgine, says: 2020

People should know our city is a beautiful place. It is accessible in every important places that one must wanna go like malls, hospitals, market and so on. It has also a lot of subdivisions that can be chosen according to someone’s preferences and budget. I could say that our place is a happy place.

Hannah, says: 2020

For someone moving here, one thing to consider is the exact place you will be moving to. There are a lot of villages and subdivisions here, and each of those villages and subdivisions have their own pros and cons. There are subdivisions or villages that does not have tight security at the main gates, thus, if you want to live in a secure place, you must always search for villages or subdivisions that have tight security systems here.

Dasma was known for having a beautiful festival called Paru-paro Festival. The festival has beautiful butterflies. The city also have its own university circle that caters many students in different levels. Dasma have different foods for foreigners to taste. The hospitality of the people are also known as warm and loving.

Sandra, says: 2020

One thing to consider in moving to Dasmariñas is that if it is near the location of his/her workplace. If his/her workplace is in Manila, travel hours take 2-3 hours. But the good thing is that malls and markets are accessible. This city has its very own internet and cable services that are fast and reliable. People are kind too.

Dasmariñas City is encompassed by an urban area where people have easy access to a wide market of produce. The city’s modes of transportation are very convenient and accessible. The people surrounding the city are well-mannered. My city is a safe place. The technology advancements in this area are also very high, it can possibly be equated to the country’s capital.

Dasmariñas is a city where everything you need is easily accessible without traffic and pollution of the most highly urbanized cities. All modes of transportation is available, from jeepneys to buses to taxis. Since it is only a 45-minute drive from the capital, getting things done is very easy.

someone who is about to move to the city that I reside in, should know there are a lot of business opportunities present, also, there are Lot vacancies that are budget wise for someone who would be moving in to the city for the first time.

Anchelza, says: 2020

Dasmariñas City is at the Luzon island of the Philippines in the province of Cavite. It was known as a “Butterfly City”. It has a great improvements like a butterfly in its metamorphosis. This city is now well-grown and rich in its own ways. It’s like miny Manila in Cavite due to its progress.

Dasmariñas City is not crowded yet centralized. The people here are hospitable, friendly and always reliable. Since this is a tropical country, we only have two types of weather. It can only be sunny or rainy. The currency here is peso and the language we speak is Filipino but most of our population can comprehend and speak English.

George, says: 2020

Our city is one of the well-developed in our province. It was known for its Butterfly festival that signifies the city’s journey. It started from a small barrio until it expanded and became well-known in the province. It was compared to the life cycle of a butterfly that started from larva and transformed into a beautiful specie.

Traffic congestion here is pretty awful. On the other hand, one of my favourite things about this place is how it looks during the last quarter of the year. Our mayor installs these lights in the trees that glow in different colours, especially on the way to my school! I love being able to admire the beauty of the lights when I’m on my way home from school.

Safiyyah, says: 2020

To whomever considers on migrating to my city, this city is full of outgoing people. It is not for someone who has a timid soul. You should be able to adapt immediately especially if you are coming from a city that has an amiable community. if you’re moving to this city, these are the tips you have to keep in mind.

Marsie, says: 2020

Dasmariñas City is the home of the “Paru-Paro” (Butterfly) Festival in the historical province of Cavite. Truly, it is a beautiful city now after a period of struggles in its metamorphosis. It used to be a notorious place where victims of salvage were thrown. Today, Dasmariñas, as a progressive city, has created countless jobs for its residents and migrants. Dasmariñas will continue to develop in the coming years, as it gives paramount importance to education, health, and economy.

Desserie, says: 2020

Wage rate, as we have different wage rate from the capital city. In the Philippines, we have the Regional Wage Board Committee who is responsible in implementing and defining the rules of every region base on several categories. They are responsible in determining when and how the wage will be promulgated.

Vienna, says: 2020

congratulations for a very good choice. Brace yourself because you’ll have to enjoy the culture, food, and places. You’ll meet good people and learn to live in a serene environment. There are also great places to see and enjoy such as parks and university with number of trees.

Before moving to my city, be aware that it is not a unique and extravagant place where you can live your life without care. This city is also just like any other urban places with cemented roads and tall buildings. Its economic state is well off compared to the other cities in my province because of it bustling businesses that are easily accessible. Its safety and security is also good because of the just and fair government and authorities. Most of residents are disciplined and well-mannered.

Shannen, says: 2020

Dasmariñas is a beautiful city whose development is compared to the metamorphosis of the butterfly; hence, the name of the festival in our city, Paru-Paro Festival. We also have a fun celebration of festivals. We celebrate Immaculate Conception Day and the Paru-Paro festival. city tourism has several events that they could enjoy watching and even participate too. Parks are also open in this city where they can take a stroll and be entertained by the beautiful scenery.

Edline, says: 2020

The city is well known for its butterfly festival. Every year, there is a butterfly parade where every school, and barangay have their own float and dancers parading in the street. It is really a fun and beautiful event. Also, the city is known for having such hospitable citizens, even though they are going through something, they are still all smiles, cheering each other up.

Arianne, says: 2020

People living South of Metro Manila are often described as very relaxed. The City of Dasmariñas is a good place when you want to move to another place. It has an accessible roads. It is open for everyone. It has a relaxing environment. There are nearby schools such as De La Salle University – Dasmariñas and others. It also has an accessible and community friendly hospitals, groceries, malls, and leisure parks.

Dasmariñas City is known for the festival of butterflies or “Paru Paro Festival,” which is celebrated every November. A lot of people do not know this, but the festival did not originate with our place being home to butterflies of different species, it was formed since the city used to be an unknown town which successfully ‘morphed’ into a beautiful and progressive city which it is now today. This transformation is compared to how a simple caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly.

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